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You all know Lyra Heartstrings. You all know of the unicorn that obsesses over Humans to the point of mimicing them. But how much do you really know about this pony? Why does she seem to be everywhere the mane 6 are? Why is she obssesed with humans? Follow the origin of this Unicorn and see the strange tale unfold. You'll learn that the truth is far stranger than any story. An odd tale of a lost creature trying to get home.

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lol i like this i hope there is more

This was a interesting backstory, i always wondered how Lyra even knew what a human was since she was so obsessed with them.

Sadly I'm not the first person to do a story like this but I wanted to put a new twist on it (also I just love to toture characters with awkward moments and scenarios:pinkiehappy:) also it's just extra motivation to make him(her?:rainbowhuh:...whatever.) want to go back home. Hooray for funny plot devices:trollestia:

updateupdateupdateupdate!!! ibtyda un amca!!:flutterrage:
woops, sorry, slipped into al bhed :derpytongue2:

PLOT!!!!!! (If you know what I mean) :rainbowwild:

I don't know why I said that last bit. :applejackconfused: :derpyderp2: :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowhuh: :raritydespair: :trixieshiftright: :twilightoops: :eeyup:

episode is over lyra is now dead

1999239 I like dead ponies... :pinkiecrazy:

*ahem* sorry for that, i don't know what happened there. :twilightsheepish:

I smile when i think of two ponies getting smashed together at near light speed in the LHC (Large Hadron Collider)... :pinkiecrazy:

... You know what, nevermind. :pinkiesick:

I'm actually doing some serious research into the locations of each of the characters within the actual episodes themselves. Every single Lyra sighting, Colgate sighting, Bon-Bon and Derpy. Vinyl is only showed twice in the show so I'm creatively sneaking her in there. There are certain episodes I'm actually impatient to get to. I'm not going to follow each episode the whole time though just certain events, this is the story WITHIN the story! Really just me rambling right now honestly:scootangel: I keep having to watch and rewatch each episode to see who and what I can find messing around in the background. It's so tiring :facehoof:

This was pretty great I'll have to start tracking this. It is definitely a more original take on the Human in equestria story.

Just a question. Did you get any inspiration from Dr. Whooves and Assistant? There are some really uncanny similarities. It kind of scared me.


I'll be honest the similarities scared even me. I didn't even know about it until a few days after the third update. The similarities are uncanny in a few parts just because I needed something to keep the story moving. Like spying on twilight at he house or breaking the bridge. I did those for filler. Even some of the dialogue was just filler.

I can't think of anything to say other than I loved it and am looking forward to more. Ordinarily I'd just not comment with such trivial thoughts but the lack of comments on this chapter gave me a sad.

I can't stop thinking about the awkwardness creeping on me from this story, because of Lyra being my favorite pony.


I always enjoyed awkwardness from from stories.:twilightsmile: it adds another level of humor because you know that they'll make a fool of themselves. Lyra is also my favorite pony but most Lyra stories go about the same way. If Lyra is from the human world she'll enter it and bring her strange ways with her. So on and so forth. I decided to go a slightly different route as you've seen, Lyra is still quirky Lyra but with a few little twists added to spice it up.

No comments?! Damn. I say keep the tag. Sometimes it's more about tone than content. That being the case this fic has earned it.

Seriously, what were they gonna do with that spatula?


Happy days!

Would you mind it if I suggested your story in my next story update? Your depictions of Lyra and Colgate heavily inspired my own.


Go ahead, I don't mind. Glad you're happy with it. :pinkiesmile: could you also tell me which story it is, I'm interested in reading it.

Comment posted by Vinyl Destination deleted Oct 21st, 2015

6551690 Improbable Truth. It's a bit shaky at first, and it lacks good humor sometimes, but I've got plans.

Pinkie Pie can't be that angry or throw a fit. Not even Fluttershy will ever be angry either, spite being the element of kindness.

I don't dislike this, I just point out the ooc.


There is a reason for it :moustache: honestly I'm surprised no one has picked up yet on why they are like that. I won't spoil it but I dug deep into the mlp library for this one. Nothing like a good mystery for a story about mysteries.

as good as it was it actually was pretty entertaining.

as good as it was, it actually was pretty entertaining.

me likening the show

me liking the show

whenever I’ve had

whenever I’d had. Fits the tense better

the forests edge

the forest's edge

but it was on another street it took a while going around it

but since it was on another street it took a while going around it

They play a new episode last Saturday

They played a new episode last Saturday

today I can make up

today I could make up.
You've got to keep to one tense, don't worry that one's a common problem.

shaped like a sun.

shaped like the sun. There is only one of those after all... At a time at least, having more than one in the sky would be pretty worrying.

