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The Young Six are a blessing to this very earth


One day everyone is going to graduate. One day they'll go their separate ways.
Ocellus may have just found a way to stop that. Draw a spell circle, sacrifice a little blood, stay friends forever. It's a simple process really, until everyone's feelings spill over the floor.

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Comments ( 8 )

This is right up my alley in terms of primordial magic and character dynamics. A few parts where it was hard to tell who was speaking, and some grammar errors, but overall there are some really interesting ideas here. Nice job!

This was neat! And yeah, you’re not a proper circle of teenage friends unless you do at least one occult ritual together.

"No worry. Yona has spare stomachs for three of you.”

That ruminant privilege.

I like how uncertain it is, in the end, if there really was a fate spell. Nice ambiguity!

This was filled with fun banter and plenty of magic and mystery. However, there are some instances of error. For example, 'Everfree' is a proper noun and needs to be capitalized.

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