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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


This story is a sequel to Princess Twilight Sparkle's School for Fantastic Foals: Winter Break

It was a day like any other. Spring was in full bloom and with spring came Sumac Apple's sixth birthday. Alas, the day that he'll always remember will turn into the night that he can't forget. When night comes, so too come invaders to the peaceful, quiet city of Ponyville.

When Grogar's agents of darkness come to foalnap a sorcerer, the fight for Equestria's very future begins. In the span of one terrible night, the fate of a nation and the many who live there will be forever altered.

As always, there is a lesson to be learned.

A troubling entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 331 )

Yeeeeesssssssss! Been looking forward to this story!

You’ve referenced this particular story several times in your previous stories, but I have to ask, are you going to be appallingly biological in this one?

This is so vague that I don't know how to answer.


Sorry, I’m being unnecessarily English, I’m only being vague because the specifics are indelicate. If I may I use an example from the story you finished in the last 24 hours, are you going to describe an equivalent of characters standing over air vents to cool off certain parts of their physiology?

Sumac's got a hard life, he can't say a lot because of the grift and he's a sorcerer and every villain in the world wants his power, so it's nice to see some wholesome family life with him.

Biological things are going to happen.

Like death.

Reactions to absolute terror.

Things of that nature.


Ah, that’s far more acceptable to my delicate constitution. Thanks very much. Fascinating how people can find visceral horror and death more socially acceptable than propagation of the species, isn’t it? Just imagine what video games would be like if it was the other way round.

There was a bit of discussion about buns. Dreadfully sorry if that necessitated the fanning of the air. :trollestia:

This isn't being written as a comedy. There might be a funny moment or two in the beginning, but this is will quickly turn deadly serious.

Even Pinkie Pie's inclusion in this story will be one of utter seriousness.

And so, our young hero is once again established, being of a rather ordinary sort (for a nerd), putting forth the possibility of adventure and swirlies!

Awww yea more sumac n friends

Just look at the (Japanese) dating sims and you get a nice idea.

Poor Sumac. I know the feeling all too well.

Good thing he and Octavia have each other. It's necessary to have a rock in these kinds of situations.

There’d be a lot more high quality, safe for your computer porn games.

Seems strange that a Pinkie Pie party doesn’t take in consideration the actual illness of the birthday pony.
She bends the laws of physics to accommodate others and not trigger discomfort. That she didn’t think that Sumac would be overwhelmed by the mass of ponies, without a clear overriding reason like the Goof off, is a bit off character...

I'm not sure Pinkie even knows any other type of party, aside from "a loud shindig for 5 year olds". At least, at this point in time. In the show she sure doesn't.

“I have a castle playset.” Sumac’s ears stood up and one eyebrow arched, following the curve of his spectacles. “Boomer took it over. It’s her castle now and she becomes righteously indignant if I disturb the place where she likes to hide her puzzle pieces and other assorted treasures.”

Makes sense, a dragon needs a castle.

After a thorough examination, Twinkleshine had only one thing to say: “That makes me gay.”

Oh no! But their marriage!

I wonder if Twilight would even have a price limit if the request is for an educational birthday present.

So you see introversion as an illness?

“That would depend,” Pebble replied, “just what is it that you are thinking? Because I’m thinking that the three of us—”

“Could sort Sumac out?” Silver Lining moved her beak closer to Pebble’s ear. “He’s wiley and now that he’s all healed up, he’ll be hard to catch.”

He's dooooomed.

Boisterous laughter rebounded through the kitchen, coming from all except for Twilight. Clearly miffed, Twilight just stood there, alone in a crowd, and after spending several long seconds taking everything in, she heaved a resigned sigh. What she thought was a quiet, attentive student was really just a creature politely waiting to be fed.

At least she's being polite, that's a lot to ask of a cat.

Wow, Sumac really was doomed.

But at least it got better after Octavia helped.

Twilight just stood there, alone in a crowd, and after spending several long seconds taking everything in, she heaved a resigned sigh. What she thought was a quiet, attentive student was really just a creature politely waiting to be fed.

This makes me realize something: Twilight might have a slightly distorted view of how to talk to a child, and the need to keep the child's interest. Her main experience is raising Spike, who seems like he imprinted on her like a duckling, and probably patiently listened to even her most pedantic lectures.

And that is the point I was struggling to make. Showing, without telling.

Thanks. That observation made me feel better. :pinkiehappy:

9198912 I liked the later point of Spike sitting on Twilight's back, grooming out non-existent tangles, it was cute and a great way to show how he tries to fit into the herd.

Well, as it makes Sumac literally ill I guess it qualify, doesn’t it?

This is a repeated theme. Pinkie is rather tone deaf.

Well the loud party doesn’t seems the issue, the issue is the crowding... as just moving the party outside spread out managed to solve the issue...

Hmm canonically she has a huge archive with likes and dislikes of practically every pony she meets... I would guess “hates crowds” would rank pretty high on Sumac dossier...

Oh, she has a list, and she's checking it twice, but that's not on there. Likes and dislikes, yes. Psychological profile... not yet. That comes later.

