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The Young Six are a blessing to this very earth

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“Yona think it funny ‘cause Smolder sit next to Ocellus. Smolder does big chompies. Ocellus does tiny baby bites.” Yona imitated the way Ocellus nursed food with a straw. Her flat yak teeth and her typical enthusiasm ground the straw into a flat crumbled mess anyway. No worries. Smash straw. Acquire new straw. Yak life simple.


Everyone in this story is adorable.

Smolder sipped her drink and put a menu between her Silverstream. “Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t use Silver to pay for all my meals, but just, ya know. Enough of them.

I think you dropped a quotation mark on the other side.

This is super cute and I love it!

I never thought of Silverstream being rich, but it makes sense.

Given her nobility status i figured more people would do it, but the only fic I've read so far that alludes to Silver having money to burn is Bubble.

Well, this was an absolutely adorable fic discussing adorably inane topics. You know, like you do. :derpytongue2:

Smolder’s stare went blank. Smoke rose not only from her nostrils, but also from underneath her horns; Silverstream and Yona were proud to have finally discovered where Smolder’s ears were.

Speaking of--anybody else noticed how inconsistent the show was about that? I mean, in reviewing a list of dragons, I've found some have just ear frills (like Spike), some have just horns (like Ember), some have both horns and ear frills (some background dragons), some have neither (same as last one), and then you have the likes of Smolder who has weird hybrid things of both ear frills and horns. So, like, just what are the rules for this anyway? Is it genetic or something? Do dragons only grow one or more of these traits if they have the proper genes for it? (because it's worth noting that Garble, Smolder's brother, just has ear frills and no horns) Maybe they're all really just a bunch of subspecies of dragons all co-inhabiting in the same land as each other?

I mean I realize this wasn't at all something this fic's set to get into and I apologize for going off-topic--but what can I say? It's something that's been nagging at me lately! :rainbowlaugh:

This felt like some hilarious stream of consciousness stuff and I love it.

Chompies are adorable. Also getting philosophical.

That was more amusing than it had any right to be. :pinkiehappy:

This one was typed up in a day for funsies. Thanks for reading.

Not too shabby at all for a one-day effort. This was pretty darn adorable and funny in equal measure. Particularly enjoyed your take on Silverstream. Thanks for taking the time to write and share your work. I am leaving with a smile on my face. :twilightsmile:

“Yona was weak. Yona saw new world. Yona wanted power... and boat.”

Yak Tales, Woo Hoo! This is an excellent piece, I am amazed it’s not more popular. Very funny indeed.

“Hey, that rock made a great addition to my hoard.”

“I didn’t give you that rock...”

Old habits die hard.

No worries. Smash straw. Acquire new straw. Yak life simple.


“Yona think Yona would make good teddy bear.”

Yona right.

“You idiot,” Smolder shouted, “WE’RE ALREADY ON A DATE!”

And it was adorable and hilarious. :twilightsmile:

Really liked this one. You nailed the characters, particularly their voices. Definitely going into my faves!

“You idiot,” Smolder shouted, “WE’RE ALREADY ON A DATE!”


the chaotic dipshit energy in this fic makes it perfect

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