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This story is a sequel to Where Did Daddy Go?

Even after many years... his love for her never faded... The one, who held a special place in his heart. Well, no more waiting! No more hoping! He was going to find her, and damn anypony to Tartarus that would try to stop him.

Prequel by UniqueSKD
Collaboration with Lucky 424
Edited by Flamer_Brony
Artwork by Neko-Me

Chapters (39)
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(Collapses from the excitement)


4957600 Normally, we'd be annoyed with any sort of 'first' comment, but we're gonna let this one slide...:trollestia::trollestia:


Kudos to UniqueSKD for the prequel, Lucky424 for the Collab, Flamer_Brony for the editting and Neko-Me for the art :twilightsmile:

4957817 dammit I want your avatar...

Liking "nice" Blueblood so far.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon on the other hand show that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Twist has her cutie mark, so they make fun of her speech.

4957986 Don't you worry, we have plans for them.

Ouch. That is going to hurt. I believe that was Rarity. Blue run now!!!!! RRRRRUUUUNNN!!!!!!!!! Great sequel. I can't wait for the next chapter.

4957679 Yeah, really sorry about that. I apologize. This is the first time I've actually stooped that low. XD

4958016 A stallion does not run, they face their enemies with honour and pride... ah, what the hell am I saying, this is Blueblood!:trollestia:

4958083 TheMyth and I have some ideas that we want to discuss with you, I'll PM you the doc link for our chat.

Hmmm, don't normally like Blueblood...but the previous story makes me want to see where this little journey goes. LEt's do this!

I've been waiting for this sequel for so long. It's not often that we get a story with a nice and respectable Prince Blue Blood while also giving a decent explination on why he was such a jerk without making him out to be a villian and/or a pompose jackass. I can't wait to see him reunited with the mare he loves so passionately. The only thing that would make this better in my opinion is if Blue Blood has a heart to heart with Rarity where they both realize that they were wrong in their own ways (Rarity for being a shallow prince chaser and Blue Blood for playing the jerk out of frustration with ponies like Rarity) and both apologising to one another.

I wish Blueblood the best of luck. Unfortunately, he may have to deal with the Mane Six first. They aren't going to let a snob like him anywhere near Derpy.

Featured inside an hour after posting. And you were worried!:raritywink:

Congrats, Myth and Lucky!:pinkiesmile:

(Though, as an aside, if you want to go "pro-level" and fix the title so that it fits normal story-naming conventions, I'd think that's awesome.)

Unless I miss my guess, Rarity just confronted Blueblood. I hope Blueblood ends up having a little conversion with Diamond's and Silver's parents. However, that won't likely happen until Bluey finds out that he is a papa. I am looking forward to the next chapter. Have a fav and a like.:pinkiehappy:

“What’s this?” Derpy asked curiously as she took hold of the letter before reading it. “Family Appreciation Day…” Derpy squinted her eyes as she read the letter out loud, forcing her lazy eye to stay focused on the words. When she tore her face from the piece of paper, she turned her attention to Dinky. “Is it your turn soon?”

Dinky nodded her head rapidly, maintaining a smile on her face. “Will you be able to come?” Dinky asked Derpy eagerly, her tail starting to wag as she looked up to her mother.

I like where this is going.


...That said, I have to wonder why Blueblood didn't just ask Twilight: "Is there a grey pegasus mare with a blond mane around here? She's got a lazy eye and was a reserve for the Ponyville relay team, ring any bells?"

Also weird is that Dinky does not react at all to running into a unicorn stallion who perfectly matches the description of her father.

Heads up, the short description says "yearing" instead of yearning.

Other than that, good job.



4958356 I don't want to spoil anything, but there is a reason why Blueblood can't simply ask about Derpy's whereabouts. Sometimes the easiest approach to things can be the hardest.

Like asking a pretty girl you like if she'll go on a date with you. Sure, it sounds easy when people say 'just go up to her and ask her', but it's not always the case, is it?

4958388 You really live up to your name, don't you? XD

I love the comedy in your name along with your comment. I'm following you!

Derpy dies in the end. :trollestia:

Thanks alot hey :twilightsmile:

4958252 Well he's already seen Twilight
4958271 The... The Descendant is commenting here?

4958356 Yeah, but then we'd have no story if he just asked Twilight, would we? And as for Dinky, two bullies have just laid into her. She's not exactly taking notes here.


I'm just saying, do be careful with that idiot ball, becuase this is a promising story and it would be a shame for bad plotting to bring it down. The characters should lead the plot, not the other way around.