This is the very first birthday party she's thrown for him. She only has a very basic idea about stuff, and this a knowledge that builds up over time, with each and every birthday party. During this big bash that she's thrown, she's learned a few valuable things that will make the next party better. And during that party, she will learn more things to make the next party be the very bestest Pinkie Party that it can be.

But it is a process that takes time. Sumac did not grow up in Ponyville. His first few years were spent on the road, always on the move.

It never fails to flabbergast me to hear how young Sumac is. He and Pebble are way too mature for their ages.

Honestly, I’ve been anticipating this story for quite a while now. Happy that its finally being given to us :twilightsmile:

Did you know that the kuzuhaiku species lives off of anticipation? That's why this particular specimen keeps making tension and cliffhangers :moustache:

Pausing mid-slurp, Sumac considered what had just been sung. Pegasus ponies? Poo-pooing in one’s eye? Casting a sidelong glance in Rainbow Dash’s direction, he had a quiet, thankful moment that pegasus ponies were polite and well-behaved.

LOL, sure. Polite and well behaved.

Are they about to found the Washouts?

Sumac, being a nerd, had naturally formed a nerd-herd, though Megara’s nerd status was in question. Boomer showed signs of being a nerd, and would certainly swing in that direction if Sumac and his friends had any say in the matter. Olive had settled into a studious role because she wanted to impress Pebble and Sumac. As for Silver Lining, she was a shy, clingy nerdling in need of quiet, patient, understanding friends.

It's good for a nerd to have other nerds. Though probably not too many at once, it would be good to have a little variety.

Where's Al Yankovic to sing about being equine and nerdy?

I wonder what trixie would've thought if she heard sumac say his "blood" thing.

That's why you don't say those things in front of your mother.

I don’t get along with most of the other colts my age. I don’t know why. Most of them seem mindless. I get in a bad mood around them. They don’t want to read books or learn stuff and I don’t know how to talk to them. It’s frustrating. My friends are all smart… mostly. They also just happen to be girls. It just works out that way.”

My entire childhood summed up into a single paragraph. No joke, 90% of the guys I've ever met personally were fucking Idiots. I just can't. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, so when someone take 20 minutes to READ A SINGLE PAGE IN CLASS, I'm just fucking done. They didn't have Dyslexia or anything, they just couldn't read past a 3rd grade level, when they were, SOMEHOW, in 8th grade.

I only made friends that I could have an intelligent conversation or debate with, and it just so happened that most of them were girls.

But this cliff is slipperyyyyy

I suspect we're going to be spending a lot of time on cliffs for this one.

Jesus H!

The wounds in her neck were quite tiny, but there were a lot of them and Sumac could hear wind whistling out of the holes in her throat

this passage gave me mild typophobia-esque mental images

9218518 not on cliffs hanging off them
Readies the grappling hooks

And it all started so innocently enough.

It makes sense that Catrina would send a lot of low-power unicorns to do this instead of a few really powerful ones, overwhelm with sheer numbers. I feel bad for Sumac because I know exactly how this is going to go, but I'm excited for all the action that's going to happen.

Now, who's at the back door? I certainly hope it isn't more evil bastards...it's more evil bastards isn't it?

I just knew this was going to be a toilet related question.

This was a bad house to attempt to invade.

Having eaten a highly magical gem, Boomer was primed for combat.

Primed for something, at least.

Ahh, yeah, primed for fire. I was slightly concerned about her exploding a bit.


<Beavis_voice>Fire! Fire! Heh heh! Fire!</Beavis_voice>

For those too young to remember:

Throughout the kurfluffle, Celestia's encouraging voice seemed to urge them on...

they just couldn't read past a 3rd grade level, when they were, SOMEHOW, in 8th grade.

If you think that was frustrating for you, you should see it from the teachers point of view. You're given a book and a curriculum that is at the 8th grade level. Then you get raked over the coals when too many of your students fail the class. Surprise, surprise it's the ones that can't read at grade level and as you point out they're not one grade level low but five.
Then the powers that be decide to fix things. Do they work with the lower grades to find out why students who cannot read are passed to the next grade, No! They change to a better book. It has paragraphs where the old one had chapters but it's better.
( Example) "This is the deepest spot in the ocean, the Mariana trench." In what ocean, not given, how deep, not given. where located [ near what land mass] not given and last but not least why is it where it is and what caused it? Guess what, not bucking given. This gem was located at the bottom of a page with a cartoon drawing of a ship floating over a deep v shaped hole in the bottom of the ocean. This was the only place it was mentioned in the book.
Ok rant over. Qualifications, degree in geology, year of astronomy, 35 years teaching 8th grade retired.

The average South Carolina high school graduate has a 5th grade reading level.

It's even lower in Georgia, but the two states are engaged in fierce competition.

South Carolina has the Corridor of Shame, though, and I think if they try hard enough, they'll win out for having the worst schools in the nation.

I lay my prediction:
The person coming in the back is Tarnished Teapot

Who is off in Baltimare, for purposes of work.

“I wish Father was here,” Pebble said, mumbling out the words in a fretful way.

“I hate when Daddy goes away too,” Silver Lining said to Pebble. “I hate it.”

Not sure of what to say, Sumac said the only thing that came to mind: “My father is a tree.”

His location was established back in Winter Break. He's excavating the Lunar Library. :pinkiehappy:

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