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This story is a sequel to The Bridesmaids

[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives][Equisverse Era 1]

Last year, during the changeling invasion of Canterlot, Colgate, Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia discovered their friend Twinkleshine was actually a changeling named Meep. While most of them were hurt by the deception, their friendship was ultimately strengthened by the truth.

As fate would have it, Lyra, Bon-bon, Vinyl, and Octavia each have their own equally dark secrets. Ones they hide as deeply as Meep hid her real identity. Time has a way of bringing everything to light. This time, it's an invitation to dinner.

Featured on Monday, July 6, 2015 at 04:59:14 UTC. :yay:

This story has been completed before any of it was uploaded to improve consistency for your enjoyment.

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Also, the werewolf Octavia is adorable.
Also, Vi's dad is like an amazing combo of Dracula and Doctor Milokio from the Awesomes.

Liked and faved before I read, was not disappointed

Ms. Melody
Dammit meep, that was my vampony name for her!
(am I that unoriginal?)

6171141 Um no? Vampires using formal speech is kind of a part of the genera.

... If I didn't have a gf, I'd be reading this now... Though, I still know that I'll love it ^_^ *Like and fave so she can remember to read it sooner*

6171171 Do you read romance stories with your girlfriend together or something?

6171183 No, I chat with her the majority of my day. I usually read when I know she'll be gone for a while or is asleep nowdays. Otherwise, I'm more or less checking fimfic at least once every ten minute to check if she's back. So I might read some of this when she's sleeping :P (and she's a like six hour train ride away from me, kinda hard to read it with her :P)

The Log was a thick book we recorded everything crazy that happened in Ponyville in.

:rainbowlaugh: Does it look like this?

We, that is our friends, had discovered Meep’s amazing ability to make a truly terrible mistake or decision when under pressure the hard way.

That's very inconvenient.

I would go through and just point out every single reference in each chapter, but since I read it already that would be cheating. Also, spoils the fun of finding them all. Oh well, still a fantastic story Meep. :pinkiesmile:

Better known as ‘Totally-not-filled-with-evil-and/or-the-undead Keep’. Yep, that one. It was only missing getting struck by lightning as we looked at it.


“I notice you didn’t say he wasn’t an evil vampire overlord.” Bon-bon teased.

Uh oh, all the signs are there. This is going the way I think it's going... isn't it?

Octavia snickered. “I like how you just implied your father is a nice vampire overlord.”


My suspicion-o-meter peaked.

Mine broke.

He facehooved, and slowly turned back to Vinyl. “Sweetie… did you tell your friends you're a vampire?”

The Magic 8-Ball says "All signs point to no".

“No…” Vi admitted, ears drooping. Her entire body shook nervously.

Thanks Magic 8-Ball.

Right, you girls, when the shock wears off there is going to be a delightfully awkward conversation that I do not want to miss.

I think the words "delightfully awkward" probably won't begin to explain the conversation that's about to start.

To my amazement Bon-bon snapped out of it first. “Right. Relocate to not-about-to-be-rained-on place, then grill friend for an explanation.”

Yes, let's do that.

6171453 The comedy tag is now in full effect... Though I think you realized that.

Excellent Vinyl vampire story. There were a literal endless barrage of references but none of them were forced and you use pop culture material in such a magical way.

I imagine this story will tie into your other stories and if so I can't wait.

6171547 Im glad you liked it! Part of my general writing style is references which actually mean something to the story, so I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Bon-bon and Cole groaned. Lyra grinned a little. Figures she would like dad’s jokes.

Dad jokes are an acquired taste, but for the most part they usually suck.

You steal a guy’s mare with your vampire powers one time and suddenly he’s mass producing instructions on how to kill you. Never, ever, piss off somepony from Germaney.


I am actually saddened that I did not notice this was a Sequel until after I finished and looked through your other stories... (T'was the name Ravenloft as a long time Pen and Paper player that caught my attention).

I feel this story balanced itself well between first and third person, and it was great fun to see how each of the different members of the group interacted with one another, as well as speculate on what they were all hiding from one another (I have a soft spot for stories with characters are hiding something, heh).

Also I really liked Lyra and Vinyl's father here, punslingers are the absolute best. I feel like you didn't over do the quirkiness of Lyra like so many are wont to do. Lastly, good use of references, they integrated well, and felt natural. Overall, very good stuffs, glad I read it~

Welp, time to bookmark and rummage in the other stories, for when I have proper time to give them. First up, The Bridesmaids.


(T'was the name Ravenloft as a long time Pen and Paper player that caught my attention)

That was a little tip of the cap to my fellow D&D nerds. Glad you caught it!

I feel like you didn't over do the quirkiness of Lyra like so many are wont to do.

Yeah, sadly a lot writers take my second favorite pony and write her like she is actually medically retarded and also manic. I find her far more fun with she's pretty smart, but easily distracted and has weird tastes. Fun and weird with a dash of quirky makes the best Lyra.

Welp, time to bookmark and rummage in the other stories, for when I have proper time to give them. First up, The Bridesmaids.

I think you'll like that one. As for my other works, when you get to Across the Sea of Time, there is a pretty large time-skip between this story and that point in the AU. I decided to hop ahead on my time line and do a fic I felt like at the time which exploded into way longer than I thought it would. Though by all accounts (Save one) it's pretty darn good.

The count nodded slowly, as if appraising a fine wine. “A steak pun. That’s a rare medium, well done!”


That was a good point. “Huh… Colegate, I need theme music.”

