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Where Is My Love? - TheMyth

Two hearts yearning for near a decade. Will fate let these two ponies meet once more... and what is it hiding from one of them?

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Chapter 1

The smell of eggs and toast invaded Derpy’s nose as she woke up to the start of the day. Opening her eyes hesitantly, she let out an audible yawn as she stretched her hooves and wings when she got out of bed. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she sniffed the air again for the aroma of breakfast.

Derpy sighed intently as she opened the curtains to let the sun into her room, illuminating it with its presence. As she adjusted her eyes to the glare, she looked out to see the other early rises up and going about their business, such as traders taking their wares towards the market. When Derpy’s eyes landed on a stallion with a money bag cutie mark walking his daughter to school, she felt a pang in her gut as she flattened her lips and folded her ears at the sight. Shaking her head to rid herself of the feeling, she made her way to the kitchen where her daughter was busy piling her plate with breakfast.

“Morning Mommy!” Dinky called out to Derpy, running up to her and nuzzling her mother when Derpy lowered her head to meet Dinky’s. “Had a good night’s sleep?”

“Of course Muffin,” Derpy replied as she raised her head and sat down at the table, taking a bite of her meal. “You outdone yourself again.” Derpy beamed at Dinky, seeing her daughter blush at the comment.

“I had a good teacher.” Dinky giggled as she took her seat opposite her mom. As they both ate in peace, Dinky finished her juice before biting down on her plate and carrying it to the sink where she began washing it clean.

Derpy eyed her daughter as she was doing the dishes. “I think it’s time we get you a private tutor for magic.” Derpy said as she took her plate to join Dinky’s in the sink.

“But there are no private tutors for magic here in Ponyville,” Dinky replied as she looked up to her mother. “And I don’t think Princess Twilight Sparkle would take a filly like me for a student…” Dinky folded her ears as her eyes became moist, looking down dejectedly.

“Everypony started out as novices in the beginning, even Twilight…” Derpy placed her hoof under her daughter’s chin, lifting it to meet Dinky’s eyes. “So long as you work hard towards your goals, you will also be great.”

Dinky’s frown blossomed to a full-blown smile as she hugged her mother, who returned the embrace. When she pushed herself away, Dinky let out a gasp as a realization came to her. “Almost forgot!”

Dinky rushed towards her room, leaving Derpy behind in confusion. When she returned, she had a saddle bag over her back and was carrying a letter in her mouth that she handed over to her mother.

“What’s this?” Derpy asked curiously as she took hold of the letter before reading it. “Family Appreciation Day…” Derpy squinted her eyes as she read the letter out loud, forcing her lazy eye to stay focused on the words. When she tore her face from the piece of paper, she turned her attention to Dinky. “Is it your turn soon?”

Dinky nodded her head rapidly, maintaining a smile on her face. “Will you be able to come?” Dinky asked Derpy eagerly, her tail starting to wag as she looked up to her mother.

“Well…” Derpy hesitated for a moment, unsure whether she would be allowed time off from work to participate in Family Appreciation Day given the short notice. “I’ll have to see with my boss about this…” she trailed off, noticing Dinky’s smile diminishing. “I’ll do my best, my Muffin.”

“Thank you, Mommy!”

Derpy nuzzled her daughter before looking to the clock. “It’s eight fifteen… we need to rush!” Derpy thought out loud, unaware that her daughter had already made her way to the front door.

“Have a good day at work, Mommy! I love you!” Dinky waved at her mother, who returned the gesture.

“I love you too, my Muffin!”

With that, Dinky left the house to head to school. Alone in the kitchen, Derpy let loose a sigh before walking up the stairs to the bathroom to prepare for her day. Finishing with haste in the shower, she didn’t bother combing her hair as she equiped her saddlebag and her trade mark postal hat. Checking all the windows and back door, she walked out of her home before locking the front door for her departure.

Taking a whiff on the fresh air, she slowly unfurled her wings and took flight to the post office. Just as she was nearing her destination, Derpy caught a glimpse of Canterlot in the distance. Her eyes became a bit moist as memories of her old home flashed before her.

I wonder if he even remembers me…

A sudden jolt forced the prince out of his doze, briefly disorientating him, at least until he realised the train had stopped. He waited patiently for the others to leave before him, then collected his saddlebags and stepped out of the carriage, glancing around at the town. Down one of the streets he spotted a large tree, and saw a pony disappearing into the base.

That must have been his destination, the town library, where one of his true friend’s little sister lived.

