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This story is a sequel to Voidwalkers

[Third Person] Alternating Perspectives Equisverse β

A few short days ago, Vinyl, Lyra, and their friend Sherbert freed an ancient immortal being from his prison deep beneath the northern ice. Fortunately, Chemical Fire turned out to be quite friendly only wanting to spend time with Vinyl, whom he sees as an older sister, and play harmless games with friends.

Unfortunately, Chem was not the only one of his kind on Equis, and very few of his kin are peaceful beings. Vinyl, Lyra, and Chem quickly caught the attention of Hastur the Unspeakable, a Great Old One intent on ending all life on Equis as part of a business deal.

Thanks in part to Hastur’s greed, Chem’s cunning, and Lyra’s attempts to break a curse, the fate of Equestria now rests on a twisted parody of one of Chem’s games constructed by Hastur himself. This game is no more simulation. This game takes place in another world, one that is quite real. And the end of Equis is Hastur’s chosen prize.

Featured on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 3:55 pm UTC :yay:

Book three of the Equisverse: Season two.

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I think we all know what time it is... :ajsmug:

Sneezed to death? What the hell Twilight, that must be the third most pathetic way to enter an adventure you ever did. We don't talk about the first and the second.

Second R’yeth Edition? They are fucked. Utterly fucked. Screwed doesn't even come close to that. If they are lvl 1 Twilight & Chem are night useless. Let's hope they can get to having actual spells before the end of the world.

Sky, don't infuriate the GM trying to help you, don't be That Guy. That Guy is invariably kicked, sooner or latter. Specially when said GM lets you have plasma rifles and give said gear to your friends.

Bah, no one took the coolest race. Boo! Ten members are better than six! :derpytongue2:

Cutebolds riding Cutegons. This is going to kill someone through diabetes, isn't it?

Fixing a boat to travel to a castle in the middle of a inland sea/near the coast. Darlings, if it was friendly you'd be close to a town protected by it. As there isn't, well... first strike on genre savvyness. For shame, Chem! :rainbowwild:

Spider Twi, Spider Twi, does whatever a Spider Twi does~

No one ever tries to analyze these 'Old Ones' and find their weaknesses.

Feh, never a proper scientist in any of these stories!

For instance, I disassembled Cthulhu by discovering his dependence on a variant of the Higgs particle and cut off his ability to interact with its associated field. He dissipated instantly.

(Alondro Destroyer of Gods!) :pinkiegasp:


Fixing a boat to travel to a castle in the middle of a inland sea/near the coast. Darlings, if it was friendly you'd be close to a town protected by it. As there isn't, well... first strike on genre savvyness. For shame, Chem! :rainbowwild:

Unless of course it's a military fortress or a monistary of some kind. but if that were true, they would have salvaged the boat's timber... We'll chalk it up to frayed nervs ;)

8583701 I sort of want to write that story now.

8583696 Welcoem back Zif/Meti :3 Long time no see...

Can she swing from a web? Yes she can, she's not a pig. Loook out... Here comes a spider-twi.

8583709 It's kinda how The Doctor operates, after all.

Old God? The Doctor's like, "Ok, how does it work..." And then he some Sonic Screwdriver things and POOF! One less Old God! (lol, Doctor wank) :rainbowlaugh:

Who else thinks that Meep got some friends together, played a game of D&D, then used the basic plot as a guideline for this story?
That’s my conspiracy theory for the year. Just snuck it in.


Sky, don't infuriate the GM trying to help you, don't be That Guy.

To jump to his defense a bit. He just encountered one of the more pants darkeningly terrifying Eldritch gods, got sucked into the void, was made to take part in what is basically Dungeons & Dragons: Real-Life Edition where the DM is another poop-inducing nightmare of an Old One, one that played a hand in scaring him half to death 30 years ago, all while being decidedly not a tabletop gamer and not into fantasy that much, and knows that this game has real life implications and that the universe is on the line.

Given all that, I think his attitude and behavior is far better than anyone has any right to be. As well as the fact that most everyone else seems to be treating this like a fun game and not grasping the scope of the situation, and the full-life consequences that come with it.

8583837 I'm not a table top gamer, but... I will neither confirm nor deny I viewed such a document.

Great. No divine magic, no healing, regaining limbs or resurrection.:ajbemused:

On previous form, there's a good chance that means cybernetics.

