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Pinkie Pie has a new boyfriend, and she brings him to meet her family. However, her parents do not approve of him.

A story I wrote in one day. Enjoy.

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After Scorpan betrayed Tirek, he left Equestria and friends he had made. But it was not without purpose. Scorpan betrayed one brother. He would not abandon another.

Volgar is the younger brother of Scorpan. Soon after Volgar becomes an adult, he has visions of a creature that he finds out is his older brother, Tirek.

He learns from Scorpan of what happened to Tirek. Volgar leaves his homeland, determined to rescue the brother he never knew despite Scorpan’s objections. But when he finally meets Tirek, reuniting the family will be far more difficult than he imagined.

Meanwhile, Equestia's royalty is in danger, as old powerful beings question Celestia's rule. To make matters worse, total war lingers over the land, with diplomacy being the only hope to settle the matter. And something… far more sinister lies in the deepest shadows of the world's core. Waiting. Watching. Planning.

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Everypony explodes for no reason. What else were you expecting in the long description?

Credit goes to Lauren Faust for giving me the idea, and Adjudicator for proofreading and editing.

Also there is a reading for this by Cherax.

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(This is just a small story that I came up with. I don't know why this idea came to mind. I haven’t had this proof-read yet. So you can be the judge on the writing.)

Twilight receives a package from an unknown pony. Inside she finds a dress fit for a princess. The dress comes with a feature: a pair of wings. What will she do when she finds out that the dress has power that almost gets her killed?

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My lord. For two thousands years you've waited; you've watched this world change in the depths of your prison, waiting for the day that you would returned to consume it. And now the world is at a crippled state. The eldest Alicorn sister rules over the land, unaware that her 'golden age' is what has kept this world off balance, and keeping your resurrection alive. But the one who had imprisoned you has sent forth the child of your first victims, to restore the world in its rightful path. But what can the Draconequus do when the harmony he created turns against him?

Concord is the spirit of order and balance. In a time when Equestria was ruled under chaos. Concord did a great deed for the ponies of the land. But in his ignorance and prideful state, he had unbalanced the world that he himself was sworn to protect.

After a thousand years, Concord finds out of a great and ancient threat, a threat that he created. So Concord travels back to Equestria, determined to make things right again. However, it may be more difficult than he anticipated. If betraying friends, and destroying lives is what it'll take to balance the world, can he truly do it? Or will he embrace the dark side he never knew he had?

(Author's Note) This story starts out in season 3. The canon events of season 4 may be altered.

Thanks go to Starligh Nove, Haseo, ThatOneWriter, and TheDarkAngel for pre-reading and editing.
Thanks to JumpingShinyFrogs for the cover art!


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