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Whaaaat? · 5:10am Apr 25th, 2013

Whaaaaat? What is this? A new fic? After many months of dormancy, my friends, the volcano of my brain erupted, and I got around my writer's bloc! Also, I realized I suck at math. Anywho, enjoy the first half of the fic! Tell your friends ;) and follow! Thank you!

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Long time no comments here.

Thanks for the favorite on Families!

I love your profile pic, I like Luna so much :moustache:

Thank you for the favorite!

*Squees* Not only are you watching me (thanks, by the way), but I get to pop your comment cherry! :rainbowlaugh:

Anyhoof... Just so you're aware, all I have up right now is clop if you decide to read my stories... I'll have some non-clop ones too, soon, though. :twilightsmile:

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