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The Young Six are a blessing to this very earth


Berry wakes up from another one of her drinking parties in a daze, but this time there is something floating around in her head. It's important, possibly life changing. What is it? It's the recipe for the best wine in the world. There's a problem though. These ingredients are weird as hell! You can't find any of it in Ponyville that's for sure. It looks like Berry, Ruby, and some of their friends are in for a wild RPG adventure.


(I've taken the liberty of adding background music to the story to add to the RPG-ness. Feel free to ignore it.)
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You know your title is misspelled, right?

Oh god, Skoon tumblr canon. And it's hilarious too.

Due to it's length I'm turning chapter 1 into a prologue. It's more of a prologue before the actual story starts anyway.

I cant describe how much i love this.

I will have to reject that offer.

Off to a good start. Is, uh, is dragon love what I think it is?

For anyone who cares to use it I would like opinions on the BGM and themes as they come up.

Wine made from dragon jizz? That sounds disgus- Delicious! Why didn't I ever think of that?!

This fic makes me want to play Final Fantasy VIII. I think it's because of Braeburn and his shotgun. Makes me think of Irvine. :ajsmug:

I was busy doing "important" stuff and hadn't been on FIMfiction for awhile. Then I glanced at my email and saw this story had updated. I immediately dropped what I was doing and read chapter 1.

Man, this chapter makes me think of so many different RPGs... Like Final Fantasy 1 when Berry was saying how the monsters only attacked her. She should've put Cheerilee in the lead slot. =P

Awesome job, man!

berry in an adventure with her drunk friends!

Lol, this is great, Trixie's gotten better and hired Pinkie as an assistant. I have to wonder though, how much of that did Pinkie do with her own "abilities" and how much was actually Trixie?


#15 · Nov 26th, 2011 · · · Ch.2 ·

Berry Quen has convinced me of reading this fic.

Final fantasy 9 and ponies. Well you've just become one of my favourite authors:heart::rainbowkiss:

It's not really FF9 but JRPGs in general. It's just FF9 and 10 probably get referenced the most.

41259 granted, it's still a nice story and I'm defintley gonna eagerly read these.(sidenote; the music you added is actually really nice in adding some texture and colour to the story):rainbowkiss:

There's one error I noticed in the story (I enjoy this story a lot by the way being a big FFIX Fan :pinkiehappy:) You said Braeburn not Blueblood explained the duke's plan to Luna.:rainbowlaugh:, a quick fix and this chapter will be perfect for me again :twilightsmile:

"Saving your life. Please don’t open your eyes during this process."
This. Just... just this.

Saw the image on the scroll-bar, recognized it instantly, started reading. Was not disappointed.

So far, my favorite line would have to be 'Guys I think my mom has finally went full blown retarded. She’s shouting about a pilgrimage for alcohol.' I lol'd until tears ran down my face, and then I got to the part with the Save Crystal, and then they became loltears so manly they came into the world pre-equipped with chest hair, beer bottles, and shotguns.

Definitely tracking this one!

I just finished replaying FFIX :pinkiesmile:
I'm loving all the references :ajsmug:

i really enjoyed this new chapter cant wait for the next one

I love blueblood and his funny crew:rainbowlaugh: Was that comic a little fore shadowing of any kind?keep up the good work.

My common sense is tingling:pinkiegasp: is that a deadpool reference :twilightsmile: I love you

This was a fun chapter, well worth the wait, you have a few spelling errors, but nothing that isn't ignored. Except for the part where the u & e got switched in Braeburns name.

Aaauugh! I can't believe this gem doesn't go on!


I'm sorry I've just found it really hard to get back into writing. More of an artist now. Every now and again I open the story but I never feel like writing.


That's OK. I'd probably never write anything without vigorous cajoling or a grade on the line.

An old story back from the dead? Most intriguing. Must re-read to catch up on it all, yes. Though this hcapter has been fun, on its own.


It lives!

Hey, I remember this story. To think it would come back to life seven years later.

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