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I'm am an autistic brony, looking to write fantasy and everyday life novels for my kind. I became a brony when I related well with applejack and twlight, and I love the show.


Once upon a time, there were three sirens who were banished to the human world. Adagio, Aria, and Sonata, who were banished for their crimes across space and time. Separated, weakened, but not without their magic, only when all three are together can they become gods, at the expense of the human race. So, the sirens Adagio and Aria, wait centuries for their final sister to arrive. When she does so, and they are united, humanity will have no hope…

Octavia Melody is your classic example of a college student who wanted to get away from home the day she graduated. Freed from her narrowed minded homophobic parents, her three best friends as roommates and therapy, things seemed to be going great. That is, until one night, on a camping trip with her friends to view the Harmony comet, they will discover something, or rather, someone, who will shake up their lives, Octavia’s most of all, in ways they could never have imagined. 

Special thanks to Sleepless for pre-reading, and for the, eventual, cover art
Feel free to DM me if you want to join the pre-reader editor team

*marked as adventure, although fantasy might be a better word

Consider sponsoring my work through KoFi <3 Each Kofi will earn you a name and channel shoutout in this story in the authors notes and on my YouTube channel three times.
As a special offer; pledge by chapter four (Not counting the prologue), and your name will be edited into the author notes of those three chapters, even if already published, as well as the three fallowing after.
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Notes from the pre-readers
Atm we only have sleepless beholder, and it was more DM chats that google docs, but, enjoy;

From description;

 Freed from her narrowed minded *homosexual parents-

Sleep: It's great, buy shouldn't be homophobic parents instead of homosexual?

Me: this is why I’ll forever need pre-readers -:-

Sleepless reading through the first chapter;

sleep:By the gods this thing is long. I will tell you when I finish it

I just finished it. It's really good! I want to see more.

I have to admit the best part was Octavia hitting Sonata with the stick and the reactions of everyone :rainbowlaugh:

Me: Yeah, sorry for the long, but this is trying to be my enchanted library 📚:3
And yeah, that whole bit in the woods just kind of happened when I was writing but I loved how they were all scaring each other silly to that epic climax’s!

Sleep: I like that it's long, it takes its time and I enjoy it very much.

Personally I was surprised this chapter was only 6k, kind of want to work on more detailed and elaborate stories. More because I tend to have a, just get to point B, type mind, which for good stories do not make I've learned.

sleep: Something I really like it's how you portray Octi's and Vinyl's relationship.
I really shows how much they like and appreciate each other, and really how it's just a matter of sexual orientation that keeps them from being a couple.
I also really like how you handled that, since it's not something I'm used to seeing.
Octi being genuinely heartbroken and Vinyl having to refuse but feeling guilty for the crushed dreams really make me like them a lot as a pair of friends.

Also love Lyra and Bon Bon in the background, they are really funny.

The sirens intrigued me. They aren't really shown and there is a lot of telling but it makes me wonder how exactly they are in this version.
I like that you made it official that they actually need each other, since in the movie I always felt like the trio was too unstable to be kept together for so long without something uniting them.

It's really great and I hope you can get a good public with this.
You have very good ideas and a good way of expressing them.
You do need an editor or some careful rereading to do some corrections but other than that, you are pretty well set to launch a series of your own.

Now to hope all you will like it :twilightoops:

Well that’s all I got at the moment, pointing things out like grammar is always appreciated, and feel free to message me if you would like to become an editor or pre-reader and see you next time.

Should the short description mention astronomy rather than astrology? I don’t know of any major accredited educational institutions that offer courses in astrology. . . . :unsuresweetie:

That it should! And I thank you 😓

I love your take on the sirens arrival in this. A much needed change

Notes from the pre-readers

After Second draft reading, DM note

I did some little editing, and i really like where this is going.
It was weird reading my mother language in an english story but I liked it.
Vynil's paranoia is a good source of laughs, and the fact that she's not too far from the truth only makes it better

Learning Spanish:

Hey what’s with the upside down ? and ! ?
I thought that was just a google doc derp when first writting.

In spanish, to close a question or an exclamation you have to put the ? And ! Upside down at the start.

Hubo of it like (this)

*is deeply confused and still can’t say I get the ?!* 🤯 😐

Here is a question in English:
Hello, how are you doing?
Here is a question in spanish:
Hola, ¿Cómo estás?

Well I’m still learning, so, baby steps :twilightsheepish:

That’s all we got atm, DM me if you want to join the pre-readers team!

Just wait :3 I’ve got more planed with Them, not just Sonata, in the future

Actually, Spanish is my first language :rainbowlaugh:

I learned to write in English for this site only

More reason for me to hate America! We’ve truly taken over the internet then :/
-:- >.> 😡 :flutterrage:

I'm also from America.

South America! :rainbowlaugh:

Loved the chapter. I could understand enough to know it was Spanish, even though I don't speak it fluently


That was quick :/
Guess a lot more people speak Spanish than I thought ^^’
Well, no regrets as I get to learn, and just pretend this isn’t a language on this earth :raritystarry:

Very good so far! I like the premise, and Sonata being adorable, of course.
Out of curiosity, what show was your inspiration in this chapter?

... oh right! :twilightsheepish:
Nothing in particular, although it maybe obvious what I was referencing with that disability (Scootlaoo flight to the finish) but really i left it more open for the reader to decide

although if you must have an answer from me, I’d say I was thinking sesame street while writting

Also, dang! I only have three chapters so far?! :/

All cool, I was thinking it might be a show called Maya and Miguel. The show is in both Spanish and English, and one of the characters is an amputee.
My second guess was Sesame Street... (that's complete humbug, it was actually Dora, lol.) :raritywink:
A very good story... While I love OctaScratch, it's nice to give the poor girl a choice!
I'll probably check back soon... I'm not quite sure what to expect from Vinyl and Company, but I'll probably laugh at whatever they do. You've really captured the stressed-out college kid logic. :twilightoops:

Finally I get to see more of this. I like how Octavia and Vinyl are handling the reality of the situation

Wait till the other two show up

Thanks :twilightsmile: sorry for not telling/giving you a chance to properly proof read, just sort of happened knowing at least this much wouldn’t get out sooner :twilightsheepish:

Indeed :pinkiehappy:
Going to be quite the show stopper moment :scootangel:

Interesting story. Added to my read list.

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