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Somehow our internet has come into contact with net of Equestria and while hanging out Rainbow and Pinkie discover a certain fic. Are they gonna take it?

The short answer: No.

The long answer involves breaching the fourth wall and getting some much needed pay back. The story doesn't end at Cupcakes as the rest of the folks in Equestria discover their own personal and disturbing fics and pics. Twilight will go psycho and you can't escape a Big Mac attack in the later chapters.

This well be open to suggestion and if you think a fic should be included just mention a short plot summary and the character involved so I don't actually have to read the disgusting fic.

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What Happened Last Week would be exceptional for this story. Just suggesting.

This is awesome. THIS is the sequel that those stories need.
As far as a suggestion, for Rarity I'd suggest the Carousel Boutique Expansion Project: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/06/story-carousel-boutique-expansion.html

In that one, Rarity basically cask-of-amontillado's Sweetie Belle, Twilight and Spike.

I'm going to look at this the way I look at Michael Bay films, take it as it is and don't question the bad parts.


Interesting way to think of everything... The dialogue didn't feel right though :ajbemused:

Looks Really interesting and funny.

hah wtf is all I can say, but it's a GOOD wtf. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome. FIMFiction needed something like this.

I like your idea *morphs into Micheal Bay* EXPLOSIONS!!!! MICHEAL BAY AWAY!!!!*flies through the roof.*

I promise you guys will love what I have planned for Big Mac after he comes across his disgusting fic (you guys know the one). His chapter is gonna be a love letter to The Terminator films.

this was awesome. seriously awesome.

:rainbowlaugh: that was great, if you want an idea how about the fics of Cylcestia being a tyrant or "Princess Molestia" type or twilight shipping.

'aight. Dis is cool. Characters seemed a little off but it's a good premise.

That was amazing. I think something needs to be done about Rainbow factory or something. I just skimmed it and felt horrible inside.
Great story!

lol never knew who made cupcakes is ajs sweet apple massacre hmm mabey what would happen if this actully happened my fics by then could get me beat the crud out of sometimes i have a very twisted mind lol

That's in the works. my plans are:
ch.2 Twilight vs. Psycho Twilght fics and Celestia x Twilight clop
ch.3 Mac vs. Sweet Apple Massacre
ch. 4 Spike vs. Spilight shipping
ch. 5 Scootaloo and Dash vs. the Rainbow Factory

On a Cross and Arrow. Just as a suggestion.

I wonder what might happen if Spik-....

Oh.. Nevermind, I have a feeling it would be sad. :raritycry:

You are a champion my friend! :heart:

Have them read my story, please?

*Fleetwood Brougham the pony discovers fanfiction*


Reservoir Ponies = WIN! You sir get 5 stars just for that.

*Walks out of 1973 Cadillac Series 75, hands are covered with blood*
That took care of that! Now, I wonder if TheWaffler wrote about me yet....

Aw snap, this is an awesome story, too bad it's just one chapter, for now at least, this is awesome, and I did have a dream one time about how the Mane Six and various others would react to certain fanfictions of them...it wasn't pretty, and lets just say that I had to be the one to send the authors of those certain fanfics to either the hospital, an insane asylum or something that is both. :pinkiecrazy:

Also I was slapped in the face by accident, but tis all gewd because I was just playing MW3 as well as Halo:Reach in my room since my computer acted as the gateway for the Equestrians.... :pinkiegasp:

In a nutshell, your story is awesome and I will be throwing cookies at you. *throws them and they turn into a follower, stars and tracking*

You have to make something mildly fucked up to be part of this club and also I don't put in real usernames.

Cupcakes is just a badfic. It gets blown out of proportion more by other bronies than the author. It was rather boring really. However this fic upsets me more than Cupcakes ever did mainly because you have RD and Pinkie behaving worse than the Cupcakes Pinkie. At least that version of her had the excuse of being insane. Here they act out against people who at very the worst wrote a bad story about them. Heck, you have Pinkie even cutting the author that wrote the version where Dash is saved. What the hell? And then you have the implied beating of a very real person even if you don't use their names.

Oh shit, I hope they don't read my story!
Come on its just a joke guys!
Oh shit I think there here need to hide

Pancakes. That shit needs to be addressed. AND Spike's sexual revolution.

