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[Third Person] [Equisverse Era 1]

In a world of fruit eating bat ponies, Pattern Steel was born a blood drinker. Bullied, hated, and thought of as a monster Steel grew up learning to fear other ponies. When her colony through her out Steel's parents found her a home in Ponyville where Steel has worked for many years as a blacksmith. Being both nocturnal and a recluse Steel almost never talks to anypony. But one night, a pegasi and her daughter arrive at Steel's workshop hoping to get a new set of shoes unintentionally beginning the chain of events which will heal the emotional wounds Steel has carried for her entire life.

This story is something of an experiment of mine. I want to know if I can make a story composed of short stories. In other words an ongoing fic where each chapter is a self contained story, but still part of a sequence of events. Let me know if you like how it turns out!

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colony through her


a pegasi and

pegasus for singular.

shoes unintentionally

Comma after shoes.:raritywink:

Nice story, this will be most enjoyable.:twilightsmile:

Someone offering them blood would make it awkward and probably disrupt sleep for a few days.

Id like to see Dinky visiting her occasionally, and, for the luls, although I probably shouldn't wish this on anyone, Have the CMC's visit one day.

5746708 Oh I hope so. it should be halarious to see them trying to... what would they say? Cutie mark crusaders Blacksmiths!! and see her flipping out trying to get them under control

Pinkie pie meeting her is the obvious answer

5746572 yeah or they bring even smaller bite sized muffins since half a one was too big :s

Oh its complete :(

5776111 FOr now. It's a short story collection. So I will uplod more sotires witht he character to this "story" as chapters. But each chapter is ment to be a self contained story this is for organization's sake.

5776148 oh ok the complete tag just confused me. Glad it will continue.

Completely wordless encounter with Fluttershy as they avoid talking to each other but interact as much as they have to.

5802406 That or entirely silent "Best friends mode engage!"

5919537 Ish. The info on batponies is cannon but the events are not. I wrote the to get he idea out of my head and on paper. I like to world build with short stories.

This was cute. I'd actually recommend a meeting between Steel and Rainbow Dash. Yeah, that meeting should be interesting. A shy/introverted pony vs a brash, outspoken pony that doesn't like having her hooves touched.

Pinkie Pie finds out about her and makes her a blood pudding.

Also, loved the Tolkien-esque opening. :twilightsmile:

Well that first paragraph is a fun start.

Neat world-building for how bat pony communities work, as well as for their origin. I'm particularly fond of the bat ponies as fruit eaters idea.

She reached over to her anvil, closed the fingers around her hammer and lifted it. Carefully twisting the wrist and fingers Steel did her best to be sure her invention worked. It performed well enough, not as good as her hooves or a unicorn's telekinesis but a pegasus or earth pony might benefit from the device. The gauntlets were nowhere near as dexterous as the grip of her hooves, which were enhanced by her species magic. But they were powerful, very powerful. Steel felt as if she could snap a titanium-osmium bar with them.

These gauntlets sound like an invention potentially useful to far more ponies than just Lyra.

Neat, a detailed look at the metal working process. Reminds me of a L. E. Modesitt novel. Pretty cool sounding shoes and bracelet, too.

Fun look at a pre-series Dinky.

6202926 I needed to do something with batponies, and while I was moping about having to leave my forge and smiting tools at my moms when I moved out back in the day I decided to write a blackmithing character based on my hatred of public spaces.

Send Rarity.
"Oh darling! I saw those absolutely divine little shoes you made for Dinky and I just had to get a set! Not to mention that beautiful bracelet! It complements Ditzy's coloring so well! Perhaps you could make me something like that?"

Followed by, "You know,darling, you have the most fabulous coloring! You would look excellent with a nice vest. Nothing to fancy,of course."

Or Pinkie. I don't think she's had a party.
Our when Lyra picks up her gauntlets.

How could a hemovore eat synthetic blood when the part of blood that hemovores use are the nutrients and minerals that the blood carries?

6390349 The minerals are mixed in with the fluids, which are just the delivery vessel.

Hmm. Is her talent smithing, or deeper into manipulating metals themselves?

