• Published 3rd Mar 2013
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Twilight's new Dress - Broadway Sweetie Belle

Twilight receives a package from an unknown pony. Inside she finds a dress fit for a princess. The dress comes with a feature: a pair of wings. What will she do when she finds out that the dress has a power that almost gets her killed?

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Chapter 3 part 1

Raindrop blew on her mocha before sipping. She let out a sigh.

The quietness was actually rather relaxing. Most days she had a busy schedule with sorting and delivering mail, or having to move the clouds when needed. Is she a mail mare or a weather pony? I actually have no idea.

Suddenly, Raindrop heard a noise at the end of the street; she crocked her head to the side. It was faint, but she could tell it was Twilight.

Turned out, she was right. Twilight came running out from the corner of the street, screaming like a maniac.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Twilight screeched, “Ah ah Ah ah AH AHH!” she ran past Raindrop leaving a rush of wind in the pegasus’s face.

“Wha– Twilight, where are you going? Twilight! This isn’t in the script. You’re suppose to come over to me and explain what happened,” Raindrop yelled.

“Look behind you!” Twilight cried out without taking a second to look back at Raindrop.

Then Raidrop’s ear flicked. She caught another noise from where Twilight just came from. Raindrop saw something’s turning on her street. The noise sounded like dozens and dozens of ponies screaming in anger.

She found out it was an angry mob, and it was coming right at her. Raindrop’s ears fell, her mouth dropped, and her eyes were wide with fear. The caramel mocha fell from her lifeless hooves and splattered all over the ground.

Without a second thought, she ran. Raindrop dug her hooves into the dirt and just ran. Her mind was in frenzy; whither it was the caffeine or the shear terror Raindrop had already caught up to Twilight.

She was still a bit ahead of Raindrop, but a quick look back got Twilight to yelp and run even faster. Curious, Raindrop turned around to see the crowd was gaining on them too.

Raindrop yelled in horror then unfolded her wings and took off to the sky. She flapped her wings with intense speed. And in a few seconds she was already in the clouds. Raindrop focused herself to stop flying and calm down. Her heart beaded extremely fast and she was practically gasping for air after the exhausting chase. Or perhaps because of the lack of oxygen in the sky, but who am I kidding, this is Equestria with pegasuses who live in the clouds.

Once she had finally relaxed. Raindrop went to rest on a cloud. She let herself plop on the soft comfortable cloud; she smothered her face in the cloud and gave a muffled sigh. Then suddenly Raindrop lifted her head. The sound of Twilight’s shriek could be hared faintly from all the way up there. Raindrop leaned forward to take a look at Twilight’s position. Apparently, Twilight ran out of the town and by the looks of it is now heading into the Everfree forest. The angry mod didn’t seem to follow her, in fact, they all stopped at the edge of town.

This was insane. Why would the town’s ponies all of a sudden chase Twilight out of town? Raindrop had to investigate. She got on her hooves and dived down to the Everfree forest.

Normally, just flying over the forest would give anypony the creeps. But Raindrop was determined to get the answers. Raindrop braced herself; she covered her face to protect it from the branches, and folded her wings to keep them safe. But there was a small problem with that. Now she was crash landing because her wings were folded in. Raindrop made contact with the ground and received a big fat French kiss from the dirt.

Raindrop spate the dirt out and began looking for something to get rid of the awful taste. She found nothing but bark and grass, until finally she spotted the perfect cure: a caterpillar. It was big and fuzzy; it rested on a branch minding its own business until Raindrop grabbed it by her hoofs and slurped the whole thing in one gulp.

“Awwwww,” She sighed.

Raindrop heard the rustling of leaves coming to her right. She went to inspect the noise and to her relief it was Twilight. The pegause trotted up to the unicorn.

“Twilight!” Raindrop called.

The unicorn turned around not startled at all, in fact her face was pretty expressionless.

“Twilight, are you ok? What’s going on? Why the hay is everypony chasing you?”

Twilight didn’t respond. For a moment they just stared at each other blankly. And then Twilight shot a magical beam at Raindrop, causing her to slam into a tree and fall to the ground.

Twilight stared at Raindrop. “…Geez, Raindrop, don’t sneak up on me like that…. Raindrop?”

Raindrop responded with a snore. She had completely falling asleep. Twilight looked at the sleeping mare with wonder. “Boy, that caffeine sure is a killer.”

Twilight decided to bring Raindrop along. She carried Raindrop using her magic. If there was one thing out of this whole mess that Twilight understood, it was that she had no idea where she was going. She didn’t even no why she chose to go in the Everfree in the first place. The forest was very murky and dark the more she trotted–… huh, what? Can’t you see I’m trying to narrate…? Huh? They did what with my car…? ARE YOU SERIOUS!? Da-uh, I-I have to stop, I can’t continue this chapter…. No, I have to go NOW…. We’ll just make it a two-part chapter…. I don’t care what the author said in the last chapter. My car is destroying a CITY…. I’ll take the heat, but now I just gotta go! *runs out the door*

Author's Note:

.....................Well, looks like I'll be having to cut this chapter into two parts, considering that our narrater is gone.