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This story is a sequel to Halcyon Hearts

Rarity goes out to find gems in the wastelands again, but when she finds a giant crystal with her magic... she finds something that has no earthly business inside of it.

Collab done with Darthlink22
Sequel to Halcyon Hearts

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...10 bits says it's an original NES:trollestia:

Another great addition to a wonderful series

Whoop-whoop, another great installment start towards this wonderful series of yours.:twilightsmile:

I cannot wait to see what happens next after a intro like that. :raritywink:

Great hints of the previous tale as well as I cannot wait to see how the foals will take this new foal in their lives. :pinkiesmile:

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

That was a fast wait. Thanks for that. New crystal pony huh? Wondering how it'll all fit with Black and his revengenda against the foals and the Mane Six as well as that mysterious "dead" pony from HH. Faved, liked, and waiting.

Well lets see...

There are fics where Fluttershy adopts a baby Discord

fics with Rainbow and Scoots-my fave

we all know of past sins

So I guess it was time for Rarity to take care of an adopted foal of her own.

I am quite curious about this character and how it will all turn out. I am also curious as to how he got out of the empire

Omg this needs to be continued i neeeeed another chapter !!!!!!!!!! Nooooow!!!!!!

Captivating first chapter and leaves the mystery of how Amethyst ended up in that giant crystal, how did he end up all the way in Equestria, why and how is the only crystal unicorn pony, and also, why does tears flow from his eyes as soon as he looks into Rarity's? :fluttercry: I'm favoriting this and going to look for more. :pinkiehappy:

Too soon to tell. Must read more.

33426603342696 What?

3343025 I'm seeing a 'cadence takes ze baby' kinda thing. (my fantasy).

Sadly rarity gets this one! (dammit.)

It was a good effort, but it needs editing. Some of the paragraphs contain multiple topics/focuses. Some sentences even contain multiple subjects. On at least one occasion things started getting explained directly to the reader, which is kind of a no-no. Your readers are smart, the world is much more vivid when the picture is drawn through the story.

Try taking a closer look at your collab with TailsFox, that fic seems to avoid the pitfalls a lot of writers make.

Amethyst is a beautifully masculine name!

Rarity goes out to find gems in the wastelands again, but when she finds a giant crystal with her magic... she finds something that has no earthly business inside of it.

...Butt Stallion?!

I'm sorry, it had to be said.

Wat... Never had sugar?? :pinkiegasp:


I thought the ponies developed the pastry before they developed the wheel...

And that is quite the scary reason for why the crystal ponies are earth ponies. Depending upon how long his reign was, you might see recessive unicorns and pegasi being born.

Wait a minuet.

>A story, not just about a crystal pony, but the last crystal unicorn.

>In the epilog of Halcyon Hearts, Black was freed by a hooded figure thought to be dead.

I don't like where this is going... :derpyderp1:

I'm getting flashbacks to Thor.

I don't know whether to be happy or sad that there is some one else who came up with the same idea I did about why there are no crystal unicorns or pegasi in the empire.

On the one hand, happy that I am not alone.

On the other hand, horrified that Sombra did that and who know what else he did to make sure that there was no unicorns or pegasi left to stop him. I am feeling really bad for the kid and I hate to see what else is up ahead for the kid.

“Wha... what’s in this amazing dish?”

“Sugar,” Sweetie said.

“Oh... such heavenly bliss! The Creators themselves must have blessed this miraculous substance!”

And thus Pinkie Pie had another convert for the order of the sweet tooth.

While something tells me that this story may have Rarity Grow up a bit and becoming a caretaker to this young colt, I do hope that Sweetie Belle plays a major role or two into this tale.

I mean Sweetie Belle's Soulmate Is the hero of the Crystal Empire.:unsuresweetie:

Which now makes me wonder how will Spike take this new colt in his filly friend's life and how will Amethyst react to meeting Spike and learning of his story ?:twilightsheepish:

Something also tells me that Rarity and Sweetie Belle's parents may play a role or two in this, because of Rarity's "comment" on them before.

Now I do wish you the best of luck upon such a great tale as it seems that Equestria's past does have a way or two of haunting the present. :raritydespair:

Also, I do wonder what does Princess Celestia and Princess Luna think of this, if they were to hear of this "ancient" crystal colt from the time of King Sombra's days ? :twilightoops:

I need material to make something out of them. Equivalent Trade, is what my mother called it…

That sounds oddly familiar...

Rarity! :flutterrage: Don't be too harsh on the colt just for his eating habits, he is just a colt. :rainbowkiss: Also, I feel bad for Amethyst and the treatment he suffered from the hooves of Sombra back in the Empire.:fluttershysad:

“Blaze, the poor dear, wants to go look for him again. And I think he’s starting to get jumpy. Still, he’s not willing to break his parole. If Twilight, Light, and Spike were taken from him...”

