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Hello, I'm a writer with A thought process that can be visualized as a ball of wires in 4-dimensional space. What do you mean that's completely random?


The Supercalculator has many quirks. It can affect the real world in many a strange way, can be fine for 10 years then lose 2 sectors in two. But contacting another "real" world is beyond its power. Right?

This is a Code: Lyoko Evolution crossover.
In MLP:FiM canon, this is after season three.
In Code: Lyoko Evolution canon, this is after The Trap (evolution episode)
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Admittedly, this is not the same way I would start the story, but it feels more accurate to both shows and the characters. Which means that this is twenty times better than what I would come up with.
This is fucking awesome, and I (IM)patiently await more.

-Gylden Glør

Why you should read it: This fiction takes the funny attributes of MLP:FiM and amps them Up to Eleven and hangs lampshades on them as well. Everything from Pinkie Pie's ability to break the fourth wall to Applejack's Casual Danger Dialogue follows that formula, but even with that it still retains an air of seriousness, a sort of comic seriousness characteristic to Code Lyoko.
Notes: Like with Star Trek: Equestrian Assimilation it's got its share of flaws, but the French is extremely good and overall it's a very good story.

-Pilot Solaris

not related to Code Pony by bucknorris
I do not own Code: Lyoko, Code: Lyoko: Evolution or My Little Pony.
Code: Lyoko and Code: Lyoko: Evolution are copyright Moonscoop. My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro.
Neither of them endorse this fan work.

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Looks good so far, but I reccomend going back. I noticed a few times where you didn't capitalize 'Twilight'. Keep up the good work!

2717732 WHAT!!? I did GOOD work?
also, how is the theme song?

2717732 I love Twilight panicking. Butwhatifthataswellasthisiscompletelynotcomprehensible?
Also, I tried Code Lyoko style jump cuts. Did I do it well?

2717746 The theme's good, too.
Ima read the rest now.

Twilight's ears droop on hearing that

After this point, I started noticing more mistakes. Applejack is one word, and it's the Everfree forest, not Evertree. Sorry if it's nitpicky, but I've seen stories get thumbed down for small mistakes. I think you should put the translations into the A/N for sake of flow, just star the French.

2726014 Funny thing about the "evertree" forest. Spell check thought it was a typo, wanting to replace it by "everfree". which I thought was wrong.

in the paragraph below the spell symbol it has two lines

"Got it. Here are the maps." Jeremy says. The maps of the two new sectors appear in front of them.
"I know what those sectors are." Odd notes.

A comma instead of a period after: got it.

"That was quick. Although, we are experts." Odd reports.

comma after quick and capitalize the t in the two lines up

"Thanks Alita! the tower is in the mountain sector. Odd, Yumi and Ulrich, enter the scanners."

capitalize the t in the

"Darling, I have. But only in science fiction. But I think you're talking about something else."

comma after have, maybe remove the second but

Sorry, i kinda went into editing mode there. I enjoyed the story but felt the beginning was rushed a little. But what do I know its 2 am here
Overall pretty good.

A lot of the time, you suggested to turn periods into commas were they can just stay as is.

capitalize the t in the two lines up

Please use quotes.
It is The Mountain Sector, fixed

Sweet, my childhood returns in force. And of course you would make my favorite Lyoko Warrior a brony. :ajsmug:
I just have a slight problem with the fact I'm going to have to find a way to Watch Code Lyoko: Evolution now...

2750070 I've only watched up to episode 2 season 1. I just picked evloution so I have a place to put the MLP sectors. Try the Code Lyoko wiki.

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( ((
\ =\
__\_ `-\
(____)) ( \----
(____)) _
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Admittedly, this is not the same way I would start the story, but it feels more accurate to both shows and the characters. Which means that this is twenty times better than what I would come up with.
This is fucking awesome, and I (IM)patiently await more. :pinkiehappy:

The correct plural of the word "universe" would be "universes," not "universi." I honestly do not know where that came from.

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It looks good. I like this chapter.

