• Published 3rd Mar 2013
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Twilight's new Dress - Broadway Sweetie Belle

Twilight receives a package from an unknown pony. Inside she finds a dress fit for a princess. The dress comes with a feature: a pair of wings. What will she do when she finds out that the dress has a power that almost gets her killed?

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Chapter 2

The rays of the sun peeked into the window of Twilight’s bedroom. She woke from her slumber, feeling all cozy underneath her blankets. It was almost impossible for her to leave the combines of her bed. Twilight loved her comfortable, warm, soft bed. And the bed itself was in love with her too.

“I love you, Twilight,” The bed said.

Twilight smiled and sunk her head ever more into her pillow. “I love you too, bed.”

“Can’t you stay just an hour or two more?” The bed said, hopeful.

“Oh, bed, I would like nothing more than to stay with you. But I have to get up; it says so in my script.” Twilight rubbed her eye with a hoof.

“Well, ok. Then just promise you’ll be back tonight, alright?”

“I promise.” Twilight motioned herself out of bed. The bed sheets held on to her tail, loosening its grip as she walked further away from the bed.

Twilight came to the start of the stairs, and hesitated. She turned her head around to where she dropped her dress. To her surprise, the dress was gone. “Hey! My dress is gone.” Twilight started looking every corner of her room for her dress.

She looked under her bed “You want to cuddle, Twilight?”

“Not now, bed.” Twilight dashed down the stairs into the kitchen, she checked every cubby and cookie jar. She ran over to the bookshelves and looked between the spaces of the books.

Twilight searched high and low, low and high, and low again. But she just couldn’t find her dress. Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind. She thought of who could have taking it, “Rarity!” Twilight stomped her way down the stairs, and ran out the door.


Twilight trotted down the street of Ponyville. Her thoughts full of hate and rage over her friend for stealing her dress. The things she was going to do to Rarity when she gets to her house. One thought in mind was taking her out to a nice, fancy dinner, then set up a meal specially made for her; it’ll be high carb and fattening, but it will look like it’s a tasty dietary meal. Then she’ll laugh, as the meal goes right to Rarity’s flank.

The more Twilight walked, the more she became aware of the lack of ponies around. So far, not a single pony was seen this morning, it was quiet; the only noise was from Twilight’s hoof steps. Soon she forgot all about her plans for revenge, and started to look from left to right for any signs of life. It was just as deserted like when Zecora wore her homemade perfume.

Finally, after what seemed like a minute. Twilight found Raindrop sitting at a table outside the coffee shop. Raindrop was drinking a caramel mocha, and eating a creamed pastry. Don’t know why this is important to mention. It just is, I guess.

“Raindrop!” Twilight called.

Raindrop turned to see the lavender unicorn. Yes… I said lavender unicorn. What you gonna do? Don’t hate the narrator! …I’m sorry; I just had a bad experience with coffee this morning. I ordered a large black coffee to go. It took them about ten minutes to get it, and that made me late. So when I finally got here I find out that they had put cream and sugar in my coffee. That just ticked me off so much. And the worst part was when it spilled all over my lap; it was like jumping into hot-lava. My pants finally dried up, but now they feel like sandpaper. Anyways….

“Hey, Twilight. How are you doing?” Raindrop said.

“Oh, um, fine. Do you know where everypony is at?”

“Yeah, they’re all down at Town Square, something real important is happening.”

“Really? What?”

Raindrop surged. “Don’t know. The reason I’m not down there with the rest of the ponies is because my script says I’m not supposed to know until you come back screaming to me what’s happening.”

“Oh, ok. I guess I’d better go check it out, thanks.” Twilight made her leave for Town Square, leaving Raindrop to her breakfast.

Raindrop watched Twilight for a few seconds before going back to her drink and taking a sip. “Mm, burned my tongue….”

Twilight pushed her way through the crowd of ponies. They were given her weird and shocked looks; it was really strange. She found a small opened area. Her friends stood there, backs turned to her. The only one not present was Rainbow Dash.

Twilight walked up to them, specifically, Rarity, and asked her, “Where’s my dress?”

Rarity didn’t notice for a second, but she did turn around to see Twilight. “Oh, hello, Twilight. You made it just in time.”

Twilight looked around at all the chattering ponies that were waiting for whatever it was that was going on. “What’s going on here? Don’t tell me the mayor is reading us another one of her fanfics?” Twilight said with worry.

