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A teenage Apple Bloom feels the need to run away from home in order to find her place in the world. While running away she happens to run into Spike, who is running away as well, so the two eventually decide to go together. Now Apple Bloom has to figure out what is causing Spike to run away and try to help, while Spike had to try and find his own hope.

Gore tag for one bit in Chapter 6 and just to be safe.

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Also Winona passed away, automatically making this the saddest fic I have ever wrote.

God-dammit. D: I has a sad now...

While on the journey the two must discover who they really are and where they really belong.

Oh, that's easy.

Apple Bloom goes back to Sweet Apple Acres, and Spike goes back to Twilight :duck:

As soon as I read through to the end of the description I was reminded of Somewhere I Belong

2817815 To tell you the truth, I love dogs therefore making Winona my favorite of the mane 6 pets. But since this is the future and dogs don't exactly have the longest life span well...

2818067 I wouldn't recommend Spike do that. Twilight is filled with vampires that want to suck his bloo...oh you mean Twilight Sparkle.

2818138 Yeah... Yeah... I know. ._. Still gave me a sads though.

2818084 Coincidence totally not intended (especially since I haven't even read that. Or is it a movie? In which case I've never seen it :twilightsheepish:.)

Awesome prologue is awesome.

Of course, anyone who went to your deviantart page knows how this ends (read for yourselves) but it's about the journey, not the destination, or something philisophical like that.

Also, awesome Excalibur Sonic profile pic:yay:.

I wonder what's Spike's reason? An argument with Twilight maybe.

2819093 Thanks.

Really? :rainbowderp: I don't think I've spoiled the ending on my deviantART profile. I mean, it's obvious that Spike and Apple Bloom will get together sometime in the fic because this is a romance, but beyond that I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned anything else. But aw well. Because I jump times a lot I tend to focus more on the journey anyways. Usually most games/movies/shows I watch have an obvious ending so it's the journey, the struggles that they go through, that make them interesting.

Thanks. My name is Soniclink, so a picture of a swordsman Sonic would naturally be my profile pic. The only reason it is a Keldeo here is because Keldeo is the Colt Pokemon, so it fits with the Pony theme.

Not to mention Keldeo is also blue, rather fast, and is a pokemon that uses swordplay. Really, Keldeo is about the best pic you could have for this site.

And by "spoiled the ending" I only meant we see what happens to the characters and what became of their friendship.

So this is where Apple Bloom went during I hope you're happy with her?
...I figure I'm going to keep posting stuff in the comments anyway, so I may as well try to help.

Umm... I mean... If you don't mind, that is.:fluttershysad:

2819541 :twilightsmile: Yeah pretty much. There is a reason I picked it.

Ahh...ok. Then it doesn't spoil something really big.

Yes this is where Apple Bloom was that entire time. I Hope you're Happy with Her happens a few days after Apple Bloom and Spike leave.

I don't mind. I enjoy comments. It give me a chance to talk to some people and explain some things I couldn't normally explain in the fic because putting it in there would be awkward.

Nobody likes extensive exposition, so explaining in the comments makes it better, and you can change whatever you want on the spot. Even if it's just to mess with people or tick off the Grammar Nazis.

To say something unrelated, isn't it good to be finally out of the dark age of Sonic? Hopefully?

2819720 Well...to be honest I sort of missed the dark age of Sonic. I got introduced to Sonic around 04/05 with Sonic Heroes and Sonic 2, but that was really all I had for the longest time. Well that and Sonic X. It wasn't until 09/10 when i finally got back into Sonic again by borrowing a friend's copy of Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, bought Sonic Unleashed (which is actually my favorite Sonic game strangely enough) and Sonic and the Black Knight, and then got everything from there (except for Sonic Generations, I still need to get that game). Also around 10/11 I bought the Rings Collection for the DS allowing me to play Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles, which I played a lot of, especially Tails in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. So I completely missed Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog. not that I don't know anything about them, since Clement and SomeCallmeJohnney got me a pretty good idea of how they were, but I have not played any of those games. The only game that I've played from the dark ages was Sonic and the Secret Rings, which to be honest while I will agree it is a really bad game I still had fun.

