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[First Person] [Alternating Perspectives] [Equisverse Era 1]

(Gore tag is for descriptive combat scenes.)

Many years after the changeling attack on Canterlot, in a land far from Equestria, Chrysalis Swarm returned to it’s former strength. The swarm of vicious bandits cut a swath across the land with twice the cruelty of the time before their defeat. Countless cities, towns, and even other changeling hives fell to their cruelty and lust for power.

Amongst them was the Diamond Hive, a peaceful people of ancient and storied past. The only survivor of her people’s slaughter is a young changeling scout named Jade. With nothing save a satchel of emotion-charged stones, her mother’s sword, and a map in the form of a riddle, Jade must now journey to the one place Chrysalis's was unable to terrorize, Equestria.

The Kingdom of Equestria, a place thought to be nothing more than myth. A place where the streets are made from gold, for the very sun and moon make it their home. Only there can safety be assured, and only there can a changeling find enough love to enter her final stage of development, become a queen, and ensure her people survive once more.

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For my fan’s convenience: This story takes place in an alternate timeline of the Equisverse. No storyline beyond that of The Bridesmaids, Horseshoes, and Dinner at Ravenloft happens or will happen in this timeline. However, some world events, elements of the setting, and concepts from other works of mine apply, but this only pertains to concepts such as thaumaturgic current. This is the more “serious” timeline.

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Seems like a good concept, Chryssy being a tyrant who only knows how to win by destruction seems like a cool concept.

6455917 Thanks :3 I've always seen Chrysalis as a sort of changeling Ivan the Terrible.

6455935 She read Being a Tyrant for Dummies.

6455969 And this version, after her defeat by the power of love (which, weirdly, she didn't just eat...), read this: http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html

6455987 crap. Now she's genre savvy.

6455917 If by cool concept, you mean run into the ground with the force of a comet hit, then yes.


In a lot of stories with Chrysalis as a villain, she really isn't that evil. Oh she does abduct people, and do things like that, but she doesn't really cause life-changing damage to anything. No one is maimed or killed.

This story has a new take where Chrysalis nearly successfully genocides an entire other hive. It isn't a "boo-hoo, my husband was a changeling all along, where has the love gone in our relationship?" story, it's a dark story.

6456097 Except it's not a new take, it's actually fairly old. There are a lot of fics where Chrysalis is a destructive power hungry monster.

6456117 Everything's new to someone. I'm sure someone, somewhere, has no idea what a TV remote is. It's impossible for any human to know everything, even within just one field, so while I am certain that people have done Chrysalis like I have here before, many people have not seen her done like this before, hence it is in fact, new.

The light of the candle I had been reading by cast an eery glow around her face and mane. It made the fear and sorrow stand out even more than it did on it’s own.

Should be eerie.
There were a couple randomly capitalized words as well, but I got caught up in the story and stopped paying them attention.

Oh God.....that ending ended up far worse than I expected it to. The griffons are going to murder Jasper right there. Bastard burds. Maybe someone can sic Chrysalis on Griffonia....no one would mourn that loss.
Chrysalis may be the 'demon Queen', but at least she's an open enemy. These worthless burds are waiting to murder anyling that manages to survive the greatest crisis they could face.

6456127 Yes, but claiming it's a new concept when it isn't doesn't make it new again.

Not gonna read it till it hits 10K, I don't want to start reading only to have to stop, right as everything started getting really good.

Giving you a like and a fave soley on your story description. It's rare to get one thats that good.

6456191 No problem! See you in a week or so then ^.^

Ouch treachery. Well she won't be fans of the griffons anytime soon.

So single changeling flees tyranny of Chrysalis and seeks shelter in Equestria with likely shipping?

Boy, we sure haven't seen a plot like this before on Fimfiction.

6456442 Pretty sure the day's of original content died in like, the mid 80's. Everything's a rehash of something else. Just learn to love things you like.

An epic tale of loss, hope and maybe, love.

I nearby add my voice to those that would see this tale told and look forward to what happens next.

No doubt, you will not disappoint.

6456758 Congrats! Your comment is the one which reached the "make next chapter" threshold :) There will be more in a day or three.

CHANGELING DOMINATION! Now where'd I put the Raid?

First: good to see you back and writing again!
Second: this story is all the awesome! I've seen a few story's of the changlings after the failed invasion, but this is the first I read where Chrisslis is some reborn bad ass with super 'ling powers! I can't wait to see where this go's, also I like the idea of ponies who live with changlings and are so loyal to them they are willing to fight to the death for them, I have to say that's a first.

Then how is there still new original content ;p?

You know what? I :yay:ing love this already. My mind's eye is flooded with images of a changeling running through a wheat field, panicked scrambling through dark tunnels and evil griffins shooting bolts into a defenseless refugee. Poeticity levels are running at maximum efficiency, and I thank you for it. :pinkiehappy:

So glad to have you back, Meep!

Interesting concept for this. Any additional Equisverse is welcome, and a somewhat more serious take is an interesting twist. I'm a big fan of Swords and Sorcery style fantasy anyway, so a combination of it and your 'verse sounds exactly up my alley. I like the sound of this hive's coloration, too.

Harsh ending to have made it that far just to run into that welcome. I have a bad feeling about Jasper. Jade certainly has the plot armor to survive, but the story description says nothing about a little sister and that's a bad sign for her.

This sounds familiar. Reminds me of that one comic/tumblr thingy that one artist did involving the 'lost' child of Armor and Chrysi. At least for the starting items anyway. Nonetheless, I hope to see this story continue and unfold!

