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Twilight was supposed to gather the Elements of Harmony the way Princess Celestia planned it: meet the embodiments of the Elements while running errands in Ponyville, team up with them, discover the meaning of friendship, and then defeat Nightmare Moon. It was all so simple.

Too bad she really underestimated Twilight's ability to screw things up.

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I am interested in seeing what this Mane Six will do.

Lovely story. I look forward to seeing where this is going.

The new six elements will be Wubs, Muffins, Cellos, Hands, Candy, and Being Fed Up With This Shit.

That is hilariously awesome. :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: Thank you for making me laugh.

Something tells me that these elements are going to end up summoning Discord and stoning Celestia :trollestia:

Great...it's the Legion of Substitute Ponies.

At this moment, Twilight knew... she screwed up. :rainbowlaugh:

This can only end in tears... of laughter.


Indeed. There's nothing to say that Twilight can't make OTHER friends.

YOU HAD ONE JOB TWILIGHT!!! AND YOU DONE SCREWED IT UP!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING TWILIGHT!!!! :twilightangry2::twilightblush::twilightoops::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

5218641 That needs to be canon prior to this story. :rainbowlaugh:

Okay you've piqued my curiosity. Are you going to make this AU show like with little episodes? Or a Series? Or are you going to drop the AU after setting it up?

Acquaintanceship is Magic is a three-part arc that I plan to write for this AU. Should the demand be great enough, I'll continue it with a second arc that would be longer and more like an actual series. Beyond that...


I hope that the demand is high. I like Alt Mane6 fics.

I expect they'll give it their all, then have to fall back on Vinyl's Bass Cannon to wub out Nightmare Moon.


I suspect Nightmare Moon will be defeated because she will be too puzzled trying to make sense to react.:rainbowhuh:

you had to mess up tiwsue you had to mess up *facepalm*

:derpyderp2: "Uh, did the Princess seem a little upset with us holding the elements Twilight? Did we do something wrong?"

:twilightblush: "What? Oh no, she's just probably a little stressed out is all having been trapped in the sun and all of the sudden having her long lost sister returned to her, I'm sure she just needs time to collect herself."

:derpyderp1: "Are you being sincere or just making up excuses for her at this point?"

:facehoof: "Pretty much the latter."

okay, haven't read yet, but something about the picture art irks me. why does derpy have the tiara? Regardless of how much twi screwed up, she should have the tiara, since her element is magic

5237520 You underestimate Twilight's power of screwing things up.

wait wait wait wait wait wait, one of you do one we're she realizes derps has the tiara.

LOL Thank you so much! Bwuahahahaaahhaaaaa! I needed that.

Just one problem


shouldn't it be 3 in this case?

5269202 actually i kinda figured that, just thought i would ask anyway.

I prefer to read a synopsis and not watch the author beat off in public about being featured.

If you want to brag about how long yours is, that's what author's notes are for.


It's also an excellent way to ensure I simply skip reading your story entirely.

5283135 If one line of text is enough to get you that agitated, then so be it. Have a nice day.



I have questions.

That stick up your ass.

Does it hurt? Or have you worn it smooth by now or something?

5283135 Well that seems a bit silly, imo. It's like saying you'd skip out on Willy Wonka's chocolate factory because you find Mr. Wonka to be a bit distasteful. If someone makes something you like, why would that be diminished by them doing something you dislike afterward? Even past that, it's not a sin for an author to take pride in their work, as long as they don't use it to belittle others. Plenty of people keep their trophies on display rather than packed away, and it's pretty much the same thing. What's the point in asking people to pretend their accomplishments don't exist?

As far as the actual story goes, it's okay. I was never really laughing or getting into it, but I don't feel like my time was especially wasted either.

Thanks for being honest with me. Sorry I couldn't make you laugh though...:ajsleepy: but this just means I'll have to up my game for Part Three. :pinkiehappy:

5283262 Thanks :derpytongue2:


God damn it, Fimfic ate my comment and I do not feel like typing it up again. Long story short, the story is fun so far and looks like it is going to get even better in the future.

