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Everypony explodes for no reason. What else were you expecting in the long description?

Credit goes to Lauren Faust for giving me the idea, and Adjudicator for proofreading and editing.

Also there is a reading for this by Cherax.

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My fucking sides.

That... That was terrible! :raritydespair:

Fun Fact: There have been recorded instances of spontaneous combustion of humans.

This is a literary masterpiece.

Well, that was certainly quite random, so at least the tag didn't lie.

I had some problems with it, but I don't really want to get into it atm.Oh, and I found this.

it only makes since!

Not only does this sentence look awkward, that would be 'sense' not 'since' if I'm reading it right.

That was hilarious.
Does thinking that make me a bad person?

This is the best exploding pony fic ever.

And that my friends, is how Season 4 ends.

The clip was removed from YouTube. :( If someone has it, culd they possibly reupload it? (Or, if the uploader does not approve, another version of it.)

Sounds like the plot to a Michael Bay movie:

"It's a movie about magical ponies. That randomly explode. It can't miss!"

That was so... odd - to say the least - that I can only ask one question without having my mind explode into a million tiny purple pieces!

The fuck?

2503041 yeah. The end sucked. It was good how it was just a story Pinkie told. But than you riined ot by having it come true. Try better next time.
2503162 hmm go figure.

As I read that story I had the bizarre image of the cast of Monty Python's Flying Circus playing the parts of the ponies in horribly shabby pony costumes, all of them speaking in the most atrocious cockney accents, all of this done on a grassy field overlooking the cliffs of Dover! :rainbowlaugh:

Upvoted for sheer silliness! *Brohoof!*

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