Queen Chrysalis and her horde of changelings have invaded Equestria, and all ponydom is doom. But buck that noise. Pinkie and Maud Pie need to win Rainbow Dash a Daring Do plushie.

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Yeah, that's pretty much the long and short of it.

"I... mrmmfff... b-bought a body pillow last week... phweee..."


Of course you did.
Pinkie Ponky
Ponky Pinky

I feel the ever coming Big Bads disctract Equestria from the real issues.

Dubious and obviously rigged mechanical games.

Oh, Chrysalis. When will you understand the love between a mare and her body pillow?!:raritydespair:

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She snarled, her lavender coat standing up like a bristled hound's. "Why don't you ever write me?!?!"

Aaaand I lost it :rainbowlaugh:

This is the fluffiest, randomest, actioniest comedy I've read in a while. I should have seen this story coming, but I didn't.

Hmm. If Twilight had busted open the clawgame, would Pinkie have taken the opportunity to grab all relevant gift plushies, or would she have insisted on doing it the right way?

Also, Maud OP nerf plz.

Thank you for a pinktacular story, Skirts. :pinkiesmile:

The prolonged crack of a metal baseball bat lit the heavens.

Home Run?

"Aaaaaaaaand take THAT!" Twilight smashed another doppelganger so hard that the bowling balls broke. She snarled, her lavender coat standing up like a bristled hound's. "Why don't you ever write me?!?!"


Too bad it isn't a Neighponese crane game. Those ones are actually winnable. In fact, some of the plushies are arranged so they're half hanging over the pit, so all it takes is a little nudge from the side to send them tumbling over. And the best part is, if the specific plushie you want isn't one of the precariously arranged ones, you can tell an employee and THEY'LL OPEN UP THE MACHINE AND REARRANGE IT FOR YOU. Only takes one or two attempts after that!

I went back to that arcade at least 20 times, getting one or two plushies each time. Kept the one of each of the Mane 6 for myself, gave the rest to friends. Easily the best part of living in Japan lulzzzz


I'm pretty sure Home Run was made of wood, but I was thinking the same thing. :twilightsmile:

Lol, brilliantly random.

That picture, ooh. Never seen one of those over here in the UK! *green-eyed sulk* :raritydespair:

So Maud is a badass. It's always the silent ones . . .

Finally, once she got enough headway, she galloped straight forward, swinging a mighty forelimb. "I'm huge!"

That means you have-

This is amazing.

5617706 Poor flash is stuck waiting for Season 5 before him & Twi get their time together.

Run, Flash! Run!

I was wondering what the payoff on maud would be, completely worth it.

Also, I was reminded of this image:

She blinked, her wings drooped. "Holy pony freckles..."

Applejack's there?

all ponydom is doom.


Obviously relevant. Ponky is always relevant *Nods sagely*

I get the distinct impression that this story is nothing but a series of references to a dozen different things I have never heard of.

Just wait till Pinkie teaches Twi the konami code.

Clawgames save the world.

"Guh..." Twilight struggled to sit up, grimacing. "I... mrmmfff... b-bought a body pillow last week... phweee..."


Oh Celestia, this story was so fluffy and hilarious that I'm positive I have a stomachache from all the laughter.

Thank you, Skirts. :twilightsmile:

The Toy Story aliens come to mind. :pinkiesmile:


Blagh, the jelousy.. :twilightangry2:

Commence read.

Pinkie with those Raging Demon inputs.

...Clawgame. You tell them Maud.

what in blazes did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:
i like it anyway. :ajsmug:

With bright flashes of green light, all twenty changelings morphed into grinning orange stallions with blue manes.

:twilightblush: "Oh well, all hope's lost, guess I've got no choice but to submit and surrender the love energy to them."


The right way. That kind of thing matters to her. :pinkiesmile:


Oh my god. :rainbowlaugh: Did you draw this, or did you find it? Because that's just perfect.

"I learned only to give evil monologues when I'm assured a proper victory." Chrysalis smiled, fangs glinting

Bravo Chrysalis you learned one of the evil Overlord rules. BINGO!

5620608 Nah, that was drawn by a goat named Goat Train. Pinkie's just an avid fan o' the great communicator!

Lost it when Twilight used Raging Demon, and did Maud just use a "Serious Series" move?

5621354 screw you, I thought it was funny!

Also, old Spongebob has a ton of great clips, pics, and give to react with

I would spend so much money on the claw game in the picture alone

5621391 Oh believe me I'm all for cheesy puns, but that made me laugh and cringe at the same time. And yes while old Spongebob was almost completely without faults, there are some things from modern Spongebob so absolutely ridiculous that I must pay tribute to. Let us not forget the pure genius that is Patrick Not-Star.
That was an instant classic.

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