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I enjoy writing about ponies. Mostly ponies having about sex.


Waking up one day, Colgate's morning goes well. The dentist is brushing her teeth. She feels...Weird. The mare doesn't suspect anything is wrong, until she learns that somehow...Somehow she's become an alicorn! The princess of teeth arises! Ponies, you better brush your teeth!
This is the story of how Colgate went from pony to Alicorn.

A big thanks to crow!

No sex all together, just a few.. Hints, really.

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Trollestia using the "Turn a Pony into an Alicorn" spell totally explains away Alula, Neon Lights, and Lemon Hearts. It's perfect. :trollestia:

of course with it only supposed to last a few hours, that means it's going to last a few days at least right?

so exactly WHO was tia trying for with her spell? Oh I hope to God and few others it wasn't Pinkie:pinkiesick: although THAT could produce some REAL... fun:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I can't say :derpytongue2:
That's a secret.
It will be told...Later.

Well if poor Colgate stuck being Princess Cadence-size alicorn forever, I would bow to her with my new Royal Army.:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::ajsmug::twilightblush:

This wasn't literal gold, especially onsidering how many mistakes and typos are in this story. You should really find an editor.

However, although it had it kinks it was fine. :pinkiesmile:

I'll have to look over it!
My editor is moving right now, so he's got no wi-fi or anything.
I try my best without him :derpytongue2:

No time for reading now, But this made me curious..
So I'm adding it to Read-Later-list and will probbaly read it tonight or tomorrow :pinkiehappy:


The princess of, pain, fear and disrepair.

She gonna become the nightmare moon of toothpaste


oh this will SO not end well:pinkiesick::twilightoops:

The premise of this is insane, got to love it :pinkiecrazy:

Oh boy Poor Colgate I hope Luna dose not get Mad at her. Oh Dear......

May I ask what the pairing is gonna be? F/F?

4055709 Wonderful! And thanks for replying.

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