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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


How is a pony supposed to get any work done with an annoying balloonatic hanging about?

Why won't Pinkie Pie just go away?

Young Sumac must face a ballooning problem before it blows up in his face.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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We haven't seen Sumac's tinkerers side in awhile.

I wonder if he keeps up his experiments with flying machines once he gets his wings?

Speaking of flying machines here's a fun fact. Most jet turbine designs are mechanically simpler with fewer moving parts than prop piston designs. IIRC engineers proposed various designs as early as the 1890s. Another fun fact. The most common jet fuels are kerosene based. The very first fossil oil product developed commercially in the 1800s used for lamps. The problems that wouldn't be solved until the 1940s were ones of material science and metallurgy. Being able to build a combustion chamber that could handle the necessary heat and pressures.

In relation to that here's something to think about. The armor the dragons were wearing in Gauntlet Of Fire.

Learning the skills to make good quality armor is a significant time investment even for a dragon. Since their opponents are most likely to be other dragons any armor worth the time must have the following characteristics. Light and thin enough to not interfere with flight. Heat resistant enough to stand up to another dragon's fire breath. As strong or stronger than the dragon's own scales.

Thanks to the shows incidents of Spike as slapstick fodder, we know just how tough even a baby dragon's scales can be. It's also worth noting that even a massive full grown dragon like Torch sports a breastplate.

Lightweight, very strong, heat resistant alloys are one heck of a trade good Dragon Lord Ember could use to increase her people's wealth and international status.

By Sumac's time Equestria should logically have access to them. The only question is if they're available at price Sumac can afford in sufficient quantities to apply to his experiments.

Also, the balloons need to move to generate energy and how do you get them back down? With a kite you can pull it to the ground and carry it upwind while it's not getting pushed, sort of like a very inefficient windmill.

...I guess eventually he'll think of a windmill. :derpytongue2:

Google balloon power generator.

For once, the phrase "Pianos are heavy" is actually an adequate response to "what have we learned?" Go figure.

Hmm... Sumac gets kidnapped a lot, doesn't he? And on at least one occasion, a bunch of ponies died trying to protect him. I wonder if he feels any sort of guilt for that? Like, he has to keep working as hard as he can to justify all the effort and sacrifice ponies have put into trying to protect him. I might be reading too deeply.

That is actually the root of many of his problems.

They have an internal windmill or fins like a windmill that make them spin in place. It's not the lift of the balloon that's doing the work.

Actually, yes, in some.
Solar balloons rise and lower with temp regulators.


Kudzu, you make me google the weirdest things.
As a side note, I am severely disappointed in the sound of the average dropping piano.
Lots of breaky sounds, very little resonance.

While I do believe Pinkie and Sumac both owe each other an apology, I can totally understand him getting pissed.
Coiling is hard and tedious work, and this is Pinkie at Show-worst.

I always feel like there's two types of Pinkie Pie.
Best Pinkie: Intelligent even if she has little formal knowledge, reads the situation, tries to understand the mood of the ponies involved and inserts levity and/or offers weirdly creative solutions as needed.
Worst Pinkie: Skip the understanding, insert jokes and games.

I adore Pinkie at her best. I'd go so far as to say she's my favorite of the main characters. Sadly, writing Pinkie at her best is all-caps HARD and I feel like the show goes for Worst Pinkie whenever someone needs to hold the Idiot Ball.
I can hardly fault anyone for that. Occasionally you just need a character to cause problems without being actively malicious and the Pink One is the obvious choice, but it always hurts a bit to see it happen to a character I believe has so much potential.
And I just realized it could make for an awesome psychological story to incorporate both extremes into a single version of Pinkie, then have her realise it.
If I'm ever writing anything, it's going to be that.


It's because she doesn't know what else to do. From the sound of things everyone's tried talking to/with him, everyone's tried including him, tried including themselves in what he's doing, and nothing has worked. Methods have been exhausted and everyone's worried because he's being unhealthy. It doesn't say but I get the feeling Pinkie's already tried several times before at least, with increasing fervor due to panic and worry, until we finally hit this crescendo where she's basically shooting in the dark and hoping it'll snap him out of this.

So, she was very annoying, but I completely get why she got this far in the Weedverse.

Also, the 1812 Overture set to the sound of crashing pianos.

Very yes.:rainbowlaugh:

“You used a kite to produce electricity?” Princess Celestia’s eyes widened, her ears pivoted around to face forward, and stood up straight. “You harnessed the pull of the wind to make electricity?”

This seems worth looking into.

“Is this why Princess Luna and Prince Gosling are almost always seen together?” Sumac asked and after a moment, he clarified, “So that Princess Luna doesn’t feel so alone?” His words caused Celestia’s ears to twitch and then lean forwards. She was thinking and Sumac knew he was on to something.

Maximum precocious child.

Almost done.

Wait...WHAT !? No ! I´m not ready yet...I need more feels !

Cherry Berry!!! As in The Changeling Space organization and The Maretian, Cherry Berry??

Sumac would be even more of a mad scientist in that world.

No, as in the hot air balloon pilot from the show. This is not a crossover with another fic from another author, sorry.