Wait a minute. I thought Blaze was no longer on parole.

Amethyst cocked her head, then placed a hoof on Rainbow Dash’s leg. “You do not feel cold. How queer.”

Well, Amethyst does sound like a girl's name

Nice job on the chapter, but I thought blaze was freed in HH.

Great update and nice mentions of what happen when the gang learned of Black's escape from prison.

Also, HA-HA for Diamond Tiara as Karma came back to haunt her badly. And she rightfully deserved it too for all she put the CMC and others through.

Poor Rarity, going through motherhood for the first time, is such a learning experience, she is lucky to have friends around her who knows what she's going through.

Now I wonder how will Amethyst deal with Opal ? :unsuresweetie:

Plus nice way of reintroducing everyone in this storyline, but now I do wonder...while Candance is Princess to the Crystal Empire, Shouldn't Princess Luna and Princess Celestia be told of Amethyst appearance as well ? :twilightsheepish:

Other than that, and also question the status of Blaze's parole as I thought he was free of it, this was another great update to the story.

Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one. :raritywink:

Is it just me or did Rarity seem to be in too much of a rush in introducing Amethyst to all her friends? :rainbowhuh: I mean she could have at least let him listen to Sweetie Belle sing or do something with AB and SB. Also, I feel for him so much every time he looks at his locket, holds it to his chest, and starts to tear up. :fluttershysad: Also, it looks like there might be an admission of love from Big Mac to Rarity soon. :heart:

Uuuuhh.... I really don't know who half of the ponies being talked about are. Is there something I should read?

Evil Is so Close! :raritydespair:

So, I'm guessing Shimmering Rose was Sombra's right hoof? I have a feeling this mare is more like Moriarty in the waiting.

Amethyst merely nodded and he took a sip of his tea, which already had about five lumps of sugar in it. The colt wanted to place more in it, but Rarity put her hoof down and shook her head when he tried to reach it.

:pinkiehappy:: A foal after my own heart!

Great update as it was nice to see the Princesses know of Amethyst existence. I do wonder if Princess Luna and Princess Celestia could help out with the search for the little ones parents with any data that Canterlot has on crystal unicorn ponies. Any to all help could be used.

Also how very cliche of you to use the old evil advisor to the royal family gag. I do wonder what is her connection to the evil Sombra.

Plus, does Amethyst know that Spike saved the Crystal empire ? :unsuresweetie:

Keep up the good work upon such a fantastic tale like this one.

I don't like the sounds of this Shimmering Ruby character. And that's kind of good actually.

When Shimmering Ruby was labelled a 'vizier', it was pretty much a given she'd turn out to be evil. I mean, who ever heard of a good vizier?

I hope everything will turn out alright or poor Amethyst.:fluttershysad:

3450687 Well, in Aegis Shield's story "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon", Twilight is made vizier.

Writers logic tells me a disturbance is near before the new equilibrium sets in. I wonder what it will be?:rainbowdetermined2:

I feel that Rarity will discover the ultimate power...the fury of the mama bear.:raritywink:


Oh yes, please let that happen

Looks like Diamond still hasn't gotten it through that thick as diamond head of hers. I'm waiting now for somepony to simply put slap her hard at this point.

Go for it Big Mac you can do it!!

Something tells me Twilight has her beat on that one. :twilightblush:

Nice update as it seems that Silver Spoon is slowly coming around and maybe regretting her choice in friends with Diamond Tiara. Also, it seems that Silver's slowly falling in L-O-V-E with Amethyst and it looks like Spike is the first to notice it.

Still, Rarity a mother is a thought that seems interesting and how you developed this idea into a great character growth for her is amazing.

Great going AJ for making both your brother and your friend feel awkard enough about their feelings for each other. :ajsmug:

Overall, this was a great update to the story. Please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale like this one.

to honor the table of any table I was invited to eat at.”

typo there, I think.

Big Mac likes Rarity and Applejack likes rubbing it in.:ajsmug:
Silver Spoon likes Amethyst. Silver Spoon was already distancing herself from Diamond Tiara after the comment about Apple Bloom's parents. If Diamond loses her only friend, I expect her to fully give in to the dark side when the chance presents itself (and I'm sure it will.)

:twilightoops: Three meters long? What are they trying to do!?! Spitroast poor AJ? That had me laughing just a little too much.:rainbowlaugh:

That ending! :pinkiehappy:

Where did they get it?
Why did they do that?

And so begins Silver Spoon's redemption arc, and if the writing wasn't so awesome, and if this fic didn't know how to keep me in my seat-wanting to know what is happening next, I probably wouldn't have cared as much. I am quite interested in how all of this will go down and what is up ahead.

Is anybody else wondering if Diamond is going to turn corrupt and pure evil later?

I do believe that this just might be my favorite chapter that you've written yet.

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