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Yes, well, they'll be happening soon, so don't worry.

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not bad i like this

Thanks for the favorite on Post Nuptials!

Thank you so much for the Fave of Shine!:twilightsmile:

:rainbowkiss: OHMIGOSH, look! I'm the first person to comment on your page! :pinkiehappy: Nopony has even commented on MY page yet! Anywhoooo...so you seem to lack followers...I think I know how to remedy that! Go find other stories, blog posts, and pages by other authors and...get this...comment on them! What will most likely happen is they will click on your username, go to your page, and start reading your stuff and telling other ponies all about it! Just like I probably will right after I start reading it! I randomly go to the pages of those that favorite, comment, or follow me or my stuff, and you just happened to be one of those randoms

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