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(This is just a small story that I came up with. I don't know why this idea came to mind. I haven’t had this proof-read yet. So you can be the judge on the writing.)

Twilight receives a package from an unknown pony. Inside she finds a dress fit for a princess. The dress comes with a feature: a pair of wings. What will she do when she finds out that the dress has power that almost gets her killed?

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The beginning with the stairs is a reference to this: 00:40 to 01:27

YES!! ED EDD N EDDY! It has not been forgotten! I do like this story....:twilightsmile:

Thanks. And yes, Ed Edd n Eddy is one of the best. :moustache:

i am loving this story

Why did you write this? Jk, I like it.

I see no way this could go completely bucking wrong.
Have a mustache-:moustache:
Or two-:moustache::moustache:
Or OVER 9000!!!!!!

When someone's identity is at stake is what really pisses me off in most stories. Well done.:moustache:

Who is the pony on the third tag from the left?

How many more chapters until this story is complete?

Would the thing with the narrator's car somehow be a reference to a certain cartoon where a certain New Jersey guy combines his car with a giant robot from the future?

Wow, this fanfic is almost as, if not just as, crazy as Pinkie Pie!

My brain after reading this-

So what are you going to do now that this story is complete? Are you going to working on your book? Are you going to work on RotDA? Are you going to do both?

I'll write a blog about my next plan of action later.

I don't know what I expected :pinkiecrazy:


can you do that? can you explode twice?:trollestia:

Is this an anti-alicorn fic?:unsuresweetie: Otherwise,:rainbowlaugh:!

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