How the hell is this featured? The concept is good, but you seriously botched the delivery. For starters, Your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are severely lacking. For another, when Rarity points out how they're different, she somehow knows exactly what they have, and what they do.

You also start to speak as yourself to us. If you want to tell us what something is, describe it. Don't just assume we know exactly what you're talking about. Some people here may not watch Code Lyoko. And for the people who do, we should know what it is if you can just describe it to us.

Sorry, but I'm thumbing this down.

1. Wait, this was featured? :rainbowderp: Why?
2. 1.

For starters, Your grammar,

Where did I go wrong?

sentence structure,

Ok, It's repetitive.:twilightsheepish: This is why I'm not a writer.

and spelling are severely lacking.

:ajbemused: Tell me something I didn't know.

For another, when Rarity points out how they're different, she somehow knows exactly what they have, and what they do.

:facehoof: Let me point it out to you.

"I looked at the objects and got a short bio on them. That just seems to be how it works here." Rarity responds. To everypony's (except Rarity) surprise, this actually works.

. That's just how it works.
4. Sorry. If you don't want to watch Code: Lyoko, it's your loss. I didn't really want to drag down the story by explaining what you should already know. I'm not trying to write a MLP story, I'm writing a MLPxCode: Lyoko Evolution story.

I laughed pretty hard at the joke about the writers facepalming. It's a good chapter! Keep up the good work!

3109389 Good to hear.

How did you find out about this story?

I gotta be honest, bud, as much I adored Code Lyoko, Evolution ruined it for me. Here's hoping you can bring me hope again :twilightsmile:

3368433 what is your thoughts so far?

3368482 It's better than I thought it'd be, which is a good thing :raritywink:

3368486 any specific thoughts on how I handled it?

3368491 Nothing I can point out right off the bat.

3368501 well, if you liked it, you should check out Mutant

Did you write the lyrics yourself, by any chance? Because if you use lyrics you wrote yourself, then it's fine. Since you made them, they aren't copyrighted.

3523978 they are edited.
FiM fic ruled that it was still copywriten

This review is brought to you by Zero Punctuation Reviews.

Oh boy! Another crossover with a thing that I've never heard of! I love halfheartedly reading wikipedia pages on a French TV show about teenage archetypes killing a satan computer before reading a fan fiction about cartoon ponies mixed with teenage archetypes killing a satan computer, all the while repressing my awareness to the fact that I am fucking reading a fan fiction about cartoon ponies mixed with teenage archetypes killing a satan computer and beginning reviews of such with ridiculous run-on sentences. Anyway, Code Lyoko is a… I don't care, I didn't really read the wikipedia page, Code-Unnecessary-Colon Pony Evolution is a crossover between our humble Ponyville Cast and the Whothefuckcares-burg crew in a deadly battle to kill Satan-Computer and is full of interestingly flawed characters, actions scenes, robots, sex scenes, sex robot scenes and is generally filled to the brim with everything that makes stories awesome. *cough* sarcasm! *cough*

Oh, but there's me being all bitter again as if I'm capable of critical thinking. My cousin recently informed me 8 months ago that I should be more open minded. Of course, I was talking about how popular music and the Twilight Saga should wiped off the face of the Earth and erased from human existence, and I'm sure anyone with at least 18% working brain matter would… no! Bad twitterdick! Open mind! Open mind!!

Yes, so let's challenge the self by withholding from cynical nihilism and be pleasant for a change! Hooray for God's creatures everyone!! …Except for pigs, wolves, lions, the entire nation of Babylon…No! Smiles and kittens, that's what we're about today kids! And I recently watched the excellent Lego Movie for the second time, so my inner 5 year old is more gitty than usually. And so what if the premise looks like poo-poo from the get-go? Even delicious chocolate cake looks a bit like poo-poo, with its fissures, textures, consistency and brownness.

…hehe… poop.

So, my fellow 5-years-old-at-hearts, let's dive into this thing section by section "Apple of my Heart" style and see if this is deliciously chocolately chocolate cake or not-so-deliociously poo-poo cake baked in sadness and highschool date request rejections.

hi, im 5-year-old him. i been let out of teh scurry inside-head box for dis review.

