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Ok my writing mojo is back alive. · 9:34pm Mar 11th, 2012

I have to say that I have not had a lot of time to work on my fan fiction, TT:T.I.E. (Teen Titans: Trouble in... Equestria?) I have soon after I wrote my first blog, my grandmother was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, so I had to take care of her (hey, family comes first in my book.) Then I had to start studying on my ACT's that I will take April 14th, while also keeping all 6 of my AP classes at grades of at least a B. And all of this is at the same time! So, I hope you all can understand why

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Thanks for the fave on Long Far Gone, what may I ask, did you enjoy about it? :trollestia:

Thanks for helping my story, Code: Pony Evolution, explode!

(Aaaah Zombie!> :twilightoops:
:pinkiecrazy:<Quick! Tie it to a desk and make it write! It wont even need to eat!)
(Pinkie! I'm sure that's not how to get more Teen Titans...Just ask nicely!>:twilightblush:

326750>No sorry, I'm dead... I'm a zombie now.

*pokes with a stick*
:pinkiegasp: < Is...Is it alive?)
(I hope so, Pinkie.> :twilightoops:

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