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I enjoy writing about ponies. Mostly ponies having about sex.


Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have been friends since they were fillies, the greatest of friends. Though Fluttershy doesn't like Dash as just a friend. After a day of flying with Rainbow Dash, the two go on a picnic. As the picnic ends Fluttershy builds up the courage, telling Dash how she truly feels.

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This is a nice fanfics.Princess.

Meh I think there are one too many Flutterdash confession fics out there. I'll still give you a like since it's not too bad.

You are correct,
there are quite a bit

Well that was quite....bold of Flutters.:yay:

A bit fast don't you think? Any how it was adorable and I enjoyed it. A nice little 9/10 from me

Everything was like a Barrel Racing pattern. Three barrels and you go so fast it is muscle memory... I've seen way to many of these 'Confession' fics, and felt like at the end Fluttershy got out of character. For writing, I give you a 10/10! You kept spelling Okay like Ok. BYYYYYEEEEE!

This was okay. Though this premise was used a ton in the past, this felt quite fresh. To be honest, I would have liked this much more if you expanded on the details and made this longer.

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