I'm Open-Mindedness. It feels wondrous to be free of the bleak and oddly fluffy Stygian pits of your silly, diseased mind, twitterdick.

If you read Open-Mindedness in a posh British accent, you get bonus points. I, of course, am Cynicism. If you are slow, I am the sarcastic and bitter one.


i was hopin to laugh but i got boreddedid. dare was a lot of talkin.

Okay, there is being open-minded and then there is being absurd. Code: Pony Evolution was simply not funny. It lacked the appropriate wit and context.

Well, 5-year-old me and open mindedness fell flat on their face on the first hurtle, didn't they? Comedy is particularly hard to systematize and therefore can only be judge subjectively, so really the only valid way to criticize comedy is on a funny/not-funny scale. So, Code: Pony Evolution is not funny. Not even 5-year-old me found anything particular funny while he was sitting the back of my head not getting any sporadic erections (lucky bastard!).

wats a 'er-ect-shun'?

Wait about 5 years, bud, you'll learn all about them.

are dey fun?

Not in the slightest.


Allow me to speak of the subject matter frankly without the sex jokes; I feel like the crossover section deserves the most earnest critical attention, for it is the stage on which this little tassel is being performed. I find the establishment and presentation of the stage to be malnourished and fundamentally flawed. The stage is the leading cause of why Code: Evolution Pony is failure.

(If you haven't pieced together whether or not I liked the story; I did not like the story.)

It feels like the story once possessed spirit and earnest, but lost a good chunk as it was brought to the world. It doesn't really have anything that interesting to say. It doesn't establish its two universes then employ its plot to explore them or compare them. It doesn't birth interesting and realistic characters and use the in-text scenarios to explore and change them. All and all, Code: Pony Evolution feels like a masterpiece contrived in the budding genius of an enthusiastic playwright who only had two weeks to prepare the piece with B actors and a budget of $13 dollars, 2 sandwiches and a dead dog.

That was a remarkably gay way of putting it Open-Mindedness, no wonder the Westboro Baptist Church hates you. One particular aspect that got it's filthy, unwashed hands all over my hamburger patties was the fact that I got essentially zero exposition on the Code: Lyoko-Ono universe in text, and I couldn't be bothered to read the wikipedia article because I don't want to have to consult a glossary just to understand what's going on. I wanted a interesting story set in a detailed world filled with characters whose motivations I could care about and you gave me 10,000 words of personal fan wank. Romanji, if I wanted to watch you masturbate, I would just consult those cameras that I planted in your room.

yeah, i saw all teh pictures you have on yoor flashy picture machine. wat was dat man doing wit his wee-wee?

You'll have to wait about 9 years for that one. You'll be surprised how much of your time it takes up.

It's such a waste of perfectly applicable lotion.


its weird dat yoo wood call dis an adventure becau-…because dey didn't eben explore teh world or… or anyfing like dat. dey could've at least gon to a diffren place or to a jungle wit timon and pumba or had a fight wit a dragon or… or sometin. sometin has to happen and teh people need to go oder places and fight teh bad guys.

I think he's trying to convey that an 'adventure' story with no actually exploratory factors in it hardly qualifies as an adventure. Perhaps some world building action scenes would set things in motion?

Yeah, I'll supplement by going all CinemaSins on this bitch. I think that'll get the point across.
"Princess Celestia used as All-Purpose Plot Starter" Cliche.
"Conveniently Specific Plot-Serving Magic Spell is Conveniently Plot-Serving".
Use of the word bucking in place of fucking.
Censoring your g#@$?!m curse words.
Kid's Show Ponies that swear
Why does Pinkie Pie have to throw parties everywhere? And break the fourth wall all the time? Those are gimmicks, not her character!!
Discount-GLaDOS (X.A.N.A). Portal was a good game, I'm glad we're all in agreement, but stop fucking ripping off GLaDOS's character!! If you're going to do so, at least rip it off well!

did i do good?

Surely you meant 'well', young man.

You did alright, bud. A for effort.

i dunn no teh words yoo do.

Yeah, I know.

i hope im not emburrisn yoo.

