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Democritus of Abdera


I am not a clever pony. · 9:58pm Sep 23rd, 2012

Once again, the new chapter is taking a good long while to sort out. Once again, it is because of a character I am writing for the first time, in this case Big Mac. Those of you familiar with my style know I enjoy a good and flowery sentence, and Big Mac is the antithesis of that. He exercises an economy of words that would make someone like me feel as if they had taken a vow of silence. And without going into spoilers, let's just say it is vitally important that I get his character right.

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Why did you have to make things so hard for yourself? Why couldn't you just stick to what worked and continue with Minnuette's POV? I've been disappointed by so many stories on this site because they never went anywhere, but this disappoints me the most. I LOVED this story more than anything on here, I adored it and put everything I could into making as popular as possible, because the potential was amazing and the writing was superb, but all this other POV stuff killed it.


I am sad to not see an update in so long.

This is one of my favorite stories on the site. :fluttershysad:

Hail to the last fellow in all of Christendom to use the word schlepped in a story! Huhzaa!


Sorry, sorry! Working on it. Like Derpy, Big Mac is hard as hell to write. He doesn't talk much, so what he says has to have impact.

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