“Oh, heavens no, nothing like that, again. This is a special event. The princess is going to make a speech.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. How could the princess visit Ponyville without her knowing? “What could possible happen that would require Princess Celestia to come to Ponyville?”

“Oh, Twilight, It’s not Celestia who visiting,” Rarity laughed.

“So... Luna?”



“Don’t be silly, Twilight.”

Twilight was really confused now. What other princess was there besides those three?

Suddenly, Rainbow Dash popped out of nowhere right next to Twilight. “How did I get here…? Oh, hey, Twilight.”

“Rainbow Dash, where have you been?” Twilight asked.

“Shhh, quiet, it’s starting,” Rainbow replied.

All of a sudden, everypony was silent; not a peep or whisper was heard. Then drums and trumpets started playing…. They stopped, followed by more silence. The doors to town hall opened, nothing but a blinding light was visible. Ok, that doesn’t make any sense. If it was a ‘blinding’ light, then how could it be visible? This story already makes no sense, but this little detail just irritates me so much….

A shadowed figure stepped out from the building and gracefully walked up to the podium that was set up. Once the light died out, the figure was now clear to everypony: A lavender Alicorn with a mane like Twilight’s except for the ends that curved upwards, stood in the presence of the crowd. She wore a fabulous dress and a big crown thingy that looked very familiar.

All the ponies bowed before her, all besides Twilight, who stared in horror, confusion, and disbelief.

The Alicorn seemed to look past the crowd, and off to the distance. She gave a lazy smile and waved a hoof to dismiss the bowing.

The crowd of ponies rose from their knees, even though there’s no way they could have seen her wave her hoof since they were facing the ground with their eyes shut.

The Alicorn spoke in a very familiar voice, “My loyal subjects. First I thank you all for coming, though you didn’t have a choice since I’m your princess and all….”

Twilight had finally snapped out of her shook. She stomped her hoof in rage and yelled, “Hey, that’s my dress you’re wearing!”

Her outburst got everypony’s attention, even the Twilight-look-alike. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t my former self, Twilight Sparkle.” The Alicorn gave a devilish grin. “What brings you here to my speech?”

“My dress, that’s what! You stole my dress, you’re stealing my identity; and is that my big crown thingy!?”

The Alicorn only laughed. “This is a tiara. If you were the real Twilight, you’d know that.”

“It’s a big crown thingy! And what are you talking about? I am Twilight. That’s my big crown thingy. And that’s MY dress!” Twilight roared.

The Alicorn shook her head and frowned. “This is my element. This is my dress; and I am, or once was, Twilight Sparkle.” Now… now I am Princess Twilicorn Alisparkle.” She opened her wings for dramatic effect.

Twilight was confused. “Huh?”

“Don’t you get it, Twi? You're no longer the real Twilight, she is,” Applejack said.

Twilight turned to her friend, wide eyed. “No, Applejack, I AM TWILIGHT!”

“Haven’t you seen the new episode?” Rainbow Dash said. “You become an Alicorn princess. So, yeah, she's Twilight now. It’s canon.”

Twilight looked at all her friends, unable to believe what they’re saying. Then she exploded with joy. “I become a princess!” She begins to bounce up and down.

“I did become a princess,” Twilicorn said. “but you’re just an old character that doesn’t exist anymore.”

Twilight stopped jumping with joy. “Wait. What?”

“You’re not supposed to exist anymore. So, my subjects; it is with the utmost importance that we destroy this abomination and restore the canon.”

Everypony around Twilight passed her hostile expressions, even her friends looked to her like they did when they fought the changelings.

“Get her!” A random pony yelled. The ponies all pounced on top of Twilight; soon creating a pile of ponies, then it became a mound. The ponies just didn’t know when to stop.

Twilight popped outside of the giant mound of ponies, thanks to the teleportation spell. “Works every time,” She said. With a jolt, she ducked from a beam that went past her head. Twilight looked up to see Twilicorn flying in the air; her horn glowed with magic and with a jab of her horn, another beam came right towards Twilight. She jumped, the beam almost hit her hooves. With a swift turn, she ran off.

“After her, my subjects; don’t let her get away!”

The ponies at the bottom of the mound got to their hooves and started chasing after Twilight, the rest soon followed pursuit as the pile got smaller and smaller until the last pony was up and started running.

Author's Note:

Poor narrator. this story gets weirder and weirder.

Next chapter is the last one, I hope you've been enjoying this so far. see ya.