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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Lunatic Fringe

After her success as the Princess of Detention, Luna has a half-baked plan to become the Princess of Home-Ec. Life, it seems, has other plans, and she is sent to retrieve a foundling. On her errand, there are lessons to be taught and some others to be learned. But, is Luna the teacher or the student? 

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I, for one, greatly enjoyed this opening! after the last story, I was curious if we would ever hear something about Luna vs the Changelings, so this was fun to read for that. I also like the sister's interactions and Luna's thoughts on Celestia and teaching.

Home Ec is one of those classes that on the surface seems pretty dumb, but damn if I haven't used those skills more often in my adult life than I have any of the higher math I learned. I'm going to agree with Luna on its importance. The basics of sewing and cooking and maintaining a household are good, useful skills and not everyone's parents can or do teach them.

I love it when kudzu's "short stories" turn out to be not so short..more delicious pony words to read!

Who needs neat, tidy chapters when you can have slightly messy long chapters? I'm certainly a reader who doesn't mind a good long book.

Would you call him Overhamster, or Hamstercast?

Unexpected sequal is fun :pinkiehappy:

The image of Overcast as a disgruntled hamster really appeals to me. Another excellent tale.


It's all good, Kudzu.

Ponies are talking here, and unless Pinkie notices, we get to listen in.

One should never feel bad that ponies are being heartfelt and adorable unless you put them into certain doom to get it. Not Daring Do doom, Applejack's going to have no parents doom.

Oh this is a great start! I love seeing the sisters working together, in their own way, on a problem.

Dang this is brilliant. Almanac is horribly interesting with a very valid, bent out of shape reason to duel.

I used to write neat, tidy chapters. I don't know what happened. I'm sorry, perhaps?

Spice is life'

Topper has the crazy eyes and he's making these woo-woo noises, like a train chugging its way out of Tartarus.


Though your wrong, in a way the Pain Train does contain breaks. But it also has shatters, gurgled screaming, chips of chiton flying about the place, Changeling entrails splattered about the tile floor of a cafeteria, and any other surface in a school you could smush something against with a table.

All my chapters were about 2k to 3k words, and could be read on your phone during a break or when you had a few minutes. But the pandemic and prolonged isolation has broken my brain. My brevity organ is forever damaged.

a Foundling sounds suspociously like the old tales of the Fae. A Fae child found by humans. Or something like that. It's been a while since I read those stories.

You're thinking of the original changlings, the fae child left behind when the fae steal a human baby. A foundling is a child abandoned, usually because the family can't cope or for 'socially embarrasing' reasons and left on the doorsteps of hospitals, orphanages, convents etc to be found.


I feel like I've said this before but it bears repeating. I love the way you weave the idea of the characters being magical and strange - even super-magical and mega-strange in the case of the Royal Pony Sisters - with those same characters being actual people. It makes your characters feel very much alive. That is the primary thing that leads me to read and re-read your work. ... That and the puns; but mostly the first thing. :pinkiehappy:

Good point. Got me on that bit. But with the way Celestia is acting, I highly doubt it's that straight forward in this case. Unless it was left on her doorstep, Celestia shouldn't be this invested in a Foundling.

And since she's sending Luna off on a train trip with her followers, me thinks it's a case of the old changeling idea. But now called Foundlings.

Could be wrong of course. But too much says this isn't as simple as people think.

After a prolonged battle, and the near defenestration of an accountant,

Always love seeing that word being added places haha

Something wonderful. Something life changing

Uhh... Jupiter isn’t going to collapse and ignite it’s hydrogen core, is it? Just checking...

because she was the Princess of Foundlings.

Hail the Princess of Detention, Lost, and Foundlings!

(Long as they're not named Catherine, we're probably OK.)

Don't you dare be sorry for untidy chapters, this is excellent.

I wonder how a game of Tunks between Twilight and Rarity would go? Twilight has enormous power and great control but Rarity’s level of finesse is bonkers.

