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The children of Ponyville are growing up and join us as we take a look at their lives five and ten years later from their stint as teenagers to their journey into adulthood. We begin a week before the best night ever for many hot headed teens...prom night.


Five years later Spike, Scootaloo and their friends are now teenagers and are headed for prom.

Ten years later they're now young adults and a few of them are getting ready for the surprises that come with that transition.

Rated Teen for crass behavior, lewd conduct, minor adult situations and general what the f**kery.

This is what happened five and ten years down the road after the events of Stray Ardor and Something More.

*Also if anyone wants to make new cover art for this fic, I'm open to suggestions.

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i really hope gizmo didnt give these two weapons, cause snips and snail tend to cause trouble. and two femal androids that are sentient are going to equal trouble.

I can tell someone is a DBZ fan, but no Gizmo didn't give those two weapons...his other creation on the other hand. Well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Needs some grammar work, especially in the area of comma usage. You have commas in the right places, but could use many more. Also, there were several typos that you should be able to fix and prevent if you let new chapters sit for a day or two and then reread before posting. I don't think your readers would mind the extra wait if it made the story better.
If you would like a prereader, I'd be happy to help, but I should warn you that I am a huge grammar nazi, I'm picky about speech patterns and I'm a stickler for canon.
Looking forward to the next chapter. I find these shippings very interesting.

If you wanna help. I'd be very grateful for input. A grammar nazi isn't a bad thing it just means the story comes out better written as a whole. As for canon, well all fan fiction in general isn't canon by definition that is the nature of the beast. On the original story I had a great editor, but he is busy with other projects.

So....i'm guessing Gizmo is the one who created Skynet A.K.A PonyNet :pinkiecrazy:


"In those five years, the strangest incident in Ponyville was when Equestria's only human: Ron found companionship in his boss, the Mayor Mare. It made sense to most ponies as they worked together and were both in their early forties. Ever since the day the alien claiming to be Rainbow Dash's dad showed up and began working as a secretary for the mayor, they've been rather close." My Little Dashie :rainbowkiss: reference ? And A Human X Pony ? :rainbowhuh:

" "Spike Sparkle, fire and fourteen." He answered in quick succession. " Spike is Twilight's adoptive little brother ?? :twilightsmile: :moustache:

Oh and FIRST !!!!!!!!!!


Fleetwood. Why is that name sounds familiar ? :rainbowhuh:

1171638 nice spotting on that un-intended reference i didnt even think about DBZ when i wrote it. :yay:

As for your first comment. I have never seen a middle aged human in Equestria story. Plus the Mayor Mare is the fourth most important side character in the show so why not give her a shout out.

Second I always the relationship between Spike and Twilight as more parent and child. She is literally brought him into the world.

Fleetwood Brougham is a user on this site, who requested I use his OC in a story of mine.

Fleetwood. Isn't that in Boston? Anyhoof, I like this and I would be surprised if it don't get featured. Haha go bad grammar.! :scootangel:
Mustaches for you, sir! ------> :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Well, that will end well.

(no it wont :twilightsmile:)

Never Ending story.....Luck Dragon.......I Love You :heart:


Can you tell me about this fic.

Is this a Spike X Scootaloo or a short stories feat. the foals ?

Sure, this is primarily a Spike and Scoot fic, but I wanted focus on their friends as well. The next chapter(Chapter 3) focuses on the former CMC's(a singer, an engineer and an extreme sports athlete), the following chapter after that(Chapter 4) goes to Prom itself, the chapter after that might be a short aftermath of events from that night.

Then I will jump 10 years into the future(Chapter 5 or 6), which is technically 5 years further in time which means Spike would be roughly 26 years old and Scootaloo and their friends would be roughly 25 years old. The 10 year jump will explain things like what has happened to Ponyville as well as jobs and professions each of the six, took up as well as several flash backs to be understand certain events. The time jump is also showing them settling into adulthood. If you read the end of the previous fic Stray Ardor, then you'd know that Spike doesn't work at Joe's forever. :moustache:


Will you also feat. the Mane 6 and the Royal Sisters as well ?