Sonic Unleashed was actually the first Sonic game I ever played... I've played some of the rush games, but I haven't really played the series in its glory days... Although, considering when I became a more hardcore gamer we were right in the middle of the dark age, maybe it's good I waited.

That will change with sonic 3d. It's Sonic Genesis if they actually cared when programming it.

It's fun to troll the admins by filling up the comments section with video game comments completely unrelated to the story. Just like it's fun to watch Clement suffer when reviewing Sonic 06. Time portals are evil.

2818163 It cannot be "read" nor can it be "viewed" except through its video:

I mean, honestly. :ajbemused:

2819965 Yeah it probably is.

Ahh Sonic Genesis. I love the BSC commentary of that game. It was hilarious how much rage was in that commentary.

Well...I don't see how this would troll the admins. But then again that's probably because I'm not an admin.

2821289 Oh, I thought you were talking about a movie or a book. I didn't know it was a Linkin Park song. But then again I only know three songs from them off the top of my head: New Divide (which I sang at a karaoke once), What I've Done, and Breaking the Habit.

...And I once again derped in forgetting I can respond to multiple comments at a time.

2822885 *THE Habit

But not to worry. :twilightsmile:

I have a group called CMC Romance, please join if you're interested. Also, This story is amazing! I'm totally following this one! :rainbowdetermined2:

Pretty good start.

At east they are being realistic about it and I really want to know about the Twilight and Spike situation.

She’s pushed herself farther before on one of the rare times she was actually able to help out on the farm.

I don't mean to sound like a grammer Nazi, but I think it would be She'd rather than She's
She'd: She had / She would
She's: She is / She has

This chapter is good. Please make more. For Fluttershy.:fluttershysad:
She worries about them so much. Please, think of the Fluttershy.:fluttercry:

2855188 Thanks.

2855335 What, you think I'm just going to tell you, just like that? You'll have to wait and see :pinkiehappy:

2855640 Fixed. Thanks. At least it isn't as bad as the first error somebody pointed out for me on deviantArt.
And I'm working on it he lied. Actually this is a weekend project so I'll start working on the next chapter on Friday. Unless inspiration really strikes hard and I just have to work on the next chapter. It could.

i'm looking forward to what this story will bring :twilightsmile:

So... two different species, running together along a grassy field, and are most likely being set up for a romantic relationship, with "Sonic" plastered in the name of its creator…


2857917 So if they were two different species going through space together and being set up for a romantic relationship with "Sonic" plastered in the name of its creator, would that make it Sonic X? Or would that have to be an animal and an alien plant for it to work?

Excellent point... We must investigate!

Erm... how do I put this?
Too much exposition.
Try to explain things through the events, not as a result of the events. If you had Apple Bloom's pack spill open and had Spike comment on her lack of supplies there (or through whatever event your mind cooks up), and cut out the overly lengthy internal monologue at the end, it wouldn't bother me as much, but it seems like you just put all of the character in one place and all of the plot in another. A good balance of those throughout is what makes a good story.
And now for something completely different.
My troll headcanon of this fic:
King Sombra survived event though that's a plot hole and makes no sense, but he's there anyway and kills Spike with laser beams. Twilight catches up and is so stricken with grief that she cries and unleashes the fire demon Iblis upon the world. Apple Bloom would be crying, but she's too busy raging over the fact that they're in the desert and she keeps falling through the sand. Then Sombra laughs like Dan Green and fuses with Iblis and sends time portals all over the world to troll anyone who tries to stop him. Then all of the other elements of harmony and the other (former) cutie mark crusaders decide to use the elements to revive Spike because they're magic so they can do whatever they want. Then after he comes back to life the CMCs use the elements to become alicorns and defeat the evil whatever that came from Sombra and Iblis fusing, while Spike is creeped out by Twilight coming onto him, despite the fact that she's techincally his adoptive mother, and sighs in relief when Apple Bloom gets defensive of him and uses her new totally unexplained power to retcon everything. The End.:rainbowderp:

2882844 That's something that, to be honest, I was worried was going to be a problem. To be honest, I haven't personally liked a lot of these earlier chapters myself because I feel as though I've been doing too much character without much plot, just to avoid pacing issues that would come up with a long journey like this. And while I know I will fix that as the plot starts rolling and interesting events start happening, right now there's not much. Just a walk to a river with nobody around.

