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This story is a sequel to A Changeling Named Sin

After three years of running and fighting for not only her life, but the ones she is trying to protect, Sin is forced to train and perfect her abilities. Acid, a threat to all of Equestria looms over the land seeking to destroy the world as he pleases. It seems Sin is the only Changeling possibly strong enough to defeat him. With no signs of other Evolvers around, will this distraught mare be able to cope with the maddening effects of solitude?

*In this story, the changelings are based off of Season 2, so it's as if they've never given love freely. Sept 4th, 2017

Edit: Due to complications with the ongoing story - no direction for it to go off of - it has been cancelled.

Chapters (10)
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What would you've done? Would you end the search, or keep trying hoping your daughter would turn up, even after given the information Celestia had? Let me know in the comments!

Faved so I can keep track of this easily.

And what I would have done? End the search, sometimes a child needs to find themselves, but I'd be sure to have every one of my guards ready to tell her: "I'm always ready to welcome you back my child."


Anyway, :yay: a squeecal (<Intended)

1691833 More frequent updates are to come, along with other, longer chapters.

Do you really want to start asking questions this time? ;p

1691857 Yes, fill the comments up to your hearts content.

Okay, read the chapter, and I stand by my decision, let the child go, if you want my reasoning behind this, I'll give you a quote from one of my stories "The Pantheon".
(Blatant self-promotion is blatant, but you did ask for my opinion.)

Wordlessly Applejack walked up to the podium and cleared her throat. "Ahem, Ah just wanted to say..." Applejack swallowed, fighting back tears that had formed at the corners of her eyes. "That mah Granny loved me n' Big Macintosh, Applebloom too after our parents died. When Ah went away to Manehattan she didn't stop me. She knew I had to find who Ah was mah own way. But she was always there, ready to lend a helpin' hoof an a word o' advice. She..." Applejack fought through a the sentence as a cry choked her. "She loved us, and she always sought what was best fer us. An ain't that what anypony should do? Care for and raise those they love, no matter the harm or cost to themselves? Mah Granny... was a good mare." Applejack stepped away from the podium and returned to Big Macintosh, sobbing into his shoulder as the stallion let a few tears roll down his cheeks.

This intrigues me. I'll have had to read it some time. Faved!

You can never forget and of course there would still be that small ember of hope in that things turn out for the better. But if someone you love does not want to be found and gave a very compelling reason, you just have to respect their wishes.:fluttershysad:

1691857Ah yes, you reminded me of last time. That was the discussion you guys put forth.

Really I would just hug Sin and tell her everything will be fine.

But I would prob end the search, it's what she wants.

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, all is well.
If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it.

I forget where I heard those wonderful words of wisdom. :pinkiecrazy:

Also, typos:
"...her sister, too a deep breath..."
"too" should be "took".

"If he'd have the ability..."
"he'd have" should be "he had". The way you wrote it would be appropriate if he desired the ability, when I think you intended it to mean he already posesses the ability.
"He'd have Bill's head stuck on a pike for his treason."
"He had Bill's head stuck on a pike for his treason."

Also, story favorited.

1691592 lets see, she will not stop schreching for sin but the reasonable one is to stop.

I think she'd call it off in public, but she'd probably keep it going, in secret of course. I mean, Sin is her daughter, and there's no way she'll ever truly give up on her, or stop trying to find her.

end the search and let her be.

I am a moonlight evolver! Luna's night nourishes me!

This. That was pretty much my exact thought. Publicly call it off, but still keep eyes out.

Why did I wait till after I read this to Like it?
Oh, right, cause I forgot. Man I'm bad for that. :facehoof:

Here's so sad music play while read.

:raritydespair::raritycry::raritycry::raritycry: Poor Celesta. Never thought I ever I feel sorry for her ever. Good job

YES! THE SEQUAL IS FINNALY HERE! This is definitely going to be an exiting one. I loved how you took the time to write the note to keep the story going and to clarify things for Celestia.

1691820 I did not need that as saying that reminds me of the awful alvin and the chipmunks movies. ugh. :fluttershbad::pinkiesick:

It...it can't be...

Okay, that was kinda selfish.
Anyway, I like what's happening in this chapter. Keep up the good work, AI!

In her life, she’d always been searved and waited upon, but now, all this time without everything hoof given to her brought the changeling to learn about survival.


“It’s true, we head out and returns to Canterlot today, immediately.”


The mare walked passed rows of trees springing high into the clouds, and heard something; a sharp rustling of the leaved just above her.


Once she ran out of vigor, two black beings seeped through the darkness, each what Sin feared they could be, the most: Evolvers.

lose the comma

Slowly, one furn tentacle loosened.

Either fern or firm, most likely the latter.

I, personally, would love a visitor in out quaint cottage.”


The yellow manned mare simply smiled with petite tears forming, but for once, these weren’t ones of sorrow.


1709894 Thank you very much. The errors have been fixed.:twilightsmile:

hm... Sin's loneliness seems to be the focus here, but what about the stallion that stalkers her as a ghost? (I forget his name and I'm too lazy to look) Did I miss something in the previous chapters?

1710079 He will ofter appear and then disappear, but he's always there. You'll see him next chapter. His name is Silver Blade.

I agree with some of the others. Call off the search. Tho let her know that she is always welcome an loved if she wishes to come back. Tho it never hurts to have people looking out an if they happen to see her..then...well. info does travel fast.

This is awesome, I can't wait to see where this goes.

New Chapter :yay:

Wilderness lifted her head and asked, “(...) Wilderness… you think it's a good idea (...)”

He's talking to himself?:rainbowderp:

this story is so so so .......awesome:raritystarry:
plus i'm first?
*insert fluttershy squel here:yay:*

Fate, as usual, had other plans for her though.

CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC! :flutterrage:

Oooooh, foreshadowing before the first major ****storm. I like it!

*YAY* im so happy this story is continuing! Love ya!

She looked into the face of Hell?

Based on his name and abilities, Inferno is the face of Hell.

Contrary to popular belief, the Latin word infernus doesn't mean "fire", it means "hell".

2267208 Someone's done their research! Thanks for pointing this out. I think I'll go ahead and edit this to make it fit.:pinkiesad2:


For the first time, she saw the face of Hell.

Looks like you read this wrong.:applejackunsure:

2267217 LOLthanks :twilightsmile: when one reads the Divine Comedy, one tends to learn these things :twilightsheepish:

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