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Twilight Sparkle is a creature of habit. To her, perfection is found in the familiar: best friends, comfort food, and wholesome, everyday fun.

Unfortunately, even the simplest equation has unexpected perturbations. Can Twilight ever regain the lost familiarity of her daily routine?

Written for the "Here at the End of all Things" (sic) Writeoff.

"The Same" (cover art), by dragon discord, was part of the art competition and inspired by this story.

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Comments ( 27 )

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but this was a fascinating journey down a rabbit hole of obsession and debugging. Thank you for it. Hopefully the six siblings will be able to make something more real together.

But even if she could complete it. Would it be worth it?

Great story by the way!

OK Discord hugs her first thing, says a lot about how he's grown, enduring years in stone just so Twilight could cope? I can only be slightly disappointed in Twilight, she should have focused on trying to bring new life to Equestria, not relieving the past. But clearly the loss was so painful she needed a century or two to grieve first.

Princess Twilight Sparkle woke up, took a pill, waited fifteen minutes, then stepped out of bed with a smile on her face.

"We've discussed this before. I need to keep the shield around Ponyville for everypony's protection," she said.

Golden oaks library still around...princess Twilight...you're using the magic of all the alicorns to make a barrier to keep out Tirek aren't you?

 "I think the collar and stripe are very interesting, but do you think they might be a little too bold and unusual for casual wear in today's market?"

Who wears a cocktail dress as casual wear?

Ah, well I wasn't right about the barrier, but still that's pretty neat.

Glad to see this making the leap from the Writeoff. And I'm glad to see that wonderful art getting some more love, too.

Thanks for using my picture :twistnerd:

Also I'm glad you reuploaded this great, short story.

Damn. Let's hope she finds happiness again, no matter how long it takes :pinkiesad2:

Increase material shipments into Ponyville to 5250 kg/day 5500 kg/day

This is incredibly nit-picky, but this implies quite a bit that honestly doesn't make sense to me. Why would she need to import so much mass into her system? I saw her as in a state of near-complete isolation, something that's incompatible with importing that much material. What sort of material is she importing anyway? Food and water both seem to be provided in a closed loop within the ponyville shield (considering Sweet Apple Acres is included) so I'm not sure what she's bringing in.

That being said, overall I like the story. Simple but effective. It leaves quite a bit open to interpretation, but not so much as to be meaningless. A surprisingly happy ending relative to most of your stories, even if everyone else is still dead.

I saw this as a meta-command for controlling the virtual material that ponies inside the city have access to.

That's one scary way of wireheading :pinkiecrazy:
(like there exist non-scary ones, but this one is extra scary)

I like this story.

This was so very interesting and frightening ! One would hope we would never wish to obtain perfection.

8623756 Bah, you're all afraid of the one thing you can never even comprehend!

I achieved perfection a long time ago!

Mine is a high and lonely destiny! (Alondro, all red and black with a black tear-drop birthmark beneath his left eye, stands upon a seaside cliff watching the sunset and gulls cry in a melancholic chorus in the background... so deep.)


Reminded me of a musical group--popular with post-pubescent teenagers and young adults of dubious cognition--that, to this day, seem confused as to the counter-intuitive conundrum that length and time aren’t absolute, but rather perceived differently by observers moving relative to each other; allowing for length contraction (and thus, a virtual concentration of positive charges and a virtual dilution of negative charges) to be a decisive factor in how such a force manifests itself--not unlike the wonders performed by that one Nazarene.

Or, in the colloquial vernacular...

8631961 Space and time together might be only an 'illusion' as well. Quantum mechanics keeps getting stranger.

That’s some of the beef I have with the whole “spiritual but not religious” and the “spiritual health“scenes. Quantum mechanics are seen as the 21st century word for magic by some (I blame the Dunning-Kruger effect coupled with the contemporaneous “instant results needed!” mentality), even though the particular field of study is rather old... and does follow scientific methodology for inquiry.

But I digress...

8633629 I think it's funny that some physicists believe the universe might be a simulation, but state that if it is and something created it, whatever it is still doesn't have the right to tell us what to do.

Hee hee, it's like Mario yelling at the kid directing his Kart. It's best to play nice with the Guy who can flick the off switch when the game becomes annoying, if that's the case. :raritywink:

I bet there’s a fanfic for that. :rainbowwild:
... and a fetish.

8634818 Rule 34 always applies. :rainbowlaugh:

Fucking good, what else can I say

All the stores are all the same and then there's people like you who write so unique pieces of art like this, Thanks, such a pleasure find fics like this Please keep making more, you know I'm a fan of your work

I finally got around reading this and it’s just as good as I remember. Then again, It’s been almost three months since I read the original, so the details may be a bit fuzzy. What stands out to me is that the opening scenes read much better and don’t immediately make an alarm go in my head screaming “something is wrong!”. I like my reveals slow and steady, and I feel this pulls it off efficiently.
A thoroughly enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:
Or he’s about to strangle her, but he hasn’t regained his full strength back.

I suppose we all figured the Elements would be around forever before they weren't. The only thing I'd mention is Twilight's dealings with the cheese being mentioned before Flurry.

I don't think she's afraid of cheese, just quesadillas for having too much cheese.

I think I caught on that something was off the moment Twilight took her pill. I wasn't too sure until things started going awry. The cover art made me think Twilight was in some place she wouldn't want to be if she was aware of her situation. Totally subverted.

I really like how you handled Discord, though.

I miss you. You're such a sweetheart.

Aww. :heart:

Still around! Just been dealing with life pulling me in different directions than writing. Back on the horse for the Writeoff this weekend, though!

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