6693195 It could be ether, she dosent know and she's pritty simple minded (not in the "idiot" way, just a bit of a derp about some things.)

The reason I ask is concerning the contents of iron and other metals in blood. Just a thought regarding shaping or using it. Just idea.

6693401 Ooo that is a good point... i think if/when I expand on this character I will go with that?

Don't feel forced into it, but I thought you might like the idea. After all, synthetic blood would have iron, perhaps an unconscious control over it? Or not?

A family history of metal based/mining based marks might contribute as well?

Hey I like her. She was kind to Derpy!

6693808 Well I originally write this as a writing exercise, but I do try and keep my universe consistent, so i should use her at least in a minor roll again in the future. Not that I dont like her as a character, I've simply been telling stories she dosent have a space to fit into.

Do you plan to continue this at all?

Steel is so adorkable.:rainbowlaugh:

Great descriptions as usual. I wouldn't mind living in that hole.

6944455 I seem to be good at adorkable :P

loved the play on the hobbit intro. :rainbowlaugh:

7006432 I wanted to do this as an exercise of third person, and that made me think about the hobbit to hard... SO this happened XD.

I could see a scenario where Pattern Steel decides to go on some errands one night, only to realize it's actually Nightmare Night and she's stumbled into a big, busy Ponyville celebration with everypony fascinated by her vampony "costume." The sheer social awkwardness that would ensue... :pinkiecrazy:
Pattern Steel is definitely a fun character. :pinkiehappy: I especially enjoyed her "suiting up" sequence. :rainbowlaugh:

7295246 She's one of my faveroits and I need to use her again sometime :D

she win an award for her skill and has to make a speech.

7402373 THat... that would be funny enough to get me to write another one of these XD

you asked for ideas. only thing else i can think of is something to do with damascus steel and Acid steel. (acid steel is a way of faking damascus steel.) maybe something like boast buster/ flimflam, the quest for breakfast were she has to go shopping. just throwing ideas out and seeing what sticks.

7402435 That's also a fun idea. Thank you!

7402441 last idea. the Parasprites that don't eat food return from the Everfree forest and eat all her stuff. and she hast to live/work in town while her home is fixed.

she has a nightmare where she becomes the alicorn of smiting and a large crowed is asking for her blessing, praying getting allover her etc. then has Princess Luna arrives to help if only she knew that royalty was coming she would of forged a cake . will the royal be able to help or will her presence make thing worse?

She discovers that there are at least three vampires, two changelings, a windigo, a flesh crafter, an alicorn, and a lich living openly in ponyville, and has to process that she is, by the town's standards, positively mundane.
After decades of abuse and torment for being a 'monster', it would be quite a thing to see how she handles people not just tolerating her differences, but shrugging them off like coat color or hoof shape. Entirely, of course, because they have become dulled to creatures which would typically be deserving of the name 'monster'.

7797632 Now this, this I like. (And yes the joek is she's like, the most normal OC I have.)
General ponyville's opinion of her? "Humm? Oh yes! Poor mare has that medical condition."

Starting on the Alpha Timeline, Steel was great, lovely, and fun-loving(perhaps a little adorable, but that might be my slight thing for bat ponies/vamp ponies) Ditsy and Dinky a pair to remember. I found that this one needs a little... care put into it, I can forgive many things, but this:

Mom, she's really sacred of us. Let her work.

I cannot overlook... Oh well! We all make mistakes, and your earlier work is bound to show it.

Steel... um, I'm bad with names one second, I need to scroll up... Pattern Steel. I am interested to see her some more. Poor Steel though, she didn't get to live out her fantasy very long. What a shame. :'( She is also incredibly nice, sweet, and adorable. She seems like a good blacksmith, but I don't have the knowledge base to support an understanding to it. She is quick at it, seems to be good, and adorable... heheheh! :D

7943632 I'm glad you liked this, and personally I think I improved a LOT since I wrote this what, two years ago? I'm planning on using pattern in a story soon, actually... (and she appears briefly in Cataclysm.)

7944270 Uwh, I can't wait until I get there, but it will take a few months... I, sadly, can't sit around reading all day. v.v

7944360 I'm certain you could if you put your mind to it.

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