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2016...and 2017 · 6:37am January 1st

As the year closes out in forty minutes (my time) l am reminded time and again that this year was an awful one. There were some things that l disliked but l have to allow myself not to feel everything because if you try to save the world by yourself you'll never be able to do so.

advice for this year

advice for next

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2263498 No, l live in Montana, just visiting my girlfriend's house for a few days

Oh! Well, I greatly appreciate that... I'll have to stop by and give Jordan my thanks.:twilightsmile:

2063142 Seeing it referenced as history "in universe"(as it were) and as a film/piece of literature as well sealed it for me. the story is currently residing in approximately three shelves now and it might make it into others as well. If you wish to really thank someone, thank Jordan179 for including it in the most recent chapter of his story that updated today (12/6)

Hey, CowBrony! Thanks for adding my story The Song of Syhlex to your bookshelf. I'm glad that it is now semi-"head canon" for you.:twilightsmile:

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