6457054 If you dig a little deeper, you will always find something that it's "ripping off" even if the author was unaware of it period. For example the original Star Wars movies are basically the Japanese movies The Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress mashed up and put in space. Just about every single fantasy story ever incorporates just a little of The Lord of the Rings, which is a rip off of a Viking Saga, Greek Mythology, and Plato's Republic. See? As far as I can tell original just means "An interesting spin on this narrative idea."

6456991 I'm kind of sad that I'm the first to not only decide there should be multiple changeling hives, but that changelings themselves are far more likly to be symbiotes than parasites. I mean... we fans have decided they eat love. What's more effisht to get food? Impersonate loved one after killing them, eat for a while, move on to next target; or *glomp* "Hi!!!"

So I have always seen Chrysalis as a sort of Ivan the Terrible. A complete psychotic mess with a lot of power over others who was probably a serial killer before he took the crown.

6457251 I'm glad you like my writing style! I've worked realy hard on it, and it realy shines when I do serious work like this sort of stuff. If you like me you'll probably like books written by Brian Jacques, Timothy Zahn, and James Patterson (particularly his series Maximum Ride). I based my own style off of their work.

6457764 Apparently this is a common story premise. Ah well just means I'll have to realy make it shine to stand out.

I love the fact that there's a cliff-hangar! (Yes, I contributed to another chapter :D)

6457967 Completly bullshit, lotr, different ideas completly different characters only idea of adventure itself is same. Can't say anything about seven samurai because i don't watch anime but I know they have completly different view on world and I'm 90% sure that outside very general idea its not the same.

You just don't read enough or you are just ignorant to think that everything is ripoff

6459387 Heh... Yeah no, most of LTOR is a ripp off. J.R.R. Tolkein, who was a professor of Anglo Saxon studies at Oxford, said many times that Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring Cycle, or The Cycle of the Ring, in English), a cycle of four epic operas by the German composer Richard Wagner which were adaptations of an old Norse Saga was one of two things that most influenced LTOR. They are basically the same story. Bennett the Sage makes a pretty good summery of everything in this review of an anime which rips off the same Saga: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTb-TpDV-40

Here's the full list of things LTOR blenderized to make it's story: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._R._R._Tolkien's_influences

I'm not saying that LTOR is bad by the way, just that it has source material. Also the Seven Samauri is not an anime it's a live action movie, it also was ripped off almost completely by the American movie The Magnificent Seven. You should probably read up on the history of fiction a bit more before you decide to argue it with a Humanities major / Creative Writing minor.

Oh cordyceps, had I let other memories slip through the link?

Oh gosh, I hope that's not a thing. :pinkiegasp:

Certainly off to a gripping start! Can't wait to see more! :twilightsmile:

6459567 I'm glad you like it! As for your question, I am unfortunately not quite sure what you are asking. So I'll answer both possibilities I thought of. No, Jade did not send memories of what their mom said through the link. Yes, this is a thing that can happen to changelings: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cordyceps

This is what it dose to a given arthropod it infects. WARNING, PARASITIC FUNGI LOOKS REALLY NASTY: https://www.utexas.edu/courses/zoo384l/sirena/species/fungi/cordyceps_campanotus%20.jpg

Needless to say, I am very glad that crap is only in the tropics. You can also see why it would be used as a changeling expletive.

A very good start, I enjoyed the chapter and look forward to seeing more.

Although I personally don't like the idea of exploiting readers by saying you will only update based on the level of comments.

6459671 That's only for three chapters or so to see if there's enough fan interest to finish the story. I don't want to dedicate my time to writing something if no one wants to read it. Once I have confirmed there is an audience, and they like the story, that rule goes away. I only let people know I am doing that to be sure that people who like it comment, so I know they like the story. In my experience only about 10% of readers comment, so I figured a "heads up" was in order.

6459603 I was balking at the idea of changeling-affecting cordyceps... poor little bugpones! :pinkiegasp: *grabs the fungicide spray*

Though apparently cordyceps is edible. Not sure if I could manage to add 'exploded grasshopper fungus' to my cuisine, personally... :rainbowlaugh:


Then I apologize. I understand the concept of wanting people to be interested in what you write. I'd like that myself. I clearly misunderstood your intentions and will be keeping an eye on this story.

6459744 There's a reason the bug pones left the tropics in my AU >>

I love the Idea of multiple hives, I've seen one or two other writers use this idea, I really like the concept that each is represented of a different jewel.
And yes, it go's back to that example you game to Minnuet, "Its like copping down an apple tree to get the apples, it only works once."

6459799 I accept your apology, I completely understand. Fear not, I'm not a pretentious attention whore. As for the rest, awesome! Should be a new chapter tomorrow.

6459915 Ayyyyy! Someone actually remembers my scribbles! ^/^ Have a cookie!

YAY! cookie!! *NOM*
Here, have some love :heart:

6459911 I like it! Nice little worldbuilding tidbit. :twilightsmile:

I wonder if changeling cordyceps is a delicacy in qilin/longma territory... :rainbowlaugh:

I hope she gets to reclaim the home. man you griffons are stupid

Dave... The wandering healer saves the day.

Ooooo, I like this diamond dog, and not just because he has the best name (:derpytongue2:). He's going to be a useful ally assuming things work out like that.

The box exploded into a flash of white flames, splinters flew everywhere, the concussive boom of a lovely black powder, magnesium, thermite blend followed a second later. I let my ears stop ringing, then peaked out from behind the rocks at the two Griffon’s spread eagle and still forms, and nodded grimly.

Considering what they did, good riddance.

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