Taking a deep breath, Blueblood began trotting towards it, not failing to notice the curious gazes flicking over at him. It didn’t take him long to reach the door, his hoof poised to knock when the wooden portal swung open.

“Oh, um… I’m sorry.”

Blueblood barely heard the words from the butter yellow pegasus mare who hid behind her pink mane, yet they only served to confuse him. Regardless, he was still in her way. So he stepped back a little and then to the side, all the while smiling at her.

“No no, I’m sorry. Please, after you.”

She glanced up and returned his smile, then trotted back out into the street. The mare’s race brought him back to the reality of why he was there, and he shook his head as he entered the library - surprised to see quite a few piles of books spread around the room. From one corner came a lavender glow, followed by a pile of novels flashing from the floor to the shelves, revealing the recently crowned alicorn princess, Twilight Sparkle.

“Well, I can see at least seventy books there. That’s some rather light reading for you.”

The mare’s left ear flicked, and she slowly turned to glare at him over her shoulder. She didn’t say a word, she simply just returned to her work. Knowing that harassing her would get him nowhere, Blueblood closed the door, slipped his saddlebags down, and sat on one of the couches.

With a flash of magic, the books all levitated to the shelves where they belonged. When Twilight’s horn ceased to shine, she let out a huff of air before stretching her limbs and wings. She eyed Blueblood carefully before making her way to him. Her wings were flared as her face bore a neutral look. In an instant, the tip of her wing collided with the cheek of Blueblood.

He raised a hoof to rub his cheek softly, surely feeling a slight sting from her attack as he stared indignantly at her. “What was—”

“That’s for the way you treated my friend instead of letting her down gently!” She folded her wing back against her side. Her frown slowly turned into a smile as she jumped to Blueblood and wrapped her hooves around him.

At first he was confused, as he arched his brow and turned his head slightly to Twilight’s. Yet he returned the gesture, wrapping his arms around her, knowing full well that it was nothing more than a friendly embrace.

“And that’s because I haven’t seen you in ages.” Twilight pulled away from him as she lit her horn. Instantly, two cups and a pot of tea appeared on the table, which she set about pouring. “So, to what do I owe this visit?” Twilight asked curiously, as she sat back and took a sip.

Before Blueblood answered her, he tasted the tea that was presented to him. As the cup parted from his lips, a deep sigh escaped from him before he looked to Twilight who decided to indulge herself with her cup of the hot beverage. “I am here to find a mare.”

In stark contrast to the calm drink he took, Twilight’s mouthful of warm liquid was sprayed out onto the table, the mare’s shocked reaction bringing a small smile to his lips. He always loved doing that to her. After taking a few moments to clean up, Twilight calmed down and turned to Blueblood with a raised eyebrow.

“A mare? Why not just get one from Canterlot, where your type lives?”

“Firstly, you know I am not like that, Twilight.” She withered a little under his eerily calm gaze, but relaxed as his glowing horn lifted his saddlebags up. “Secondly, the reason I am here is because for near enough ten years, I have been searching for one mare, and she lives here.”

“Do… you not know her name?”

“I… can’t remember it. But I do have…” He lifted one of the side flaps open and turned the back upside down, but nothing came out, Twilight easily able to tell something had just agitated the prince. “What? Where is it? I packed it this morning! I was on the train, and I took it out for another look, and then I… fell asleep.”

“Well, perhaps I can help?” Twilight’s horn flashed and a rather thick tome floated over to them. It flipped open to the front page, where a foreword from the owner informed the reader what was contained in the book; photographs of ponies born in or moved to Ponyville. “Okay, let’s see… Granny Smith Apple, Big Macintosh Apple, Applejack Apple, Mr Breezy… wait, where’s Apple Bloom?”

“Something wrong, Twilight?” The pages flipped right to the back, where there was a note added each time a new photo appeared. Blueblood felt his heart sink as he noted the last date was February Nine Hundred and Ninety One AC.

Twilight watched with concern as he wordlessly stood up and headed towards the door. “I think I need some air.”

“Blue, wai—”

“It’s okay, Twi. Thanks for trying. And who knows? Maybe I’ll see her around town?” With that he left the library, the mare watching the door with worry. Her ears twitched as the back door opened and two voices came through as they drew closer to the alicorn. One she was ready for, her assistant having been out all day, but the other…

“...and then perhaps we can go back out to the quarry and see if there are… any… gems… left... Twilight?”

Cringing as she turned around, the lavender mare gave a weak smile to her unicorn friend, whose gaze seemed to be trying to set the saddlebags resting on the floor on fire after seeing the owner’s cutie mark on them. “Do those belong to who I think they do?”