Lyra's reaction was good.

This would be a really fun setting and game if not for the whole fate of an entire universe thing.

With the way the character choices worked, I'm somewhat inclined to suspect that Hatty is building a handicap into the game for himself. A pissed off and grouchy GM, Sky getting to be a fully teched out special forces almost-human, Twilight getting a caster class more or less made for her, etc., etc.

This is featured! congrats meep!



Hastur, eh? Somebody give Old Man Henderson a call, he still wants his $40k of lawn gnomes back.

8583837 You're half right. I am using my old homebrew D&D setting. Sadly I dont have any meatspace friends anymore and I dislike online tabletop experiences because no one knows how to set up a noise gate or properly configure their mic... "YOur move, Sir. McDondalds Drivethrough Man." "Thank you, Lady buss station PA."

8583934 Infernal Healing, scor/wiz 1. Heals pritty okay.
Arcanists actually have an archatype which lets them be a healer too.
Not all healers are Divine.

8584090 If everyone likes it enough, I'll finish up writing everything down and see about selling a setting guidebook. It's... 45% done.

8584507 I wouldn't dare touch that gem of a character XD

You mean my conspiracy theory was half right?! I HAVE SUCCEEDED AS A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!!!! I RETIRE ON TOP!!!!

And so it begins, the DM might be on their side but that doesn't mean he can help them.
Now lets remember going in that we are starting with 5 party members, but as Lyra pointed out they can get more, lets see how big the party gets, also who is the first to die...

Well, then, returning to the roots, I see.:raritywink: At least this one won't be canceled.

So, yeah, looks really interesting and fun. But where is Twi's armor?

Yay! I'm excited now.

very last moments of twilight began to slip by.

But she's right there. She helped you build the boat.

Also, she was always described as the deer centaur this chapter. Wasn't she a spiderlady?

Am I dumb?

8593243 No. The word for the time when the sun is setting or rising is twilight.


The Elbës were also a tauric species, fusing the body of a whitetail deer with he upper body of an elf.

Twilight hummed and pointed to the Elbës, “I think I’ll go with that.

Just a wee bit. :raritywink:

I am aware. I was making a funny.

Maybe I just kind of assumed she would go spider without reading it. Why anyone would choose meek grazing animal over GIANT WALLCLIMBING MURDERBUG THAT DRINKS PEOPLE AND SHITS ROPE is beyond me.

Woo, featured by the second chapter! Nicely done, Meep!

That said in just a passive reading I picked out two typos, not that they truly impeded the story at all.

Okay, important note. This halburk is not fitted very we-

If I remember rightly, it's hauberk, not halburk. Not entirely sure about this one but I think that's how it works. And the second:

The same pink faily let go after a heartbeat...

It'd be a tragic happenstance to name a race "failies" but I'm guessing ya didn't mean to. :derpytongue2:

I quite appreciated this chapter, though I'm not quite certain the divide between tech-stuff and magical prowess. Most notably in the cloak, though also with regards to the "human" race in general here. Am I to take it that Sky is built a lot like Lyra-7, with bio-engineered upgrades like the night vision, or are they much more specific augmentations as a result of magic? Obviously it could be explained away as "nightvision 60 feet" from a D&D standpoint, but in-universe there'd be a much more immersive reason. Even if they can totally meta-game. :p

Well balls. I didn't even notice that Voidwalkers had been marked as complete, I was all like, "Where be my weekly dose of Meep go?" Saw this in the featured box just now and I found my answer. I blame Legend of Heroes for my lack of paying attention. I've dumped like 72 hours into that game series of the course of the past several days. I've not played a game this intensively since the original Mass Effect. I'll have to start reading this as soon as I have the time, but for now, onto the read later it goes!

8593275 About what Sky is exactly and the night vision? All in due time. But without giving to much away, I am gonna point you in this direction for part of it. AN/PVS-1 That is all.

This is why you follow Authors, not stories. You'll be notified when they post a new story/chapter

8593256 The strange thing is that Twi likes spiders

I quite appreciated this chapter, though I'm not quite certain the divide between tech-stuff and magical prowess.

