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"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked. "Oh, you can't help that," said the Cheshire Cat: "We're all mad here."


A/N: now with voice reading by "TheCaptainSand". Listen to his wonderfully dulcet british tones and his hilarious Applejack impression here. Thanks again, Cap!

Due to slightly contrived circumstances, Maud Pie becomes Equestria's fifth, newest (*cough* best *cough*) alicorn princess. Inducted, she will face the most dangerous, diabolical threat anypony has ever devised:

The legal system.

Will she be as stoic as ever? Will she be able to handle the crushing paperwork? Will Pinkie get to plan her coronation party?! Only one thing is for certain:


Many, many rocks.

Oh, and an attempted assassination and eventual plot to take over the world as we know it.

But mostly rocks.


Just a little something I came up with. I apologize if it has errors, i haven't had much time to edit. I did fix it up as best as I could, though.

Hope you laugh! (If not, I apologize. Maud comedy is kind of hard to write, considering that... y'know. She's Maud.)

EDIT: Featured 10/9! My second featured story, and it only took me 8 months to do it! WOO-HOO!

EDIT 2: Holy crap. as of 10/21, my story is so popular that is in the realm of being in the featured box every time it gets updated. Can't thank you guys enough, cliche as it sounds.

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~The Princess Maud has cometh! Behold! Behold!~

I am so happy! :pinkiehappy:

Does he get a badge?
There must be a badge, right?

Maud of all ponies becomes a princess. This can only end in awesome. Track 4 now, will read later.

Boulder is very protective.

I am so sorry, but I simply must.

This story rocks.

Princess Maud Pie is best pony princess alicorn God.

Your killing me of laughter with this story. I love this fic.
(Just wish I wouldn't have read this during bussiness class.)

Princess Maud Pie and her esteemed royal bodyguard, Boulder the Sedimentary Rock.
We no longer need the other princesses, you know. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

My sides. I love this story.:rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Where is a "staring intensifies" gif when you need one?

Would a sedimentary rock be *glass pull* tough enough for the job? Shouldn't she get a metamorphic instead?

5119174 And cheat on Boulder?! Never!


:rainbowlaugh: I can't get crazy Celestia our of my head!

Maud is best judge! :rainbowlaugh:

All hail Maud Pie. Princess of rocks. :pinkiehappy:

Why does it have to be a changeling that does this? T_T

Next episode: Tom becomes Royal Cancellor.

5119385 plot point for later.

Yes, a plot does emerge eventually.

5119387 I gotta remember that one, thx


You earn a mustache!:moustache:

Once again this entire story was brought to you by ROCKS! :pinkiecrazy:

They're magically delicious :pinkiehappy:

Get Used To IT!!! :twilightangry2:

:rainbowlaugh: So does this mean that Maud is now the Princess of Rocks?

5119402 Oh ok. Because i thought it was just a gag because of "CHANGELING ARE EVOL!"

I am stunned...

I really, really want to read this story just from that brilliant title and synopsis.
*squees* So nervous-cited!!! :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy::heart: YAY!!!!!!!

The chapter was good!!! That makes this even more epic-tastic-awesome!

Oh my bucking Celestia! Princess Maud actually has a purpose!!! *sqqquuuueeeees*

That part where she takes down the necklace-steely-pony. I wonder how popular Maud will become. :rainbowderp:

The chapter is cute...
But I'm getting a little worried.

Your humor is nearing crack-fic territory. I think you are funny, but I don't want such a wonderful story to be dismissed as silly rambles.
You've done such a wonderful job already!!! Just keep that in mind and have fun.

I love your work. :twilightsmile:

5119725 a plot will gradually emerge. Eventually.

This was an okay and rocky chapter.
A bit too many CAPITAL LETTERS for my taste. And the writing seemed a bit less-edited than your previous chapters.
Some sentences felt forced, while others seemed unnecessary.

Regardless, thank you for sharing your talent. You have so much potential!
Eager to read more. :pinkiegasp:

Ahh, such an entertaining story. Maud never will change, will she?:rainbowlaugh: Not to mention, THE BEST BODY GUARD YET!!!

I loved Rainbow Rocks for showing us how retarded Maud really is.

5119748 eesh. That bad huh. I'll see what I can do. I apologize.

Comment posted by Smoker deleted Oct 9th, 2014


All of my yes goes into this, all of it.

:twilightoops: "Aaaand done. New amendment, we need to be of sound mind to make royal decrees now."

Comment posted by The Mistress of Tubers deleted Oct 10th, 2014

Huh. It rocks. Move along.

Chapter #2
When you press its cutie mark, it’s talks!
- it talks

Me, Luna or Cadence will just take over her court duties
- I, Luna or Cadence will

“Well… my son… he’s was in the background playing,
- he was

AWESOMENESS. MAUD IS BEST PONY. Besides Nyx, if you count her...

Wow, Boulder is so heroic and brave. I wish to be just as brave when I grow up.

5119968 thank you very much, I'll get right on those when I get to an actual computer. (I'm in my phone right now)

This story is hilarious and absurd!:derpytongue2:

I'm going to have to keep reading this. Because of rocks.

Maud threw a rock at that changeling...

How does it still have a FACE!?

Well i wonder how well the luncheon will go when they bring out the servings of delicious granite :pinkiehappy:

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