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Pinkie Pie has a new boyfriend, and she brings him to meet her family. However, her parents do not approve of him.

A story I wrote in one day. Enjoy.

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I could practically hear the fanfics being made as I watched the episode.

rock hard abs.

All of these puns are hilarious.

Okay, I'm gonna give you pros and cons about this story. Please don't be offended. And, by the way, most of the cons are simple jokes.


"I've been wondering when you'd arrive. Your sisters and I have been tidying up the place. So, can you give me an idea on Pinkamena's new special somepony? What's he like? What kind of family does he come from? He wouldn't happen to also come from a rock farm, would he?"

So... many... questions...

Mrs. Pie place a hoof over her mouth, and let out a sniffle. "I'm sorry, dear. I'm just a little overwhelmed and excited to meet this stallion who stole my little filly's heart!"

"...to meet this stallion who stole my little filly's heart!"

"...my little filly's heart!"



Maud just blinked.

See? I'm not the only one that's confused about Cloudy Quartz!

Mrs. Pie let out a weary sigh. "I know Pinkie can be unpredictable, but I never thought she was..." She couldn't finish any of her sentences. "What will her father say? Oh, he's going to be furious!"

Typical fathers.

Mrs. Pie was a little disappointed in her daughter's ganging up on her. Without her husband, she had to fend for herself. "You girls don't understand that we were raised to believe to only marry and raise ponies of our own kind. Nowadays you younger ponies are off exploring and fondling with other ponies of other races. It's just unnatural."

Racist. Just racist.

“Girls, Mama, I’d like to introduce you to my new boyfriend,”

Please be Cheese Sandwich, PLEASE BE CHEESE SANDWICH!

“King Grover of Griffonstone!”


“Hello, Lime and Marble,” Grover said in a tone similar to Pinkie’s but much deeper, while Pinkie mimicked his words behind his back. “I didn’t know that Pinkie’s looks were genetic.”

The two pie sisters grinned awkwardly and blushed slightly by his flattering words.

“Oh, thank you, Grover.” Limestone brushed her mane out of her face.

“Yes, very kind of you.” Marble held her awkward grin.

“Isn’t he just a charmer? That’s exactly the reason why I fell all over for him!” Pinkie said while tickling the griffon’s chin.

Wait a minute... the statue is back?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“From what I heard from reading Pinkie’s letter is that this feller comes from an old family, good history, I like it. I bet he’s bold, strong, a bit of a charmer, and… A GRIFFON!”

Another racist?!

She ran up and tackled him, they tilted backwards and fell to the ground. Grover broke into a hundred pieces upon impact. Pinkie held the crumbled bits that was his neck.

The Pie family watched the scene, slack jawed, and unable to believe what they just witnessed.

“Well, I didn’t expect their marriage to crumble that quickly.” Mr. Pie said.

So... LOL! :rainbowlaugh: Why is this a con? This is a pro!


This story was funny and worthy of a fave.

I hereby give you the stamp of approval.


I knew one of these was coming since I saw a picture on Derpibo.ru talking about it.

YAY! You actually did do this lol!
10/10 was really entertaining.


I'd hoped a story like this would be made, and it was. ^^

I can already smell the porn people will draw about this pairing. Do you realize what you have done? Do you?


Mrs. Pie let out a weary sigh. "I know Pinkie can be unpredictable, but I never thought she was..."


Actual reactions:

"New boyfriend? He's different. Foreign? Oh God not human..."


That was great! Totally Faving!

awesome. I wish It was cheese tho. or twi. or pokey. I dunno. :pinkiehappy:

After reading, I look at the sky and wonder, human creativity has no bound does it?

Funny and quiet entertaining.

That episode was just screaming for people to ship them together.

Okay, I sort of get why this is funny. But personally I don't think it's a very funny joke in this case. feels a little forced.

But that's just me.

:facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::ajsleepy::facehoof::facehoof::rainbowwild::facehoof::facehoof::pinkiesick::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::ajbemused::facehoof::facehoof: that was an awful pun:eeyup: but it was a nice WAFF fic before that:pinkiehappy:

I don't think I have enough facepalms for this but I'll try.

:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:


Take your +1 and let us never speak of this again.

Still a better ship than CheesePie

The final pun was bad though... it was so bad that I thought it was funny!

Did... Did you write this story just for all the puns? ESPECIALLY that terrible one in the end?

How could 8 people dislike something this wonderfully absurd? The characterization, the humor, the plays on words (not puns, everypony!), and even the fun of taking a totally serious story concept (dealing with familial prejudice) and applying it to something this ridiculous all made for a genuinely entertaining read. I loved this silly little story and I will be adding it to my list of favorites.



Yep. Favin' it.

6261103 With this one, you earned it. Believe me.

How was this never featured? It's great!

It got on the popular list for awhile, but nothing more.

6322447 Better than any of my work's done, so congratulations.

I knew it was going to happen; way better than Nean though...

Im confused what just happened

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