. the odd

The odd

just lost it, but also that it was impaled

just lost it, but it was also impaled

it was impaled into the ground half of it under the dirt,

it was impaled into the ground with half of it under the dirt,

like someone tried to use it as if it was a ninja star or something

like someone tried to use it as a ninja star or something

something doesn’t just happen to fall in such a perfect position like that

things don’t just happen to fall in such a perfect position like that

As soon as I got home I through myself onto the couch and flipped on the TV I had

As soon as I got home I threw myself onto the couch and flipped on the TV; I had

trying to wake me up…or in my case, getting up

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean

I’m defiantly not a Pegasus

I’m definitely not a Pegasus. Unless you're taking a stand against your Pegasi overlords, who're hellbent on turning all ponies into Pegasi.


Twice now this word is used in place of definitely, I'll assume that you just confused the spelling but you might want to watch out for that.

I felt a few chills go up my spine on that one.

I felt a few chills go up my spine at that one. Not technically wrong but I felt this sounded better, but don't let me tell you what to do, if you want to use yours that's fine.

I think my sister and she was a fan long before I was of my little pony,

- I think my sister-- and she was a fan of my little pony long before I was --

The short ride to Ponyville was only 20 bits relatively a lot by this worlds standards but

The short ride to Ponyville was only 20 bits, relatively expensive by this world's standards, but

Who much can I get for this?

How much can I get for this?

, quite a few I wondered how a creature with hooves could play but

, quite a few I wondered how a creature with hooves could play but,

My mind was somewhere else entirely the thought

My mind was somewhere else entirely; the thought

tell her that he said hi.

tell her that he said "Hi"/'Hi'/Hi. Note that once you pick one of those styles you'll have to consistantly use it to denote quotes throughout the story.

It was Different from Canterlot

It was different from Canterlot. Unless that was on purpose, in which case I'd suggest using itallics, bold or an elipsis to better highlight it.

I can’t really tell

I couldn’t really tell. Tenses again, sorry. Other wise you could say: "I still can't tell, even now..." or some variation thereof

it will be cooler.

it would/it'll be cooler.

a cutie mark that bared three balloons,

a cutie mark that bore/a cutie mark baring three balloons,

I’m going to throw you a surprise party and invited tons of ponies!

I’m going to throw you a surprise party and invite tons of ponies!

ward of an oncoming headache.

ward off an oncoming headache.

throw a party a later

throw a party later

So your Lyra,

So you're Lyra,
I now find myself asking how Colgate knew what Leo's Pony-name was, did Pinkie pass directly by her or even take time to stop and tell her?

I don’t approve but, it kind of contradicts the whole visit but

I don’t approve, it kind of contradicts the whole visit, but

people-err, ponies-

It really annoys me when people do this, the fact that they're ponies doesn't make them any less people than humans. They're still living, thinking, reasoning and loving beings just like humans. However, don't take this as a personal critisim, it's just a pet peeve of mine that shouldn't affect your story. I just wish writers would use 'people' more often outside of the occassional side-joke in HiE's

though the looks I get from a few stallions are creepy it’s nothing to worry about.

- though the looks I get from a few stallions are creepy, it’s nothing to worry about... At least I believe that a comma is required here.

To explain the colour coding, the Key:
Red - Definitely Wrong
Green - Certain Correction
Orange - Not neccessarily wrong but bugging me/could be improved
Lime Green - Suggestions/ Multiple choice corrections.

Hope that sorts everything out. See you in the next chapter.


Thank you?:unsuresweetie: I mean I guess I'm thankful for letting me know I used incorrect grammar or spelled something wrong, but it seemed a bit... rude also, I guess. I don't even really know how to respond to that.

grammatical and spelling errors really hurt...

Well, while the new chapter really needs a bit of polishing, I'm glad to see you're getting back. I wanna see where this is going. It's fun.

I guess, since you haven't logged in for two years, I shouldn't expect any more updates. Oh, well. I'll track this story just in case.

“Lyra?” I repeated somewhat dumfounded I’m not really a guy anymore and Leo wouldn’t really work all things considered but still it felt weird to be named anything other than my real name.

So how are ponies named?

And here comes the time traveling. If you're interested I have an OC who watches the timelines of many universes. They can meet him while getting the timeline back on track.

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