Also, you are screwing up your pluralization with random apostrophes. The correct plural of "mare" is "mares", not "mare's", and you did the same thing with a few other words as well.

5283288 Thanks for catching that, and glad you're enjoying it so far. :pinkiehappy:


“I’m starting to see why Celestia prefers ruling with absolute power,” Twilight grumbled.

I know, Twilight. Leave them to die.

Although, even though it's not an even distribution of races, these characters do share some similarities with the Mane 6. Octavia with Rarity, Derpy and her eyes with Pinkie and her Sense...

Use them, and then leave them. Or weaponize them. They're not worth anything else to you, and they certainly are annoying. They don't like you, and don't use logic. Join me. This will work.

Don't mean to sound all against this story but I fail to see how Twilight screwed everything up. I mean, just because they're not the 'Mane Six' doesn't make them any less qualified. I mean, they were just the ones who happened to be at the right place at the right time. The only true way Twilight could've screwed it up is if she had gone all by herself.



Edit 11/17/14: Wait... this was featured?!

How the pluck is that

I prefer to read a synopsis and not watch the author beat off in public about being featured.
If you want to brag about how long yours is, that's what author's notes are for.

what you get from the above line?


Posting about being featured in the synopsis is essentially saying to the reader "Look how much better I am than you!"

Accepting praise is one thing, pointing out you should be praised is another.

5283379 Honestly, I'm sorry I gave you that impression. The truth is I am legitimately surprised whenever I get featured, and the first time it happened I included that because I had seen several authors prior do so. From then on, it just became a habit.

Believe what you want, but that's the truth.

5283135 It's funny you would think that the author is being a self-important ass by taking pride that his story got featured and then think you're important enough that your one view will affect how popular this story is.


And it's equally impressive how you missed the point entirely.

I never once stated my view 'mattered', simply that I don't feel like reading a story in which the author thinks telling the readers that the story in question was featured somehow adds value to it.

I have better things to do than continue taking up time and comment space.

Don't you?

So, let's see if I have my casting right:

Twilight is (brutal) honesty
Vinyl is laughter
Octavia is loyalty
Derpy is Magic
Lyra is kindness
and Bon-Bon is generosity.

Bon-Bon is also the role I have the most doubt about, but she did give candy to the manticore, so I guess that counts.

Now, here's to hoping this delightful series continues after the pilot

Also, I really like how you characterized your Tavi, but that could just be because she reminds me of my Tavi

Quick, somepony go find the Element of Pulling the Stick out of Twilight's Ass,

You'd THINK that there would be a map of Ponyville and its surroundings in the library. :facehoof:

And why didn't Twilight recognize Lyra Heartstrings from Celestia's School of Gifted Unicorns (seen with the others who invited Twilight to Moondancer's party)? Come to think of it, why did Lyra go to Ponyville that same day, too?


Background pony disease. It's like Earth Pony Time Turner and Pegasus Time Turner.

The one in Canterlot was probably.. Harpsie or similar.

5283379 The author never said "I'm featured! Look at this! It's featured! Yaay!" He simply expressed his surprise at being featured. I really don't see the big deal here...

“That’s usually more than I have when I do something dangerously stupid.” -Viny "Wubs" Scratchl

Truly and inspirational quote that reflects most people's mindset

5283469 Tis simply a mark lad. It is your own perception to be a hostile gesture. Hell, sometimes I use the description to mark the occasion myself. Besides, I doubt the reader actually gives a damn if the story ends up failing to make a mark. And to be honest, features here are a dime a dozen. You could almost fetch a whore for cheaper than this.

Point being is that it has been tradition to mark the day of when the story became popular. I sincerely doubt the author has put much value into that. Hell, clop stories are featured here so often that it is almost a guarantee to get into the box if you have semi mediocre clop in your story.

Though I do sympathize with your point in that it can be perceived as an arrogant gesture.

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