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Rocky Horror Picture Show meets My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I have issues. Severe issues! I originally got this idea back on /co/, so I blame them.

Roy G. Biv owned by me
Butterscotch Sundae owned by herself
All other ponies owned by Hasbro

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Pretty good, I would not expect these two would mix so well and maintain a fairly pony tone.

Poor Trixie, only to have a cameo as the gun.


Been a RHPS fangirl since I was young. Definitely reading :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Minimoog Voyager deleted Aug 21st, 2014

Why does this story have more character tags when other's can't?

Grandfathered in...?

5165180 How did you grandfathered it in?!

Um, I posted it back in 2012 before they changed how many characters could be selected, thus the story being grandfathered into the new method?

Ha, I was wondering when someone would make a cross-over like this. Brilliant how you rewrote some of the songs, though it needed a little bit more of the singing and dancing that the movie was infamous for, in my opinion.

If it's any consolidation, I actually have plans on making a RHPS-MLP Crossover myself, with a cast listing all planned out and everything. After reading this, I think I have a better understanding of keeping a balance between shows without overdoing either or.

Over all, happy to have found this gem, and enjoyed reading it.

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