“Spike, go get some ice cream and give us some privacy please.” The young dragon quickly scampered off, Twilight motioning to her friend to sit next to her, shaking her head as she kept as much distance between herself and the bags. “Rarity, I think there are some things you need to know…”

“Here you go, two chocolate orange ice cream deluxe for you and your friend, Twist.” A brown stallion with white spots and an ice cream cone adoring his flanks gave two fillies their desired ice creams from the counter.

Before she took hold of the ice cream, Twist reached for her saddle bag on her back and pulled out a few coins from a purse that was decorated with two candy canes shaping a heart. “Thankth, Mr Thoft Therve.” She told the stallion, paying him for the treats and giving one to her friend standing next to her. “Here you go, Dinky.”

“Thank you Twist,” she said to her friend, carefully grasping her cone with magic. “Bye Mr. Soft Serve.” Dinky waved to the stallion behind the counter as she and Twist walked out of the building, opening the door that let loose a jingle from a bell attached to the rim of the doorway.

“Bye girls! Come again soon!”

As the two fillies walked down the road to the park, they spotted an empty bench and quickly claimed it before any other passerby took a seat in it.

Taking a bite of her ice cream, Twist licked her lips clean before speaking. “I thure hope Mth Cheerilee won’t make me thpeak when I bring my dad to Family Apprethiation Day…” Twist said to Dinky, trying her best to keep her lisp in check, and not spray her friend with her words.

Dinky turned to her friend, her cheeks being covered with chocolate. “It can’t be helped,” she answered Twist as she smiled. “I mean, it’s just for one day really.”

“Yeah, I thuppose tho…” Twist’s ears perked when she heard Dinky giggling. “What’th up?”

“Remember last year, when Apple Bloom tried to get out of Family Appreciation Day?”

“Oh right,” Twist chuckled at the memory, revealing her braces on her teeth. “Apple Bloom was tho embarrathed by Granny Smith’th anticth.”

Dinky frowned a little when she looked away. “I dunno why though, her grandmother is amazing…” Dinky sighed before smiling again. But atleast I got the greatest mommy!

Before Twist could speak another word, a yelling voice came from the distance that caused both Dinky and Twist to look behind. What they saw was Apple Bloom and her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo carrying nets in their grasp and chasing after a rabbit.

“Cutie Mark Crusaders Bunny Catchers!” Apple Bloom called out, her eyes brimming brightly as she targeted the rabbit before her.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo ran alongside their earth pony friend, replying in unison. “Yay!”

When they disappeared into the horizon, Dinky and Twist looked to each blinking twice before shrugging. “At least they’re not trying something very dangerous…” Dinky remarked before looking back at her flank, that still lacked a cutie mark. Shaking her head to clear the thought, she took another lick of her ice cream then turned back to her friend. “So, excited for our trip?”

“Are you kidding?” Twist replied, a massive grin on her muzzle. “A whole week in Canterlot? I can’t wait!” It’s gonna be tho awethome!” Before either of the fillies could discuss the event further, another voice hit their ears, one that neither of them liked very much.

“Well well well… look what we have here…”

Dinky sighed when she heard the malicious voice of a filly she did not want to face today. Both Twist and Dinky saw two earth pony fillies with nefarious grins approaching them from the distance.

“Do us a favour and get off our bench.” Diamond Tiara sneered at the two friends, with Silver Spoon giggling at Diamond’s words.

“I don’t thee your name on thith bench.” Twist countered Diamond Tiara, frowning deeply as Diamond cackled at Twist.

“My family ownth thith town, you thtupid filly!” Diamond mockingly impersonated Twist, puckering her lips and spraying as she spoke the words. Laughter echoed from her friend Silver Spoon as she finished and turned her attention to Dinky. “Now why don’t you and your stupid little blank flank friend get lost!”

Dinky emitted a faint growl as she got up from the bench, still holding onto her ice cream but glaring intensely at Diamond Tiara’s smug face. “Why do you act like you’re better than everypony else? Do you ever get sick of being a jerk?”

“Because I can,” Diamond retorted, swatting the ice cream from Dinky’s hoof and giggling maliciously at what she had done. “Oops! My hoof slipped…”

Losing her patience, Twist shot up from her seat and made a beeline to Diamond Tiara with furious anger, which soon dissipated when Silver Spoon stepped in front of Twist. “Out of my way, Thilver Thpoon!”

“Eww, don’t spit on me!” Silver Spoon pushed Twist away, making her lose grip of her ice cream. When she saw what she had done, Silver Spoon smiled triumphantly at Twist’s sadden face. “Serves you right for spitting at me!”

