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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Princess Flurry Heart Versus the Mud Monsters

The Crystal Cotillion. Hobnobbing aristocrats, snooty nobles, and the upper crust of the upper crust. This strange and unfamiliar battlefield is where Flurry Heart finds herself fighting a war that she doesn't understand. Thankfully, she is not alone and there are allies who will come to her aid.

A crazed Vizard, Professor Egghead, and a perverted earth pony filly: these three are her only hope, her only chance at being free. Her enemies are many, including most of the aristocrats in attendance (whose views on society are one-thousand years out of date) and her younger sister, bratty little Princess Goody Fourshoes.

An entry in the Weedverse.

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Sumac muttered as he squirmed on the bench he was sitting on. His wings fluttered against his sides and without even thinking about it

Wait I missed something. Since when did he have wings? Or is that a "Coming Soontm" story. Did i miss a side story or something?

And so it begins. I can only imagine what shinanagins Dim of all ponies inspired into that devious Flurry's head. The entire gang will be up for a big ol mess is my bet.

This looks like fun

I need popcorn

not going to lie, REALY likeing flurry heat here (or better yet furry heart)

Flurry and Dim working together? Oh this should be fun. :pinkiehappy:

Pebble is scary.....

Like really scary. She just starts making plans for all her friends lives. Completely comfortable calling herself the future lady of Lulamoon Hollow. Completely fine with Sumac having sexual interests in others but just insists he shares partners. She will be a powerful aristocrat after marrying Sumac and she is already acting the part.

In Pebble's defense, she is only okay with Olive and Silver Lining because she wants a big family like the one she grew up in. Plus, she is is young, stupid, and is pretty confident that she knows everything.

Wait a minute.

“Not so loud… my parents don’t know about any of that.

Wouldn't Wormwood already know?

I like it!
I especially like how you've fleshed out Pebbles character.
She knows she'll never have the crown, but the power BEHIND the crown, that's something to covet and protect.


But she doesn't think he knows. That is what is important.

He also knows she doesnt think he knows too doesnt he?

Makes sense since they wouldnt want to encourage the behavior but understand that she is growing up and stuff happens.

Wait, if a Pony relives the memories when a Warden goes through them wouldn't Silver Lining know that he knows if he knew?

He knows through other ways.



Yeah that too

And some Fush an' Chups?:derpytongue2:

“I saw you doing that chicken disguise thing you did when you were little and it was the most amazing thing ever.”
I had to literally stop everything I was doing so I could die laughing without waking anybody.

I had to stop reading and come down here for this: thank you for using the word "dressform".

“With the promise of payment, you have engaged my services.” Dim’s aristocratic voice was now professional and commanding. “Captain Sentry, leave us. This has become a private matter.”
“Oh, this is bad,” the captain muttered as he hurried away, shaking his head.

Hee hee hee hee! :pinkiehappy: Dim is such a perfect pairing for her at this point in her story... I've said it before, and I'll say it again (frequently prompted by your writing): I love a bad guy working for the good guys.


He knows through other ways.

Parent ways. Among the worst of ways.

"Sumac, if you ever do anything with my daughter, I will smell it. You've left your distinctive scent all over Ponyville in little puddles."

Cheeky Aussie :pinkiehappy:

Flurry + Dim huh? Nitro + gunpowder can be pretty amazing i guess. :trollestia:

The lesson I'm getting here is try not to have no long-term plans around Pebble unless you want her to provide one for you.

A great start. :twilightsmile:

Ice Orcs, hm? Something Flurry can't just freeze solid. Interesting.

8388811 Sorry couldn't help it.:pinkiehappy:

Both plot threads of this deliciously devious story are utterly delightful! Though personally, I actually do hope that Flurry joins the Underwatch. I suspect that she'd be rather happy there, actually.

Teenage wipeouts on a mission. This is going to crash and burn in the most glorious way possible.:moustache:

... This is going to crash and burn. Flurry is playing a dangerous game, and i feel this is just the start of her and Dim's scheme.
As for Pebble, im pretty sure that was sinply a matter of being honest and correct.

I wonder, it's been over five years, is it still just Wormy, Gloomy, and Silver?

poor silver, her parents look like they might have put her on a downward spiral, they piled too much exspectation on her, they try to control too much of her life, and they dont give her the space she needs. I knew I guy who had parents like that, he had a psychological breakdown and tried to kill himself and the last I heard he got sent to a psych ward.

