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Time and Space. Good and Evil. Gin and Tonic.


(Unlisted characters: Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle)

Part of the Wibblyverse Continuity.
Part two of Doctor Whooves: Friendship is Wibbly Series 1
Previous Story: Allons-y!
Next Story: The Rising Night

The Doctor is taking the newly-repaired TARDIS for a spin, bringing his family and some friends along for the ride. However, when the TARDIS stalls in the middle of the time vortex, the old blue box may not be quite as safe as the Doctor hopes. Old foes are rising. An unknown force is manipulating the TARDIS. It seems that time itself is being split. This time, it seems that even the Doctor might not be enough to save the day.

Violence tag for fighting monsters and destroying robots.
Also features slight internalized homophobia

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 18 )

And Gallifreyan, or Gallopfrayen, doesn't translate...

Why, Dashie! Why you leave the group like that!!!??

Pinkie, who had mostly regained consciousness and awareness of her surroundings, grinned dazedly. “Well, we just took a jump to the left… Ooh, and then a step to the right…”

Appropriate, Time Warp

If (butterfly_effect); {
Paradox == true
If (Paradox); {

“...What’s with all the circles?”


Pinkie, who had mostly regained consciousness and awareness of her surroundings, grinned dazedly. “Well, we just took a jump to the left… Ooh, and then a step to the right…”


The Doctor turned and gave her an enormous grin. “It would be a ‘Pair o’ Docs’.”


So, since he’s split himself (or the very act of the timestream healing itself from the ippskabibble did a thing; it’s hard to discuss causation in time travel) , “this” him doesn’t have to worry about being called away back to his home universe... the Ponyverse /is/ his universe “now.” He’s finally home! Nice! :yay:

Also, this is a nice ship of Applejack and Rainbow Dash. :rainbowderp::ajsmug:

And Dinky has her building relationship with the Tardis and with the timestream, which is awesome!:pinkiegasp:

But... at what price? :trixieshiftright:

And, what about that whole Watcher business...? :rainbowdetermined2:

“Ohh, yeah, everything’s gonna turn out juuust fine!” Pinkie chirped. “It’s only the second story, so I don’t think anypony’s going to die just yet!”

Good thing the violence tag is for the robots and monsters!

Nice job making the characters balanced, so that while there are main characters, they all have personality and can take care of each other alright.

Thanks. I like to try to make all of the characters important. It leads to a much more satisfying resolution, in my opinion.

Ditzy pressed up against him, and they watched their daughter with trepidation and joy and befuddlement. These emotions go together far more frequently than one might think. Meanwhile, Pinkie gave one last prophetic shudder. She smiled. “Called it!” she cheered, as the TARDIS materialized away.

Easy peasy.

“D’ya s’ppose we could get cutie marks for… TARDIS flying?” she mused.

Several meters away, all the hair on the Doctor’s neck stood on end. He chose to ignore it, at least for now, and continued talking with Macintosh.

Only much later would he learn how much of a mistake that had been.

That'd be an interesting side story...

“...Alright, fine. I’ll come to bed, just let me finish running this scan on he controls,” he agreed.

'he' -> 'the' I think you missed a letter.


Special thanks to Dr. Streetmentioner for his help with translating Gallifreyan verb tenses.

Wonderful stuff. I already liked this take on Best Filly, and this is a fantastic way for her to get her cutie mark. The sour little isolated cynic opening herself up to one of the best, strangest friends a filly could ask for. Brilliant stuff. Onwards!

"I can read writing but not when it's written rotten" Popeye the Sailor

“...I do. I have literally been to a dimension populated with humans.”

OK, then back in book 1 she shouldn't have had so much trouble with the concept that the doctor could be a shape shifted alien -she knows that it's possible

“That’s the Time Vortex,” the Doctor said flatly. "The only people who can survive extended direct exposure to it are already fundamentally immortal.”

So, Twilight?

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