Not really, there are enough stories out there that focus on the mane six, I will glance over them for the sake of closure. My buddy and I wrote an alt. universe fic where Pinkie and Mr. Cake end up together after Mrs. Cake is found out to be an abusive spouse, that ties into this, but like I said I will glance over things. Rainbow Dash isn't in town anymore, Twilight is with Donut Joe, Fluttershy...well...I honestly don't know what to do with her :twilightoops:..maybe she ends up with Doctor Whooves' sister Colgate. I do have plans for a little Maccora shipping. As for anything else, I am open to suggestions. Though, this isn't about the adult characters of the show.:twilightsheepish:


Who is Maccora ? Where and what happen to Dash ? And what happen to Shy, Rare and A.J ?

Sorry with this questions but it makes me feel unease...

As for Maccora; I wanted a name for Zecora x Mac shipping. Yes, There will be a zebroid(horse/zebra hybrid) featured somewhere in the fic. I never wanted to focus on the adult characters, but if you want some closure; :derpytongue2: ...Shy ended up with the with the town veterinarian Dr Betty Marian(fandom name). Rarity is still Rarity(fashion stuff) she write harlequin romance novels in her spare time. Rainbow as I stated in chapter one, is in the Wonderbolts (maybe SoarDash). Applejack through the marketing and networking of her rich relatives(Uncle and Aunt Orange) made Sweet Apple Acres a household name and has become the biggest name in organic produce. The farm expanded by as much as 50 acres with over 300 employees. Though the main farm is still family owed and operated. With all the bits coming in she was able to take a vacation and it while in Coltifornia she met a street performer and surfer named Apex.



Cool thanks...where did you get that Maccora ?

In the fandom people conjugate names for pairing like Fluttermac or Sparity or Flutterdash. I think I heard the term once before, but I can't remember where.

Your wish will be granted as soon as I get through the next two chapters. ch.3 is > 3,000 + words and ch. 4 is ~2,000-3,000 words.

I haven't seen Apple Bloom's prom date. Or have I missed that?

In Something More I hinted at Truffles and here I referred to it again.

I can't imagine what the reaction of the mare in the first commercial was when the genie winked at her. Hopefully the kids didn't understand what he meant.

Well horseapples. I can't find any in my neck of the Everfree forest. Eh.

Shortly after the death of Granny Smith, she had lived a full life and had passed away

from extreme old age at three hundred and fifty-nine years old in her sleep.. damn only half as long as Chewbacca...


LOLZ a rapping gansta genie... ALMOST as good as Roid Rage

heheh... and here I thought you were gonna make a Panda Cheese reference...

Xzibit would be proud, glad I finally made the time to read this waffler it's pretty good.:eeyup:

Most of time I get my best/worst ideas while I'm drunk, or really tired.

Once the four of them opened the double doors to the room, they were shocked by the sight of the dragon doctor.

I thought it was only Twilight, Spike and Scootaloo?
And isn't Fleetwood the name of a Wonderbolt?


They went to Canterlot of visit a touring dragon doctor and they knew that much, but what they didn't know was that it was a luck dragon. In the show we only see European style dragons which are depicted as greedy, vain and destruction, I thought it would be a good idea to show a western style dragon (luck dragon) which represent good fortune, virtue and peace. They are also more serpent like and have a mixture of fur and scales.

Fleetwood is also the username of a friend of mine and I put his OC (who happens to be a used car salesman) in this fic as a joke.

It's bad when your own mother refuse to go to the prom with you. Snips and Snails would be better off staying at home and looking at DVDs. This will NOT end well for them at all. And what is Trixie doing in the palace?

They would be better off at home, but the problem is that they lack common sense.
Trixie being at the palace is to set up a little Trixie Blueblood shipping that will result in punch line for the ten years later portion of the fic.

Okay. However, you are still in the five year portion. What is she doing there now?:derpyderp1:

In my universe she went to Canterlot and got work as a stage magician and there she hooked up with Blueblood, both being vain stuck up and egotistical with a hatred for Ponyville, they just cliched much to the annoyance of Blueblood's sister Cadence, who normally found love wonderful in all forms, but when those two are together the air almost reeks of arrogance.

I liked this story, though I still trend the prom (for Snips and Snail's sake). Quick question though, who are the flower triplets?

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