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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Olfactography seemed like such a brilliant, world-changing idea. A nose-enabled camera that takes olfactographs. A little harmless science to wile away the day. Everything was fine, just fine, until there happened to be a malodorous development. Afterwards, things were most decidedly not fine.

Vinyl Scratch. Disc jockey. Musician. Wizard. Esteemed sound engineer.

Public menace.

Sumac Apple. Tinkerer. Curious colt. Apprentice. Co-conspirator. Accomplice.

Accessory to a crime.

A developing entry in the Weedverse.

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Weed stories get insta-faved. I'll read it after work.

Weedverse? Check.
Sumac being mischevious? Check.
Bodily function jokes? Check.

So WHY can I only favorite a story once? :rainbowlaugh:

I love the interactions between Sumac and Vinyl. Sumac's question about how 2 mares make love is actually something I've wondered about too. Also why am I not surprised at Sumac's choice for the first smell captured on film? :facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Now, when I clicked on this story, I expected something quick and random, based on an old children’s fantasy. The amount of advanced science, witty remarks and interesting lore about the characters (really good job on explaining Vinyl’s voice) took me by a very pleasant surprise... and also made me laugh really hard.

The tab goes securely into the slot and interface is achieved. But how do two slots connect and achieve interface? For stallions, it makes a bit of sense, we have a tab and a slot… of sorts. I guess. Thinking about it is really weird and I feel kinda uncomfortable right now. When the two slots connect, is it like pressing your frog down into the mud and flexing it until it makes farty sounds? Is it a matter of suction?


Just :rainbowlaugh:

By the way, do you have more stories with Sumac by chance? He’s a really enjoyable character.

There are bunches. There is a link in the description of the many, many stories. We have a timeline, and there's an active Discord to boot.

I see, wasn’t sure what that ‘verse actually is about. Thanks!

I saw this and I immediately suspected fartography. I was not disappointed.

I suspect that Harmony has rejected the very notion of the Olfartograph, and all attempts to program any spell matrix will fail after the first exposure.

“Sumac, fetch our science goggles! We’re making science!”

I need to remember that :twilightsmile:

Kudzu, Nothing you have made has been bad. Never doubt your work.

This story is rude, crude, and completely socially unacceptable! Excellent work... keep it up. :twilightsmile:

Bring your nose plugs, it's gonna be a wild ride!

This story stinks.

Edit: Dammit, you already made that joke in the notes.


Oh my goddess. About everything, really.

“We’re not held back by traditional trepidations. We have courage, and have thrown aside caution—”

“And sanity,” the colt added.


Technically there's an active Discord in all pony stories. :rainbowwild:
I'll see myself out...

It was a hot, moist reek that defied all attempts at description, and its sheer, suffocating nature caused all of the curls in her mane to go elsewhere, some distant land that was free of stink.

Lulu at least has the option of banishing herself to her moon!

I'm most impressed with the depths of Flutershy's kindness, wanting offer aid and comfort to an ill wind!

This wasn’t an enchanting revolution that was taking the world by storm, but simple magical refinement done by tinkerers and urban wizards.

Little known fact: nearly all magic tricks are created by amateurs working in their own time. Professionals tend to be too busy performing.

I'm thinking the spell matrix didn't so much "disappear" as it did "diffuse..."

our versions of this stuff isn't as efficient, and i imagine ponyville will become like that one scene in ed, edd and eddy where they set off that large stink bomb heh heh

seems like the spell broke loose of the olfactograph and is combining and intensifying every smell it's coming across

I didn't expect the second chapter to pop up that quickly. I have no idea what to think of this, but it's damn entertaining.

“Is this why you’re called Vinyl Scratch?”

Goddammit, Kudzu :facehoof:

“Is it over?” she asked.

“It will never be over,” her wobbly-kneed sister replied.



Well, does the current smellinvasion count?

Has anyone else ever told you that you are the most... biological writer they have ever encountered? Pratchett would be perplexed, Wodehouse would be wildered, Fraser would be finished, should any of them have encountered you. And it’s excellent.

such a smell, seems like it'd become immortal in folklore and history

Uh oh ... just reading this makes my nose crinkle :pinkiesick: :rainbowlaugh:

Nooo, please don't be permanent....poor Stinkbug :c

Neat details about the developments in crystal magitech research and applications. I like the programming slant this has.

Children for Celaeno! Preferably ones that have some sort of smelling disability.

I feel like Sumac is going to end up developing the pony version of Doom by the end of this.

Will it go down in the history books as Celestia's Fart?

Celestia is not in this story.

To think...this malodorous siege engine of stench started as a mischievous colts fart. One thing to be said about the average filly, if they ask you to smell something, it likely smells pleasant at least. :pinkiesick:

So much lore here...if you can get past the stink of it:rainbowlaugh:

*the white fox sits in a heightened to 9th-tier zone of sweet air*

This story ... while well-written, lore-filled for Weedverse fans, and entertaining ... rather STINKS!

Pun aside, great story. Vinyl detailing crystal-lattice magitek is giving me ideas for my Pathfinder tabletop ...! And deiser Gestank ...

Ok, why hasn't anypony tried pinching their....

...oh wait no fingers to pinch with. NO WAY OUT :pinkiecrazy:

The fart smelled 'round the world

*Ears perk, head turns, nose sniffs. Makes pleased horse sounds*

A story!


*alarmed horse noises*

I've never had an eldritch abomination in my nose but it sounds not great.

I was not expecting the Sentient Stench, and had to pause while proof reading this chapter and go out side in the cold in my bare feet to cool off and try to stop the painful hitching chuckles before I could resume work, so I apologize for delaying this chapters posting by another ten minutes.

So the stench has gained both sapience and the means to communicate with those it afflicts. An intelligent stinking cloud spell, then ... hopefully it does not reach the level of cloudkill ...

Stink level: my nose is getting stingy just reading about it.

This story may collapse into an innuendo black hole at this rate.

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