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After Scorpan betrayed Tirek, he left Equestria and friends he had made. But it was not without purpose. Scorpan betrayed one brother. He would not abandon another.

Volgar is the younger brother of Scorpan. Soon after Volgar becomes an adult, he has visions of a creature that he finds out is his older brother, Tirek.

He learns from Scorpan of what happened to Tirek. Volgar leaves his homeland, determined to rescue the brother he never knew despite Scorpan’s objections. But when he finally meets Tirek, reuniting the family will be far more difficult than he imagined.

Meanwhile, Equestia's royalty is in danger, as old powerful beings question Celestia's rule. To make matters worse, total war lingers over the land, with diplomacy being the only hope to settle the matter. And something… far more sinister lies in the deepest shadows of the world's core. Waiting. Watching. Planning.

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Interesting. I like how you're adding more depth to this particular scene and you definitely have my attention so far. I'm curious as to what will happen to Scorpan and the story as a whole is well-written in my opinion. Have an upvote and a favorite. :twilightsmile:

5424741 You're welcome! :pinkiesmile:

Now this is a good way to show if Scorpan had another brother besides Tirek, now you have my attention.

5425017 Wait, you mean there's more than one story with this premise? Where can I read them?

5428010 Oh no, what I meant to say this story is a good way to show if Scorpan had another brother besides Tirek.

Well, Ms. Belle, So far, I give this a 10 out of 10. Very much detail and yet, we get a clear sense of how Scorpan feels for betraying his brother, Tirek.

Well, thank you. I didn't expect to get a ten out of ten from anyone, so thanks. :twilightsmile:

5634527 You're welcome, I always try to give a positive feedback on stories. :twilightsmile:

THIS I need to read.

I am quite impressed by this piece. Allow me to say it; the narration is magnificent. It is something more than a description, it is a beautiful portrait of the situation. Many descriptions can become tedious, but I enjoyed reading every single one of the words of this one. Then, Scorpan. He does suit my interpretation of the character (initially), but I´ll have to wait to see what you can do with him. And the premise is certainly interesting. I´ll be watching this story carefully.

This story needs an update, unless it’s dead.

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