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Fuck. Known one day as 'Mistress Spectrum'.


Raindrops loves Bread, her great true love. She's going to get married to a bread. Things go well. Why wouldn't things go well?

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I'm waiting for the mature-rated side story that goes into more details about the kitchen scene.

5768309 Don't you fucking dare.

5768319 I'm having trouble thinking of anything else now!

Lesbian bread sex = mind virus.

Please... someone set Raindrops up with Screwy... they were MFEO.


Best. Ship. Ever.

Thank you for writing this awesome little fic. I was bitter and feeling down, and this picked me right up.

Hell yeah, bread.

5769214 I'm happy I could bring you up. BreadDrops forever :3

Truly, this is the best story uploaded this year

Alright.........didn't saw this one coming. Glad I didn't!

before reading: ...wat? :rainbowhuh:

after reading: ...wat? :rainbowlaugh:

See's 1,209 Words in the first chapter. See's 0 words total. Huh.

“I love you so much, Bread-chan!”

Annnnd, now it's an anime. 10/10. Would bread again.

Yes. Yes. All of this. Yes. In my mouth. Now.
10/10, would bread.
Have a follow.

Nor should you. Breadrops is the OTP, and this the story it's been waiting for.

Okay, really dude?

You're not even going to talk about Butter?

Oh my god, how can you NOT mention poor Butter?

And why isn't Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup involved in this wedding?

The writings is tango, and the pacing is Speedy Gonzales, but just a little nitpick here, you should have chocolate teapot about the orgy scene a little better. But overall, it is okay. I'll give it a spank on the ass and a Like. But I hope to see more snake veins in the der-donka-donk, okay dude?

5773117 Yes.

Know how that's possible?


5768740 Male Female Ejaculation Orgy?

You're sick. You need pills. LOUIS!

(Pills here!)

5777228 Without sounding rude or whatever, is your avatar...blowing a flower, or a trumpet with a flower in it? I ask because your avatar is actually rather interesting, so much so I had to ask about it.

How breadful.

Little did raindrops know that milk carton was gazing at her with longing eyes...
Glad someone wrote this ship so well (though not that many people do in the first place)
Story brings me a smile. Keep 'em comin'

5783938 Hehe. I'm glad you like it!

This is by far the best ship I have seen:rainbowlaugh:
And also the most creative!

Yes I do.

What...what the fuck just happened?

5827591 Weird things my friend, weird things.

This ship is crack at its most crackiest. I love it! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

Stupid, but I loved it.

It reminded me of a joke by Mike Birbiglia:

I love pizza so much I would marry it but it would just be a ploy to eat its entire family at the reception.

Comment posted by Twinight deleted Jul 4th, 2015

I question what did I justvread!?seriously what the heck?!

Whelp, I ship it. It shall be called: Rainbread! Or: Breadrops! I don't know. :derpytongue2:

I agree, interesting avatar. I'm not sure if I see the one with the flower trumpet, but it looks good. Did you draw it yourself?

The flower trumpet avatar must have been replaced.

Yes I did... as far as the "flower trumpet," I believe I had this as my avatar back in early 2015:

It's been dubbed the "Tatzltuba."

Also amazing.

So Raindrops is pansexual?

A few weeks later she met a beautiful mare in the orchard. Actually, not a mare; better than that. She met Apple. And she was going to marry her. Apple-chan was her true love. Forever. Until she got rotten anyway.


Funnily enough I came here cause I was searching up wholesome romance fics of chrysalis and this was in the recommendations of one

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