• Published 3rd Mar 2013
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Twilight's new Dress - Broadway Sweetie Belle

Twilight receives a package from an unknown pony. Inside she finds a dress fit for a princess. The dress comes with a feature: a pair of wings. What will she do when she finds out that the dress has a power that almost gets her killed?

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Chapter 1

Twilight casually flipped through the pages of the book she read in her room. She was a little bored, nothing to do, nopony but Owlowiscious around to keep her company. Spike was off on royal Canterlot business for something that Twilight was not informed about.

All of a sudden, Twilight heard a knock at the door. She closed her book then walked down the stairs to the door. She grabbed the knob and pulled the door open. She didn’t see anypony around. Strange? Twilight shrugged, closed the door and walked back up to her room.

Before she could get to her table, somepony was knocking at her door again. Twilight turned around, feeling a bit confused, and made her way back downstairs to open the door. She opened the door and saw nopony, again. Twilight stepped outside and looked around. Nopony could run that fast, could they? Twilight shrugged, and went back inside.

Just a few steps up the stairs, more knocking came from the door. With a grunt, she marched to the door for the third time. Quickly opening the door, she said, “Now please—” a bucket of water fell on her head. Twilight closed the door and threw the bucket off her head, then proceeded up the stairs, soaking wet.

Again, more knocking came from the door. Twilight ran back down the stairs, surprisingly dry now. She opened the door hesitantly. She peeked out, looked up to see if there was another bucket. Seeing that the coast was clear, she opened the door fully.

Twilight got hit in the face with a fish that came out of nowhere. She was stunned for a second, then closed the door. She walked back up the stairs, with a hoof over her nose.

As before, there was more knocking at the door for the fourth time. Twilight dashed to the door and ripped it open to reveal Rainbow Dash at her front door.

“Hey, Twilight. What took you so long?”

“Oh, hey, Rainbow Dash.” Twilight looked around her friend to see if there was anypony else. “Were you the one knocking on my door this whole time?”

“Who me? Nah.” Rainbow waved her a hoof.

They stood there, saying nothing. “Uh, well, what do you want?” Twilight asked.

“Oh nothing. I just thought I would come over here and stand at your front door, hoping something might happen.”

“What do you think will happen?”

Rainbow shrugged. “I don’t know. That’s what I’m waiting fo—” she was cut off by a giant box landing on top of her from above.

Twilight didn't bat an eye, she looked to the sky to see Raindrop. “Hey, Raindrop, what are you doing?”

“Derpy is sick. She wanted me to take her shift, so I’m dropping off packages.”

“It looks heavy,” Twilight said.

“Oh, it was. Well, got to get going now. Hope you enjoy whatever it is you got.” Raindrop took off.

Twilight levitated the package inside. Raindrop was right. It was heavy. When Twilight carelessly dropped the package on the ground, she was reminded of her friend who had been crushed by the package.

Twilight checked outside to not see Rainbow dash where she had been. Instead there was a pony-sized hole in the ground where she used to be. It seemed to go far down. Twilight placed the Welcome rug over the hole, and went back inside to see Owlowiscious on top of the box, pecking at it.

Twilight smiled at the owl. “That’s it, Owlowiscious! Use peck!”

It was super effective! The tape ripped, and Twilight opened her package. She was utmost shocked at what she received. She levitated her gift out of the box. Her lips quivered, and her eyes grew wide and watery.

It was a dress, and by the looks of it, a very expensive one. Twilight thought this was another attempt by Celestia to get her to marry Discord. Her tears quickly dried out and she smiled from ear to ear. “Rarity is sure to call me best pony once I give her this dress,” Twilight said. She checked the return address. surprisingly, there wasn’t one. That meant it wasn’t a plot of Celestia’s. This was a gift from… She looked for a name or a tag or even a card. “Who sent this?” She said.

“Hoo,” Owlowiscious said.

“The pony that sent me this dress,” Twilight replied to the owl.


“That’s what I want to know.”


“Can’t you say anything else besides hoo?”


“Figures. You are an owl after all.”

Suddenly, a small card fell out of her dress. Twilight hovered the card up to read it. It said Congratulations, and nothing else.

Twilight inspected her new dress; she spread it out to get a good look at it. She noticed something on the sides of the dress. It was the same color as she was. They looked like fake rubber wings. In fact, that’s exactly what they were.