Diamond Tiara snickered at Silver’s words, closing her eyes and placing a hoof at her mouth as she grinned. “Let’s go Silver, the stench of these losers is giving me a headache!” Diamond Tiara ordered her friend, before both of them stomped on the ice cream cones on the ground. “Take that!” Diamond and Silver barked in unison, before laughing out loud as they walked away from Dinky and Twist.

“Maybe it won’t be as awesome with those two going,” Dinky said, lamenting the loss of her frozen treat.

Blueblood watched two filles walking away from two other fillies sitting on a park bench, eyes narrowed as their malicious cackling trailed off when they rounded a corner. Turning his gaze from where they were back to the others, Blueblood felt his heart sink as tears began to fall down their cheeks, their eyes looking forlornly down at the twin piles of rapidly melting frozen treats, the cones shattered on the ground. Spotting the vendor of the frozen treats, Blueblood made his way over to the stall.

“Good afternoon, sir. How can I help?”

“Hello. I… um, this is going to sound silly. I am visiting the town and left my bits where I am sta—”

“Hey bub, no bits, no ice cream. Even the colts and fillies pay.” Soft Serve scowled at the white stallion before him, his eyes leveling with that of the new pony’s.

Blueblood snorted, narrowing his eyes a little. He then forced himself to relax by breathing in deeply, as now wasn’t the time for dealing with petty squabbles. He had two fillies to cheer up. “A couple of fillies are why I am here now, actually. Tell me, did you recently serve a white earth pony and a bluish-grey unicorn?”

“Twist and Dinky? Sure, they had their favourites.”

“And the two earth ponies? One pink and one grey?”

The stallion behind the stall clenched his jaw and looked around, and once he ensured the coast was clear, spat on the ground. “Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. They would be the foals of the two richest families in Ponyville. Diamond Tiara is the daughter of Filthy Rich, a local business stallion. Never seen her mother. And Silver Spoon’s parents are both business ponies, so she stays with her friend when they are away. Why do you ask?”

“Because those two just stomped on the treats that… Dinky and Twist, was it? That those two just purchased. Now, I would like two things, and they are replacements for the ice cream. I can not pay now, but I give you my word as Minister Of Finance that I will pay for the goods later on. May I ask your name?”

“S-Soft Serve, sir. And two specials for the fillies coming up. So, uh… you’re good for the bits?”

“Of course. If I do not get them to you by the end of your business day, swing by the library and either myself or the mare staying there will compensate you.” Soft Serve nodded, opening the lid to the freezer compartment. Blueblood, overcome with curiosity as to how an earth pony would serve ice cream, stuck his head around the side of the cart, a smirk coming to his face. Soft Serve had a special scoop on his hoof, which scraped out the ice cream with a twitch of his foreleg muscles, and the cones were in a sprung loaded holder.

“Here you go, sir. Please, come by again.”

“Oh believe me, I certainly shall.” Blueblood nodded to the stallion, taking the treats in his magic and turned away, walking back towards the bench. The two upset fillies were still sat there, watching as the afternoon sun evaporated the last of their ice creams, leaving behind a sticky pile of crushed dry pastry. He slowly approached, the fillies quieting down to just sniffles as they looked up at him. “Hello there. I couldn’t help but notice the incident that just took place, and I—”

“M-m mommy says not to talk to s-strangers.” Blueblood blinked at the little unicorn, then stepped back and smiled at her.

“Your mother is a wise mare. I do not want anything from either of you, but I do have something for you.” The fillies’ eyes widened as twin replacements for their ice cream came out from behind him in a pale blue aura, floating over until they were in hoof’s reach of the pair. “I assure you, this is all I want to do.”

They exchanged a glance between each other, then slowly reached out and took the treats, Blueblood stepping back to reassure them. They both took a few licks before smiling, then started giggling, the little earth pony looking up at him. “What’s your name, mithter?”

“I am… Blue. You do need not to tell me your names, as I am sure we will see each other again during my time here. For now, I must bid you adieu, and… well, you don’t need to know that.” Satisfied with a job well done, Blueblood turned and trotted off with his head held high, slightly surprised at several onlookers smiling at him, more than half of their numbers being mares.

He didn’t see the one his heart yearned for, so looked for an exit from the town square and chose a random street. As soon as he rounded the corner he stopped dead, his eyes wide with fear.

Prince Blueblood… we need to talk.”

Author's Note:

AC - After Cataclysm
LR - Luna’s Return