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On Hearth's Warming Eve, Canterlot is the place to be. Lots of ponies flood the city, either to look for that perfect gift, or spend time with family. Some of the background ponies are there, and all of them have their own reasons. Vinyl is searching for a special gift for a certain cellist, Lyra is going to try her hoof at cooking while a candy maker is out, Minuette is praying that no pony finds out what she bought for a wine enthusiast, and Symphony is simply pulling her mane trying to find a gift that sends the right message.
More of a collection of very short stories than an actual big one, in celebration for the upcoming holiday.

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Yes! This is wonderful! I know this is only the first 'short story', but that changes nothing! I'm sure I'll love all the others just the same. I just love your Vinyl and Octy. Anyways, off to the next chapter, might not be leaving a comment on that one since I probably won't think of anything new to say.

Also noticed a small spelling error.

“Thank you, sir,” the Unicorn said with a heartfelt smile as she carefully walked by, carrying her small back on her back.

I think you were looking for 'pack'

Until next time,

She's not that bad. She very well could be a lot worse. I like her at least... kinda... in a way. Quick thing, I noticed a little spelling error.

She was a soft pink color with a raspberry mane and tale.

I believe you were looking for the word 'tail' just a minor thing. Until next time,

Ok, so I read these and they were rather cute. Nice little bits to show how the various couples are doing.

I also read the Sea Swirl and Symphony stories, is Shattered going to be updated eventually? It's very true that some of these background ponies just don't get any sort of love at all.

I like stuck up and somewhat tribalist Symphony... it's almost like she seems to hate Canterlot because it represents what she doesn't like about herself.

Shattered was suppose to be update immediately after Bloodlines back in November. Sadly, I've been busy playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, but now that I've beaten it, writing is back on. Shattered will be updated no later than January 15th, unless something horrible happens. Hopefully it will be sooner, as the holiday season is over so I don't have super long shifts anymore and more days off.

Also, welcome back Wolfie 03! I haven't heard from you in a bit so I thought you might have left.

You may very well be on to something there...:raritywink: 'My Night' and 'Shattered' both delve further into Symphony's outlook on life.

5428853 Naaah, I merely went quiet. :ajsmug: I've been reading and sometimes re-reading loads of stuff (including yours too). Just hadn't felt the need to comment till now.

And I certainly know how it feels to try and write around a full schedule. Retail can stink that way.

Berry Punch, right?

You can always count on a friend to remember all the stuff you don't want them to, lol.

You are correct, sir! Have a Rarity. :raritywink:

When said friend is the one you ended up making out with at the party, then yes. :twilightsmile:

With Symphony being a musician....I'd say a song that sums up Symphony's feelings for the mare.

You might be on to something. Symphony's a bit too stubborn to be that direct in terms of feelings, but still... :raritywink:

Pretty much yes. I think you cheated and read this chapter first though. :pinkiegasp:


Nope, no jumping ahead. It's unfortunately the tried-true method for poor musicians in love. :unsuresweetie:

It's cliche, but...meh...still works. :yay:

Amazing anthology Zeck :) Made me start your Symphony X Sea Swirl story even though I usually don't start fics unless they're already finished (I read too quickly for my own good). It's a real pleasure to read about all those background ponies!

7930157 Thanks. There are always stories around Hearth's Warming Eve that focus on the main characters, so I wanted to do one that just caught glimpses of our lesser-appreciated ponies.
And Shattered is nearing it's conclusion, so if you hadn't already started, you wouldn't have had to wait too much longer. I think. Depending on how fast I can write it out. Anyway, glad you enjoyed this.

She's too tense. And high strung

Minuette took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Talking to Princess Celestia still got her flustered, even though she had met her many times. She was a close friend of Princess Cadance after all, and thus Princess Celestia knew her well. But it was still odd talking to one of the rulers so casually.

No one give a flying buck about that stuck up sun horse! Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have said that.

“I was simply reminding you of what is mine,” Octavia replied with a small grin, but that was all her face gave away. The sight of Vinyl licking her lips and trying to focus on walking was well worth it.

Someone is feeling dominant

“Hey! That’s not nice.”

It's true though. I remember that thing with pinkie and rainbow dash last Nightmare night

It seems you did some reading over the past day. I hope you enjoyed these little side stories. Thanks for leaving so many comments.

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