This made Twilight smile. Now she’d be able to play princess more realistically. Twilight had to try it on. The suspense would kill her.

She put the dress over her head, and was able to get her head out, and managed to move her hooves through the leg holes.
Now she felt so pretty. She bounced around the room filled with glee. Twilight stopped in front of a mirror and checked herself out, making little poses. “Oh princess Twilight, you look so ravishing,” she mimicked a voice. “What is your secret?”

“Oh, there’s no secret; it’s all natural,” Twilight replied to herself.

She turned to get a side-glance of the dress. The fake wings seemed more real than they did just a minute ago. But just then, her sides felt numb, like she had joints there that she never knew she had. The prickly feeling made her want to wiggle her sides. The wings jerked to life by her urge to move. Twilight jumped in the air at the site of the wings movement in the mirror. When she jumped, it made the wings extend out and she began to float down instead of just falling hard to the ground. She recovered from her shock and examined the wings. It was weird how she had feeling in her sides, but weirder that she could now move the wings at her command. Twilight flapped the—her wings, it was just as easy as using magic if not easier.

She smiled as much as her face would allow. “With this dress, I can be a real princess with workable wings, this is a big improvement.” Twilight had a thought. She now had the powers of a pegasus and a unicorn, but did see have the same power level of an Alicorn? Did it even matter? Of course not. She’s Twilight Sparkle!
Instead of running upstairs, she flew upstairs. It was time for her to have some fun…


“It is so good all of you could join me in this fabulous tea party.” Twilight sat at a small play tea table. Sitting to her left was Smarty Pants. To her right was Owlowiscious, with a top hat and monocle. And sitting across from Twilight was a cutout cardboard of Trixie.

Twilight sipped her tea in the fanciest way she could. “Hmm? What’s that, Smarty Pants...? Yes, I am an Alicorn now. Thank you for noticing.” Twilight picked up her spoon with her magic and tapped it against her cup. A few more taps and the cup shattered. “I’d like to let you all know that I’ve always been a princess in the inside; I just now have wings is all.”

Her words were followed by silence.

“It’s a sham sir Spikes-a-lot could not join us, for he’s off on royal duties. This is a great day, for me, and I wish for everypony to be able to praise me.”

Twilight looked to the cardboard Trixie, as if it were talking to her. “...Trixie! You’re saying that I shouldn’t force my subjects into loving me, but instead, give them a reason to admire me?”

Trixie was speechless.

“Blasphemy! You’re a traitor, Trixie! Twilight shot a beam at the cardboard pony, its head was obliterated.

“There. Now peace has been restored. From now on, this day shall be a national holiday in celebration of my mighty battle with the heretic, Trixie. Now, we attack the kitchen; your princess desires sustenance.

Twilight’s conquest over the kitchen was shift, and was met with no resistance. She raided the refrigerator and took many of its treasuries. That night, she dined like the princess she was. But soon she became tired of the game, and decided to go to bed. Twilight took the dress off. No longer having the feeling of wings anymore. She dropped the dress to the floor, and jumped into her bed, quickly falling to a deep sleep.


That night, everything was quiet, except for Twilight’s repellent snoring. The dress laid motionlessly on the floor. On the neck of the dress was a single hair that Twilight left behind. The hair sunk into the fabric of the dress, and was gone.

The dress shuddered a bit. It started to drag itself across the floor. It came to the stairs and made its way down. Once it got to the lower level of the house, it started to move faster. The dress shuffled into the kitchen. It came in contact with the moonlight that shone on it through the window. Then the dress began to shiver and moan. Hooves grew out from the leg holes, lifting the dress off the ground. A lavender blob emerged from the head-hole of the dress. It got bigger and bigger, and began to morph into the head of a pony. A mane grew from the head, and a face was now forming: a pair of eyes, ears, a nose, etc. The fake wings twitched and came to life; stretched out to their full extent. The face and mane were completed. And what stood was a replica of Twilight. It opened its eyes; they shined just like Twilight’s did. The fake Twilight took in a breath of air. She smiled and giggled, “Teehee.”

Author's Note:

Don’t ask why I wrote this. It just came to me and I decided to write it.

But if you did enjoy it. Then that's good for me to know.