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I got lured into MLP by characters like Discord & Pinkie Pie. Now I can't get enough of all these enjoyable fanfics.

DiscountDiscord: All the Chaos, Half the Cost!*

*No Refunds. Offer void in Equestria, Tartarus, Tantabus, Zebraka, and honestly, most other countries. DiscountDiscord may cause Hilarity, Nausea, Vomiting, Spontaneous Laughter, Loss of Mouth, Inversion of Personality, Perversion of Personality, Giggling, Chocolate Milk, The Taste of Rainbow, Friendship Problems, And Confusing Zany Adventures. Please do not feed after 11:39 PM until the following day. Eating DiscountDiscord will cause you to become a horrible, horrible person. You monster. Any complaints with the Reality Warping effects of DiscountDiscord can be sent to Time Turner, Main-street Ponyville. Any complaints about this disclaimer, or the companies customer service policy can be sent to Tantabus, to the care of Grogar. We feel the old goat could use either the fiber for his obvious case of constipation, or the extra tissues. Even the Overgoat himself needs a good cry now and then. Credit for this hilarious disclaimer goes to Jemas Cimasa.


Pony Puns · 11:22pm Jan 9th, 2017

Just curious: is there a group or something on this site for discussing possible pony puns to use in stories? Such as for naming places that haven't been mentioned in the show?

A common one I've come across is that "Paris, France" is "Maris, Prance" which makes "French" into "Prench." Although "French" does seem to have been mentioned on the show a little...

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