If I have one bit of advice to give you from what you said, it's avoid these situations. Bonding between characters is important, but if the environment is vacant and there isn't much going on, it may be best to cut those parts out, keep the parts you deem necessary in, but avoid bringing your characters into a place where there's absolutely nothing else. When there's little to talk about, you'll write yourself into a corner very quickly.

I agree with Luna-cy. The phrase "they kept walking for days until... Event / Encounter" could come in handy at some point.
That said, there's room for this to go a lot of interesting places. Do continue.

For those of you that look in the comments section to see how a fan fic is coming along, here is an update. I won't be able to finish the next chapter within this weekend, since I didn't have much time for writing it because of volunteer work, however I am close to being done with it so you will see a chapter next Friday and I will possibly be able to submit two or three chapters next weekend. Possibly.

2883135>>2883484 Alright I completely understand (and don't ask why this response is so late). And don't worry, I have learned my lesson and the next chapter, and hopefully the rest of the fic, will fix this. I just somewhat worry about pacing so I hope while taking that into mind the next chapter isn't too fast.

Basically all of Equestria is against Applebloom and Spike. This is going to be awesome!

2942761 No they aren't. Apple Bloom and Spike are around 15 in this fic. So since they are still minors, they are considered runaways and since Twilight is the princess, she can send the Royal Guard after them.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before that they're both teenagers didn't I? Because I am now worried I left that detail out.

Alright! I see a lot of improvement from the last chapter, the plot and actions were tied together nicely.
I don't have much else to say, just keep on writing and keep improving!:twilightsmile:

Kinda interesting how Spike is taking care of both of them in such a mature way.

2943463 Spike has always been the mature one.

So basically Spike and AB rub away from you for a reason and you think forcefully bringing them back won't spur on future attempts ir more resentment and tension?
But then again Twilight and AJ are panicking and illogical right now.

2942441 Well mostly the Royal Guard and anybody who is concerned enough to report them to the Royal Guard.

2942873 That's alright

2943463>>2943671 Well like interested1 said, I imagine Spike being a little more mature than Apple Bloom at this point in time, but also I imagine Spike is less naive than Apple Bloom. Spike has spent a vast majority of time either in a library or with Twilight so he is just a bit more knowledgeable on things than Apple Bloom. That's not to say Apple Bloom won't have her moments to shine in this fic though.

2944637 Exactly. Twilight and Applejack are panicking right now, worried about Apple Bloom and Spike's safety. They just want to bring them back and make sure their ok, without paying any attention to why their gone.

Wait I am looking at an Equestrian map right now and I am confused.:rainbowhuh: So did they go south west of Ponyville and then did they stop at the river then now does Spike want to go west then after he passes the mountains where Applewood is does he want to go south to Los Pegasus?:applejackconfused: Hehe I'm a over analizer.:twilightsheepish:

2960652 Yeah that's exactly where they went.

Well the vendor is giving out some odd vibes

Pretty good chapter overall, most of my complaints would be extreme nitpicking, so good job on keeping the quality up.


Twilight's reaction to discovering Spike went missing:


3002730 Hmm...yeah, I am getting some strange vibes. Wonder what that is about?

3002981 Thanks.

And then that guard was immediately fired for calling Twilight sir.

3008217 I'm an eeeevil koopa wizard.

and with a small Sonic Adventure 2 reference rolled up in it.

And now city escape is playing through the whole chapter in my head.

And then Spike started traveling in time and Twilight went crazy and put sawblades and rocket boosters on the carriage:pinkiecrazy:.

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