It will become more appartent as time goes on, but TLDR; There is no devide. This world went all science on their magic. Everything is magic. Everything is technology. Example, Sky's Rifle dosn't have an AI in it. It's got a friendly poltergeist in it who will maintain the rifle for its owner. This is just a thing you can buy. Like, anyone can. They are massproduced like that.
The cloak is pure magic, but only because sorrus hair retains its adaptive camouflage abilities once cut. There's no need to give it any tech, just make sure it's topped off with manna once in a while and it stays 'invisible'.

Am I to take it that Sky is built a lot like Lyra-7, with bio-engineered upgrades like the night vision, or are they much more specific augmentations as a result of magic?

More like humans react very very badly to this particular wold's magic, and mutate horribly. SO it's bio-mods. but not intended ones. YOu have magic trying to do things with stuff it wasn't meant to work on. They all get some common mutations, and they all get some diffrent ones. That's the best the world's gods can do for them.
8593309 It's cool, we all get wrapped up in games :3
8593338 He does that too XD

Chem's evil fortress of fairytude? Those fairies are rather metal too. Or did they mistake him with another?

Barely holding together one-use boats taken towards castle islands you have no idea of how dangerous they are. Goddammit party, get it together! You're dealing with tropes here! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice, sensible magitech is rare. Usually depends on if both being possible and people with resources investing in that. Not an usual combination, that's for sure.

8593338 Except I have over 2k new notifications in my feed because I'm rarely on the site for longer than five minutes these days lol.

8593414 I do manual updates for everyone on my Discord server. It's public :3

8593408 Those fairies are rather metal too.
I can't take full credit, the idea comes form Shadaversity on youtube from his Fantasy Creatures' Weapons series where he talks about what weapons would be the best choice for a given fantasy species based strictly on their biology as it commonly appears. He pointed out that faries, being very tiny, have the square cube law in their favor and could wield huge swords for their size and hone them to impossibly sharp edges. I had to use it and I already had faeries in this world so I was like "Yeah, I'll change their main system of attack to match this! That's awesome!" Though aside from weapon choice, it's all my work.

8592051 Good question. I was about to be all, "What armor, she's an Arcanist", but then I remembered Gadget.

Okay, Sky's rifle is great. Not gonna lie.

I love Shadiversity, quite some good insights there. Machiculations! :pinkiecrazy:

But yeah, a cloud of fast, agile beings carrying razors their size is nothing to scoff at. Unless you have a flamethrower :rainbowdetermined2:

8593536 Sadly, this particular castle lacks proper Machicolations! due to being a Star Fort aka a Bastion Fort, aka an American Civil War era fortified structure designed to withstand bombardment from cannons. Unless of course, Shad built it... Humm... (Pictures Shad building Machicolations! on a space station :twilightsmile: )

I'm betting that he hasn't been here yet bit he WILL be here at some point in the future.

I was somewhat clued off in the comments last chapter, but this Twilight doesn't feel right. Which is a shame, because her deertaur form sounds cute.

Man, good thing for that connection between Chem and the fairies, they would probably have ended this adventure right quick. I'm curious about how they recognized him.

So all of you decided to raid the evil fortress, and none of you checked your gear? Not even you Vinyl or Lyra? Its like your not knights of a princess or something.
I'm going to guess the situation with Chen and the faily is one of those "if asked if you area god, say yes" type deals.

Achevment: fortress of the old one unlocked

Sky, remember to click the box saying ‘Remember Me’ before logging out of your weapon. It will save you having to re-enter your unnecessarily long and overly convoluted password in the middle of a hectic fight scene.

8594343 To be fair, Vi and Ly have... bladed weapons. Not much to check on them other than "Yes. They swing." Sky on the other hand? Yes. he should absolutely have taken practice shots.

8594611 So none of them have any other starting equipment? not even a knapsack? I admit I have not played DnD very much, but when I have we always started with full kits.

8594521 Also decide if you want to enable other users, otherwise they will have to set up their own profile before using it.

Calling it now: They have to kill Twilight.

He has great videos I use the weapon recommendations in D and D

8596001 My roomate found a cheep 3d printer. if he buys it I have to print a castle model with everything wrong EXCEPT for the merticulations! and send it to Shad.

Great at least we get another rant video about historical inaccuracies in the portrayal of fortifications in media

I can't believe I missed a couple of your stories somehow! Took me a few days to catch up but I am. This looks just as promising as your others.

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