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Currently working on a story called Treasure hunters of Equestria, check it out sometime.

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Oh man I want too really bad, I actually have half of the next chapter done and many plans for the future, but my computer broke for a while and I just got back in school and now I'm super loaded with homework. I'll try to finish early and work on it today though

why won't you update THoE?:flutterrage:


Oh gosh! :pinkiegasp: I didn't mean to steal your art, I just went on google images and looked for a changeling I could turn into a spy! If you want I'll find a different one.

Excuse me, sir. But I believe your icon is an edit one of my characters; Icarus the Changeling, whom is supposed to be a friendly Changeling. Are you meekothedragones?

60972 Well, I can just use Microsoft Word 2010 to check for mistakes. Anywho, we need an easier way to talk, I'm filling up your comments section. :twilightsheepish:

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