Now I gotta wonder what Flurry and Sumac are planning. Hmmm.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

Flurry has yet to speak with Sumac, so no plans have been made.

Not sure how it will crash and burn keep in mind Flurry and Pebble are only two of the many schemes on going. We can't forget all the nobles both from the Crystal Empire and rest of Equestria.. This doesn't count any plans that various members of the royal family might have though those might be more in the lines of thwarting any untowards plans of the other nobles

Because,” Pebble deadpanned in reply,

missing open quote


Indeed. I expect collusion at some point, maybe. Though it could just be me getting antsy with all this conspiring. :twilightsmile:

10 bits says this is the middle of Cadence's and Dim's scheme.

Bargaining, the chapter. Very interesting views on the characters.
Though, yeah, Flurry should write Celestia and get set straight about little sisters. Nightmare Moon and all that, y'all.

“Give up, Flurry. You’re not smart enough to carry a plot through to its end.”

:twilightoops: Harsh words from a mother...
I know that things are at stake, but... Yikes.

“Well, what a sad, sad story I’ll have to tell the day I join the Underwatch—”
“You wouldn’t dare!” Cadance blinked once, then twice, and then her eyes narrowed.
“Pertinax mater irrumator praetores,” Flurry whispered, hoping to finish her mother off.

Oh yes, Princess Flurry Heart: Destroyer of Mud-Monsters, Mistress of Disobedience, and Slayer of the Undead. The Heroine of the realm of pony, all must bow down to their queen!

Annoying your sister simply by behaving, this strategy is winning already.

“I don’t.” Cadance folded her hooves atop one another on the table in front of her, glanced at her husband, and then back at her daughter, Flurry. “Give up, Flurry. You’re not smart enough to carry a plot through to its end.”

Wow, Cadance.

Hmn. I'm not convinced this incident is serious enough to deploy the Underwatch threat on. That feels like the sort of thing you can only really use a handful of times before it stops working.

It still baffles me how you depict different stages of maturity so naturally. You can write the mind of a young pony dealing with problems too big for him, smart adolescents trying to reconciliate their minds with their changing bodies, and witty adults with complex relationships, and switch between thses perspectives like it's nothing. Sometimes I wonder if the author of TSSfFF is really the same as Quesadilla or The Masks we Wear. The writing style is sometimes so different from one story to another that it's hard to see if they really are from the same author.

Competitive dynasty building, nice way of putting it. I can't imagine what Gloomy and Wormwood are thinking. Pebble clearly will do all she can to protect Silver Lining but she has pretty much decided that Silver Linings best interests are with the Lulamoon family. It definitely could be an upgrade in status for Silver but hard to say if a griffin of her disposition would have her best interests met by being taken in by the Lulamoons. The family isn't the most gentle of families and given Pebble's current focus on dynasty building their days of being downright ruthless (not evil but likely a bit amoral) in their family advancement might not be at an end.

Hard to say where Pebble's care for the well being of others around her and her care for the future of Lulamoon Hollow begins and ends. It is in sync at the moment but this could easily turn to one being at the mercy of the other in priorities.

Flurry isn't that smart yet to know when to drop her threats.


Ink is quite some time after the current events of the Weedverse, to my memory and reckoning. At least a couple years. There are a number of stories which build off of Ink. This is one.

I wonder if Dim is helping Flurry entirely straight or not, or if he's trying to expose her to what she's refusing to do to show it's not nearly as bad as she thinks - still a situation that she can control and make work to her desires from inside the system instead of wild childing it out and about. Such as if he took a not-quite-conflicting contract from her mother to make this happen.

Because Cadence can't be this dumb. A single ski trip, basically a short vacation, in exchange for Flurry spending the rest of her life as a proper princess. That's not a good deal at all, it's not one someone would settle for.


Nowhere does it say spending the rest of her life as a proper princess. Nowhere. Just good behaviour for the cotillion and nothing more.


So the part where she talks about cooperating isn't 'total cooperation', but 'temporary cooperation', then?

Yes. For the cotillion. For the event.

I didn't have her talk like a lawyer to explain everything to the reader, I had her talk to her mother.

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