You just need a theme song guy.

6171795 Bri-chan... You should know better than to give me ideas by now.

“Third base!” the count exclaimed, “No but seriously I don’t know where, that’s why I asked you.”


6171866 The total number of people who got the joke is now... 2 of 35. Oh god I'm old!

Bon-bon rolled her eyes. “I was working for the Special Homeland Intelligence and Espionage Logistics Department, as a part of a special team called M.A.T.”


There was a half second of silence before Meep muttered, “They need a shorter name for that.”


"Daddypookins." Meep finished.

Great timing there.

This was great. It was nice to see these 6 in action again. Vinyl's dad is just perfect at being "that dad" with the awful jokes. Well, awful to most anyway.

“They retired me when a mission went bad. Remember that time I was it he hospital Lyra?

in the

6171916 Happy to write these guys again! This didn't quite sate my appatite for them though.. I may need to do another one. One that's more... Lyrabony.

6172558 Heh, I actually named the character Meep based on the sound I make when surprised. Though that's just the version of her name she goes by since ponies cant pronounce changelish properly. So it's more of a nickname. Her full name is Mhi'par Ka'ra, each ' designates an infrasonic chir, something ponies cant actually hear or make. So you know, revised name friends can pronounce is what she goes by.

6172754 I got it from a college humor skit. They may have made it up, they may have gotten it elsewhere.

And now Luna's Pony commandos team is formed!

6172987 Almost, at least now you know what their skills are and why they have them!

Vi's dad is going to be awesome, isn't he? Oh this is going to be fun!

hehehe Oh that's awesome. Yep, Vi's dad is going to be a riot! :rainbowlaugh:

At this rate they're all going to start becoming less and less surprised if everyone else in the group has their own 'dark secrets'. Jaded adventuring party that's surprised by almost nothing, go!

That was received quite well, overall. Poor Vinyl, so embarrassed and so worried over her secret. Although....with her being ageless....one wonders how she intends to deal with that, though that's a question for the distant future.

So Sombra is Damsire's axe-crazy brother....huh, I guess that makes Vi and Genesis cousins. If Sombra being Genesis' dad comes up when she runs into Luna and her knights in Upon, I wonder if Vi and the others will remember this fact.

Damsire has definitely got the cool dad thing going on. Goofy in the right ways, sly, and cheerful, and it's really rather obvious how much he dotes upon Vinyl. And setting all of this up so that Octy can be officially, if discretely, married to Vinyl is just the capstone of a really awesome set up.

Wow....that is one hell of a nasty school that Octavia's parents sent her to. heh Celestia is not gonna be happy about that at all...it also sounds like where he bit her implies that he did more to her than just turning her when that happened.

And this time we got to see Damsire in serious mode, just reinforcing that cool dad image since he's not being silly here as this is a serious matter. Also, Vi may have been afraid of her friends finding out that she's a vampire, but it's pretty apparent that she very much enjoys it and her abilities. And now that I think about it, that explains why Vi didn't get drunk enough to fail to remember Meep drunkenly exposing herself on that camping trip where Cole first say her true form.

That was actually something I didn’t know myself. “Where was I bitten? I don’t know.”
“Third base!” the count exclaimed,


I really enjoyed both of the stories, however all the spelling and grammar errors really annoyed me.

6175345 I'm sorry if the grammar annoyed you. I'm sure my editor did his best. I know I did.

Is it me, or does Vinyl's father remind any others of Drac from Hotel Transylvania? I mean, I swear I spotted a comment from there somewhere. Also, loved the Hellsing abridged fear turkey bit at the beginning when describing everything.

6175525 As this is a lampoon of vampire tropes, a nod to Drac was needed.

OH. My. GOD. BEST VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF fic EVER. PLEASE WRITE MORE. I need to know what happens to Octavia and Vinyl. pleeeeeeeease. Also I do believe I saw a Hellsing reference. That was awesome. I need more please.cs624631.vk.me/v624631352/3899e/WT3o7PyHoJk.jpg

6177548 No worries! I am going to do more! The next new story I upload will continue this storyline :3

that pony... he better burn, and her parents, they should end up crippled

that was an awesome story, I more would be awesome, plz:twilightsmile:

6177548 that photo tho

i just read the first chapter, this is now my second favorite story on fimfiction. i'm impressed, thank you for making this.

6178837 That is perhaps the most flattering thing I have been told about my writing. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the whole thing!

6175373 I would be happy to be a second spell checker and grammar checker for you. I'm no grammar-Nazi, but I've done enough writing and editing to help you out.

6180378 I would love that. If you could just PM me with any corrections and where to make them I'll take care of it.

Weaknesses: Steaks, yes, but then again, who wouldn’t that kill?

Carvnivores, omnivores, etc.

As such please inform Ms. Melody that Vinyl's foalhood nickname for me was ‘Daddypookins’ while in my company, so I can relish in my daughter’s mild humiliation.

Okay, Daddypookins was funny the first time, but he's so damn smart the he knows how to humiliate his daughter with it! Even better!

So far, I love the characterization, and the setting. Although, I keep thinking D&D Revenloft and if that's where Hollow Shades is then Somepony's going to end up Evil.:rainbowwild:

The Comedy was great and also serious. It wasn't stupid funny, but good funny. I look forward to reading the next chapters.:pinkiehappy:

6189255 I'm glad you're loving it ^.^ I spent a long time making the jokes good and part of the plot... Except for Ravenloft that's just for D&D fans to raise an eyebrow at.

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