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hi! umm I'd like to thank you for your lovely comment on my page it was reely kind and generous i find it reely cool to think that i helped you carry on with your fic :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::unsuresweetie:

Hey you. Yeah, you with the Stetson. Listen up. I'm pretty sure I've taken a liking to your story, but there are few things that you need to hear.
First off, before you upload your chapters, step away from your computer. Go and grab some jammy dodgers and relax for a while. Don't even think about your new chapter. Then when you're done relaxing, go back to your work and read it over, editing it all the way. The way you write always makes your story feel a bit rushed, so try this editing technique. I remember when I was first told this by a senior FimFiction member and I thought he/she was basically telling me to re-edit everything. In reality, you don't need to at all. This method just allows you to step back from your writing, calm down a bit, and then go back into it with a clear head. It works wonders and if done properly will make your writing flow more.
Also, if you can, look for an editor. You won't always catch things and editors will sometimes make what you're trying to say clearer. If you join a few groups (unlike me:twilightblush:) you can probably find a decent one.
But most important of all, keep writing and don't get discouraged. I remember that I was a little sad when my first fanfic didn't get a huge rush of upvotes or an insane amount of views, but that doesn't matter. Keep your idea in mind (which I like very much, since it is pretty charming) and just write for fun. The rest will come after that. If you need any help with anything, message me on my page. I'll be glad to help with anything, as long as I'm not swamped with other things, and I wish you good luck. I want to see this story work!
--and yes, I sign my posts.

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