No, no. You won't start doing that until we're around 15.


To avoid being repetitive, I'm just going to skip this part. I've already stated the universe failed to be adequately established, any more say on the matter will be utterly redundant.

Wait, you're not going to make me hear the same goddamn things over and over again? But, you're the one who liked school, Open-Mindedness!

is skool fun?



Well, if by the 'human' tag you mean that their are humans in it, then this is incredibly accurate. Yes, some fleshy homo sapiens are around reproducing and effecting their environment and all that scientifically-alive shit. However, if you mean that there are characters with human qualities, then I have some very sad news for you: The characters here, and you'll recall that the realm of characterization is the one I throw the most dog poo around in, are flat and inane and exist solely to serve the plot or the piss weak jokes. Boo. Hiss. Boo.

Sadly, I have to wholly agree. While I did my best to connect with the characters, they simply lacked substance. They never truly broke out of archetypes, and, like the universe itself, they were not properly established, so there's no point of origin to compare their character arcs to. Characters have to change and adapt based on their environment. Since the MLP gang is out of their element, seeing them adapt to the new world as compared to the veteran Team Lyoko characters would have been interesting. But this story isn't about the characters, and any effective moments they could've had are cheapened because it's trying to be comedic. Comedy should supplement an already competent story. Comedy is the icing on the cake, but the story is bread crumbs atop a giant heap of icing and more icing. See, Cynicism, it's not to hard to be mature and informative about these things. You need to grow up a bit.

Yeah, whatever.

is bein a growned-up fun?



Get back in my head, you two, I need you for this one.

Alright, I got my serious hat and my serious sunglasses on, so let's just drop the pretense and talk man to man. Or man to woman. Or man to goldfish. Whatever you are, Romanji, you could be a better storyteller, that's alright. So here's some silly advice from an unqualified stranger on the internet: There's a reason why terrible people like me come along and kick you in the balls/uterus/genital pore - it's so you become a better storyteller! Look, I get that code whaterjepser gets your panties in a whirl, but I don't have the luxury of recalling the series from a point of nostalgia.

Surely the only reason you dug up this particular cartoon is because it's really important to you - because there is some kind of irreplaceable magic that series gave you and there's no amount of adolescent/neo-adulthood desperation or cynicism that can ever touch that. So hows about you let us in that stuff a bit, eh? Show us why this series is so special to you. Drench me in them feelz, man! I want to understand and love Code: Loko-Tokyo-Jungle as much as you do. Let me in your head a bit, and I promise that I will seriously consider taking down those cameras in your room. Final Verdict: A potentially neat idea with not enough ground to build on, not enough room to grow, not enough thoughts in its head and to many RANDOM SPURTS OF ALL-CAPS!

iz opening yooself up to people on teh in-internet fun?

Oh God, no!

well wat iz fun?

… Being 5-years-old wasn't so bad.

I wish I could be in fucking anyone else's head.

4021112 X.A.N.A. is older than Glad-DOS, by several years. And is a lot more menacing in the origional series. Seriously, he's a disembodied artificial Inteligence that lives in the Internet and its goal is to conquer the world. Be ause that is what it was made to do. X.A.N.A. has the power to infect anything, including people, just by gaining control of ONE Tower. If he gets control of enough of them at once, he can reshape reality. And the scary part is, you never see him. Ever. He says nothing, does nothing, has no form to attack, and can (and does) create armies of servants to do his bidding. He is a puppet master that can never be Deafeated, because you can never find him. Because there is nothing distinct too fight. X.A.N.A. just is.

While I admittedly know next to nothing about Code: Lyoko, I was criticizing XANA as it was presented in this story, not XANA the canonical character. Sorry.

4124213 Oh yeah, XANA isn't as cool here. He's basically GaldOS here, don't know why he did that.

Code Lyoko fanfics... And their hiatuses

According to TVTropes: Author is permabanned. Fuck.

Comment posted by SleeplessInXANAsPrison deleted Apr 11th, 2016


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! Why did the author get banned?! Oh, well. We'll continue this on FanFiction.

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