4958271 So you're the legendary Descendant that TheMyth and Lucky speak very highly of, huh?

Well, it is an honor to see you here, sir or madam. Let me tell you, you commenting here has really made my friend's day/night. They're really happy about you commenting on this story. I like seeing my Followers/friends being happy, so thanks for that. You're getting another Follower from me for that.

Is this a rewrite?

More chapters please

Don't take this the wrong way, because I really don't think you are doing on purpose... but you're being really disrespectful to the original story: Where Did Daddy Go.

You calling it a prequel of your story is disrespectful. Since you clearly liked that story I believe it is an honest misuse of the word prequel.
A prequel is:
Full Definition of PREQUEL
: a work (as a novel or a play) whose story precedes that of an earlier work
See prequel defined for English-language learners »

pre·quel (prkwl)
A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative takes place before that of a preexisting work or a sequel.
[pre- + (se)quel.]
prequel (ˈpriːkwəl)
1. (Film) a film or book about an earlier stage of a story or a character's life, released because the later part of it has already been successful
[C20: from pre- + (se)quel]
pre•quel (ˈpri kwəl)

a sequel to a film, play, or piece of fiction that prefigures the original, as by portraying the same characters at a younger age.
[1970–75; pre- + (se) quel]

By calling UniqueSKD's story a prequel you are saying that your work is the original and his story is based on yours. Star Wars Episode I-III are prequels of Episode IV but Episode IV is not a prequel to Episode V.

Again, I believe this to be an honest mistake... and personally there are few things I hate more than accidentally saying something other than what I mean. Hence the reason this comment is so long and redundant, to make sure my meaning can't be misconstrued.

You know, I really hate Blue Blood for what he did to Rarity at the Gala. Rarity is awesome, and I think he should apologize.

That being said, this is an awesome story. I like stuff like this that paints him in a good light, and this is one of the better ones!

Cool story bro, will definitely watch for updates. :twilightsmile::raritywink:

I like this version of Blueblood better than canon by loads

I have a question, would be rarity involved in this story because after all blueblood out right ignored her advances at Grand gallop gala or whatever it was titled.

Now due to your head canon ditzy/derpy is the reason.

4958797 Disrespectful? This fic was written with his FULL permission.

That's awesome, guys. You've deserved a spot in the Featured list. And thanks to you both Where Did Daddy Go even returned to the Popular section, so thanks a thousand times again

That's him, in our Skype group, less than an hour ago. If anything this story was done out of RESPECT for Where Did Daddy Go. So the misuse of ONE word is most certainly not 'disrespectful'.

4958797 Well, I am the author of the story Where Did Daddy Go, and I gave this talented writer full permission to write a sequel to my story, as I did to ANYONE who thought they could do as well.

I am not in the least bit offended by my story being a 'prequel', and I have nothing but pride for this chap on successfully getting Featured. I take great pride in knowing my story served as the inspiration for this story.

Of course, if there are others out there who have a different idea as to how the sequel to my story should be written, I give full permission to them all to write their own 'sequels' to 'Where Did Daddy Go?'. It'd be interesting to see how other writers would imagine events played out. But whether they do or not, I would still choose this guy's story as the official sequel to my story, and I'm really proud of what he's doing here.

4958817 Slight spoiler - Yes, Rarity is in the next chapter. But I won't reveal any more. The next chapter is still in the works and TheMyth and everyone else involved in this story aren't machines. Patience, and the next chapter of this story will come.

Still can't believe this got Featured! Well done, TheMyth! :)

4958801 Do not worry, it will be sorted.
4958804 Then our work here is... well, not finished yet!
4958817 He didn't just ignore her, he was an outright ass. But as they say, everything happens for a reason.

4958801 Oh you never know...he might apologize, he might not...

I'll never tell! You'll get nothing out of me!

(whispers - fetch me a hundred Subscribers to my YouTube channel and I'll tell ya! XD)

UniqueSKD pointed my interest in the direction of this story.

Now it has my attention. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

You weren't following The Descendant before his comment here!? And I thought I lived under a rock... :derpytongue2: Seriously, though, go and check out a couple of his stories. I highly doubt you'll regret it. :twilightsmile:

4958880 I don't negotiate with pegasi that stand on their hind legs like you.

4958885 Racist b*****d!

You got a problem with stallions who walk like humans, punk? I would kick your ass, but I'd rather not step in something nasty


You don't mess with Unique the Pegasus, friend. Better apologize or he'll try to burn down Sugarcube Corner.


4958885 Besides, it's not his fault his legs bend like that!

4958830 Yeah! UniqueSKD gave TheMyth his full permiss - oh wait, I'm UniqueSKD...

Yeah, I gave it anyway!

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