Rarity, by agreement of both, must attempt at least two orbs at the same time to account for her greater degree of multi-object control, and they make their corral 25% larger than standard to account for this. This has the pleasant side effect of giving Twilight fractions of a second more to recognize the moment her telekinesis has fully overcome magnetism.

Twilight still generally loses.

Corral is a fixed size. All the fence pieces connect.

Twilight cheats by freezing the corral in place. She learned it from her brother who surrounded the pieces in a dome shield inside the corral.

This comment is made with full recognition that I am responding directly to the author.
It was never explicitly stated that the corral's size was codified in the rules. To me, it would make sense to start the younglings off with a larger corral(as in the four interlocking pieces are each longer) and/or weaker magnets to build confidence, and work one's way down in corral size, up in magnet strength, or both... at least until you reach a strength of magnet that makes it difficult to store them as a portable set.

Glad to see this great story continue to unfurl. Although I dread what may happen when the hamsters get back from lunch...

I want fondu so badly right now...

What wasn’t cheesy was the conversation. I like seeing these small growths as the story progresses.

This story is good in so many ways I can't really articulate/specify even when I stop to try to put it into words.

I'm just happy that it's still being updated.

Luna is a delightful creature at times like this, even gripped by the existential thoughts and a case of the Tidal Wiggles.

Always a joy to read, bravo! I feel your pain with productivity. I’ve been horribly sick for 3 weeks and finals encroach.

It's hard to be quirky and funny when you feel like dying, but I try

I can sympathize. It’s not the same pain, but I had another 🤬 migraine tonight... I know what it’s like when it just. won’t. freakin. quit.

As for the chapter; it’s like the vast majority of your work... excellent.

"or their was something special about the bonding that took place when one shared a hot pot with another."

Wrong their there. :twilightsmile: loving this so far.

Another fantastic chapter. Thank you so much.

Or, in the modern parlance, she was hangry, which was such a silly word.

The modern era had a tendency to smash words together in much the same way that young, inexperienced-but-eager lovers kissed; which is to say, sloppily and haphazardly, much to the disgust of all.

I love this and the other references of just how much things have changed and just how much Luna has to adapt to, because unlike Celestia, Luna has to do it abruptly.

It took all of ten seconds for Luna's excitement to overwhelm her, and then she was brimming with foalish glee because she had the kitchen all to herself. Such power! Practically all of the power of the cosmos!

Only generals on the battlefield wield more power than a chef in their kitchen!:rainbowlaugh:

No icebox would ever slight her again; they would know the fear of Luna.
"Spill your guts, icebox," she commanded as she yanked open the door.

I love everything about this and the preceding

"Hang on," Summer said with a broad smile. "I'll get all of those things for you. Thank you, Your Majesty, for giving us girls a chance to be girls."

"Yes…" Now smirking, and very much so, Luna nodded. "Overcast. Just one of the girls."

Poor Overcast! Just one of the girls, now!

"How long have you been standing there, Overcast?"
"Long enough to know that you can't dance."

Dance like no one is watching,
Live like you’ll never be hurt
Sing like no one is listening
Live like it’s heaven on earth.
– William Purkey

I do so love their interactions and Happy Luna is an awesome Luna!

You handle the Princesses marvelously.

It's awful that you deal with the kind of seasonal pain you do, and I just wanted to say I'm grateful that you still take the time to write horsewords for us to read. This story and its predecessor are both wonderfully funny, and I look forward to reading the rest of the tale, however long it takes you to finish! Be safe, be as well as it's possible to be, please. You're a bright spot in an all-too-bleak world, at the very least for me.

Same. It's been rough not seeing updates, and I'm not in the discord or his patreon, so I'm in the dark as to how they're doing.

You probably didn't mean it this way, but the Harry Potter crossovers I've been reading lately have me viewing Celestia and Luna in this series as being very Dumbledore and Snape. I think that I mean that in the best possible way.

I had to come back to this. Honestly the Luna centric ish stories help pick me up when my own humors are unbalanced. Thanks for keeping them here to be read. It helps.

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