My bad, I just don’t remember Cherry Berry from the show just the fic

I had an apostrophe in the middle of writing a comment, but surely I’m not the only one here — and surely am not the first one — to notice that Pinkie Pie is autistic.

Certainly the one that we see in the Weedverse is.

You are not the first person to say that, and that is really very weird, as that was never my intention. This is fascinating how people see this and how the character has taken on a life of their own.

Celestia approves of and encourages proper posture.

“You have the strut of a troublemaker, Sumac. A disturber of the peace. Straighten out. Head up, stop slouching, come now. What is Twilight teaching you in that school of hers?”

“Science and explosions,” Sumac remarked whilst glancing up at the big mare beside him. “I’m gifted.”

Sounds good.

Never use 'brown dwarf' as a metaphor for your kinda sorta fillyfriend. That way lies much much danger.

As always, I love the return of the teeny tiny alicorn herd.

From Octavia’s direction, there was a powerful snort followed by, “Oh, don’t worry, that dress is coming off later. I’ll see to that.”

That dress works well.

Electric Cello.

She needs more vocal lines in the show, then she might have more notice.:twilightsmile:

Out with the coal and in with the clean energy. Also, the extremely dangerous energy, but better than coal. Coal was bad for the air, bad for the minors and had other bad ramifications. Steam could work, but then you might cook your workers. With straight electricity you also get things like arc flash. Also a bad thing. Huh, doesn't seem to matter what we do, our energy might take somebody out.

Scientists Politely Remind World That Clean Energy Technology Ready To Go Whenever

(Yes it's the Onion, but it's more accurate than "news" on the Onion has any right to be.)

Fallout Equestria averted

notha done. goodjob

This is what I love most about your stories, you bring attention to to current tech that most people don't know about.

“Even Princess Celestia is vulnerable to swamp crotch,” Pebble continued, “I’m sure of it. You can’t get anything done when everything is sweaty and galded back there. You just want to stand there, bowlegged, and wait for a cooling breeze of some kind. Ahuizotl had a winning plan—too bad he made Daddy angry.”

It never goes well to make Tarnish angry.

Sumac did not know it, but he was doing his part to usher in the new age of steam and Celestium.

He's doing way more his part than most considering he's still just a kid.

“So”—Pinkie’s voice was chirpy and chipper—“who wants to explain to me what this contraption does and why it has a big balloon? Ponies are gonna ask questions. I’m gonna ask questions.”

Of course Pinkie is going to have questions about the balloon science being done.


He's doing way more his part than most considering he's still just a kid.

I think it's worth noting that he's done more to advance science, technology, magic, and society in general than all of Equestria in the previous hundred years.

That is of non-Equestrian origin; my statement remains technically correct.

I don't think this system is physically possible.

Well, you don't say.

Celestium doesn't exist.

But this system works just fine with solar balloons. I based it off of real-world working tech.


Works just fine without magic.

What properties of Celestium are being used here? Lift while being electrically charged? Is the charge on the Celestium removed on descent to reduce the amount of lift? The system in the story doesn't seem to feature the air release feature of the solar balloons cause that would release the Celestium. I guess the increase in lift from the charged Celestium must be quite dramatic to overcome the inherent energy loss in the system and the energy required to charge the Celestium.

Obviously these specifics don't really impact the story but I'm just curious.

An electric motor is being used to pull the balloon down.

With no electrical charge, the Celestium behaves just like regular helium.

Right. What I'm saying is that unless the charge on the Celestium is removed (and therefore the lift decreased from charged Celestium lift to Helium like lift) the system would not produce a net gain in power. So Sumac should put a switch in the power line to the Celestium or something like that if he hasn't done so.

It's already there.

It was a surplus weather balloon, designed to carry a payload. Several yards around, made of heavy-duty guard-grade fabric, Vinyl had bought it with the idea of turning it into a flying photography rig for aerial shots. It already had the mechanicals to raise and lower itself with electrical current, and it depended upon Celestium for extra lift.

If you read through the details, you'll see that everything is there. I spent about a week making certain that everything was accounted for.

You know thinking about it some more you could improve the system by adding enough mass to the balloon that the balloon would naturally fall when power to the Celestium is removed. The would take away the need for the electric motor pulling the balloon down. You would get less power out of the balloon rising but overall it would be more efficient especially if you adapted the new system so that it also got power out of the now mass induced fall. That way you are getting power from the system all the time not half the time.

You need some way to wind the cable around the reel so that the dynamo rod will be turned while it rises.

No strong emotions. Just a simple, peaceful snapshot into the lives of crazies just trying to get through the day.


Having a skeletal appearance, the electric cello produce the most haunting sounds, unnatural, spooky, and otherworldly.


so Sumac Apple Petted by Pinkie Pie Pondered a Preponderance of Ponderable Ponderances huh?

“Woohoo! She’s sitting on you right now! Score!” Swooping about, Princess Cadance pumped her hoof into the air while she grunted in triumph.


Is he... sitting on salt? Looks like bolivia that place does.

Huh. Neat.

Very very neat and nice little story

Pinkie Pies everywhere

:pinkiecrazy:Looks around nervously:pinkiecrazy:

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