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I just write for fun. And I must admit it is always nice seeing feedback on what I write. If you have something to say to me please do so. :D


Colgate takes acid... and totally looses her FREAKING MIND!

Chapters (8)
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Pretty high levels of lel so far, I couldn't really say there was anything wrong with it. Pacing is good, so is flow, I actually got into it and was able to picture everything in my head which is definitely a good thing. Just some minor grammar and punctuation errors but nothing major. Deserves a moustache. :moustache:

are my sides ready for this?

Flossing! Flossing everywhere!!

Wow... What is she on and where can I get some?

2822250 Acid man... Acid :raritywink:
2822248 That idea can be used... :rainbowwild:
2822202 Indeed
2822133 I hope I did not disappoint :rainbowderp:
2822089 Yeah the grammar and punctuation is always my problem
2822078 That laugh... Freaking infectious! :rainbowlaugh:

Ok, cover image alone deserves a like for this. I'll read it soon, just working on my story right now.

Nice story! Just some punctuation problems... I really want to read more.

Well i have only one complaint and that is the cliffhanger of wasted Colgate since the second chapter isn't out yet:fluttercry:

2822674 yeah... Imma meanie like that. Aren't I? :rainbowwild:

2822674 But chapter 2 is up now, so enjoy :raritywink:

Comment posted by Octavia Harmony deleted Jul 8th, 2013

soo...when you give colgate acid she gets pinkie powers? :pinkiesmile:

anyway i really like the story so far. Keep writing more chapters :twilightsmile:

2823161 Saddly now i have the same problem about chapter 3 you magnificent bastard
2823712 You have never seen what Acid or LSD can do to people i take it

Ponies on Acid... something that probably shouldn't be done but since it's happening, let's roll with it.

It was her phone, and the noise was her marefriend, Vinyl's, ringtone.

*TF2 Announcer* Let the games begin! :rainbowlaugh:

Dude, I love this story, can't wait for more!

Shit, though not as funny as the first chapter it was seriously impressive, I bucking love it, you did made some errors like putting hand where it should have been hoof but it's all chill, I'm excited for more:twilightsmile:

Anymore coming out? XDD I forgot I even read this!

Shit, have not seen this update for quite some time, glad to see a new chapter though:ajsmug:

4001668 Yeah :applejackunsure:. Every time I tried sitting down to write, I would get distracted. Plus with all the other aspects of my life occupying my time, I haven't been able to write at all.

:rainbowhuh: Huh, why did it just skip over me that you can't really handcuff a unicorn when I read this. :rainbowlaugh: I actually forgot that Vinyl had magic for a bit there until she had the handcuffs off and I was just stuck like :facehoof: for a minute.
Great story as always. I look forward to more of this hilarious tale.

she is going to feel terrible when that high is gone

Keep this going it's pretty great

4134456 I'm glad to hear you think that. :pinkiehappy:

4135317 Yeah man, it's pretty humorous to read like I said keep it going. Untill of course the story ends hehe

First off, that is one hell of a trip Colgate is going to hate herself tomorrow.

If you don't mind, I found a few errors whist reading this. They're listed below. :twilightblush:

..., a fit far too small for any car to squeeze through in, ...

..., she felt a something tug on her mane, ...

'a something'?

..., Vinyl looked at the too before scuffing one on the ground


...simplistic response that was somehow to complicated for her to figure out.


In the end though she just chalked it up 'being too in the moment' to really think about what was happening.

Missing a "to" here.

you that maybe jail for a couple of days might had been preferable to running


They'd have to call for back up


The fugitives that made idiots out of them, of the mare that's a little induced right now."


The air was crisp, cool and chilled the bones of one stallion by the name of Quake Marble rolled down the street of

These two sentences like each other a little too much...

...wrinkles just now starting to from on his foreheads and his...


challenged with he had always taken it in strive.


...and off as he continued to stroll himself along the sidewalk,...

He is in a wheelchair, isn't he?

The sidewalk he had been strolling on just second before slowly...


Quake Marble's eyes bolted out of his eyes as he jerked...

*their sockets
Also related I think it would look rather odd if someone's eyes suddenly bolted out of his head like this. If anything he would be rushed to the hospital. It may be better to say something like "Quake Marble's eyes bulged out as he jerked his head back.". That way we aren't implying that his eyes actually left his skull.


The first thing I saw that made me scroll back up and pick this

and totally loses her freaking mind!!!

The sentence that nearly caused me to wake everyone up by laughing

Colgate wait! He's not after your lucky charms!

Colgate as yoda....need a video of it NOW :rainbowlaugh:

First comment for the chapta!!!,!!!!!!! :trollestia: NOBODY ASKED YOU MOLESTIA :flutterrage:

2822700 I love your profile pic!

4934252 Haha thanks man, I was actually thinking about changing it. I've had it for thee longest time. :rainbowlaugh:

That's old man wisdom right there coming up.

Aw... It cuts off just as the ol' pony is about to solve everypony's problems. :pinkiesad2:

Here are some mistakes I've noticed. :twilightsmile:

Octavia had been caring the older


Octavia demanded this time rather than giving a subtle suggestion this time hoping to get the gears in the white mares mind running.

That second one is slightly redundant.
Octavia demanded this time rather than giving a subtle suggestion hoping to get the gears in the white mares mind running.

Vinyl still trying to persuade Octavia ...

*"Vinyl, still..."
*"Vinyl was still..."

You never go outside to every now and again to clear your mind?

Or at least that what she claims.


the friend of yours that rid me like a bike


...and just as she hands it to me that cops bust the door in...


We've been trying to catch her even since.



4937886 Mucho gracithanks sir/mad'am... I can never assume with profile pics :rainbowlaugh:. Yeah I don't have an editor so I do the best I can.. Obviously things get past me.:unsuresweetie:

Sir, and you are welcome. :twilightsmile:


I wonder if I can ship Colgate and acid? Hmm. Fuck it, of course I can! I'm a brony! :trollestia:

And then the old man wisdom never came.


6046932 I do not know... But hopefully it was to your liking. :P

6046948 buh wuh......
you wrote typed it how can you not know what it is
just kidding it was hilarious and so far I want to see how it ends

I'll be honest I completely forgot I had this saved in my favorites

Bull. This is a comedy. There's always another way.

instant fave follow and like because this seems hilarious just by the description

7849657 Are we certain about that? Could be a twist! :rainbowwild:

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