215395 I was kidding like the real Fleetwood just killed me! I ain't mildly fucked up, so get off my back, friend!
That's right, every comment I have has a Trollestia on it!

I gotta scene for chapter 2 that's a follow up to chapter 1 where one of the writers is in a mental hospital trying to convence the doctors he's not crazy.


The supervisor of his treatment turns to another doctor "Increase the voltage, doctor."


I liked it, but it felt kinda choppy, particularly the dialogue
And I am VERY happy somepony finally wrote a proper sequel to cupcakes
It's a good thing

Cupcakes was not that bad compared to sweet apple in my opinion.

I can read cupcakes and laugh really and pinkie pie having a crazy second personality is pretty much canon.So there was bound to be a fic or two where she was crazy it's just a quirk of the internet that cupcakes got pushed up among the fandom the way it did.

You don't see to many fanmade content of sweet apple that's for sure.

That's why Sweet Apple Massacre is going to get a lot of my wrath. I look at that chapter as this. Imagine you are 12 years old and your with your two best friends and the three of you come across a detailed story about a beloved and trusted family member doing unspeakable acts to you and your friends. Then you as the family member in question see the looks of terror on your baby sister and her friends as you walk into the room. Yeah, that's why that chapter is gonna be brutal and full of all my hate.


Oh god i see where that's gonna go CMC reads sweet apple and do there whole crusader thing prbly AJ or bigmac in there to.

I would like to see more comedy and a lil less just kidnapping and beating them though to be honest about the only feedback i can add to the fic.

But im just a big fan of riffing.

Sooo....what do they do if they come across a perfectly awesome fic? 4th wall brohoof?

It's a bit rough and could use a bit of brushup editing, but I loooooooove the concept.

"No, please I have a family! Kill them instead!" LOL.

Cupcakes as far as I'm concerned was just a comedy piece. Sure it was kind of gross but really it didn't seem that horrible. It seemed more like a deliberate B movie type set up that's supposed to be funny/corny. It wasn't particularly good but I don't think it was meant to be the best written fic ever. I was glad I read it because now I get all the references.

If you want to get Cheerilee involved in this then read Cheerilee's Garden, about how she kills all her "problem students" during a school play.
I thought some aspects of that story were well-written like the deaths of Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara. It really did a good job of making her look like a psychopath in a plausible way.

Sweet Apple Massacre deserves to be hated on because it wasn't funny, it wasn't well-written, it was completely out of character, and it was just plain stupid and gore for the sake of gore. Plus the incest aspect of it just added another layer of sick. I don't read any kind of pony sexual fiction but I did skim over Sweet Apple Massacre just because people kept referencing it and talking about it and I have to say that's one of the most sick and deviant fics ever. It would probably make Big Mac cry.

I actually liked Rainbow Factory. I bet if Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo read it though they'd be horrified though. It was, so far, the best grimdark fic I've read.

There should also be some where the people who write good fanfics get congratulated by the characters.

I'm fairly sure Twilight, awkward bookrworm that she is, would be too busy gawking and blushing over the Twilestia stories. There's also at least as many TwiLuna as there are TwiLestia and she's hardly had as much time around Luna so her reaction to those could be interesting. Now the Tyrant Celestia stories? And Tyrant Celestia kidnapping Nyx in Past Sins? Her reaction to all that is going to be....Rage.

Well, like everyone above has said, it is just a damn story.
Quite frankly, they are going to be charged with Assault in our world.
And in RL, they are decent chaps. But you already knew that. Not gonna save these chumps though.
The slaughter will be most dreadful. The fourth wall will not protect us.
And... Oh fuck me with a sca-

I've never been so pumped about a story! Especially when it's about my two favorites kicking the crap out of some sickos! Cutos to you for not being a weirdo who enjoys that "cupcakes" crap!:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

Needs more commas. Otherwise, this is great.

yes, but I can't say my favorites without angering someone. I do want them to do stuff besides beating people up. I plan on them meeting certain awesome celebrities in a Scooby Doo-esq manner. But yeah, brohoof like when Spike reads The Legend of Sir Spike de Draco(if you don't know that's the fic with the ultra-he-man version of spike that goes around solving his problems with his fist instead of friendship) and he gets pumped up about it.

And a weird suggestion:

Rainbow vs. My Little Dashie

Oh SHIT i need to delete my story about how Rainbow dash went and murdered everone at Pony vile!
Shit shit shity shit shit

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