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"Caffeine and sleep deprivation do a good story make."


When did I go wrong? Well, first it was probably talking to that wizard. And by talking I mean insulting his dress. After that, everything just went downhill. Now I'm a fuchsia pony with an affinity for teaching pesky little kids. Hopefully I can get home before I get a migraine.

Inspired by My Twilight Facade
Thanks to axelsempai for allowing me to use his wizard. And also to my coffee machine for keeping my chapters coming.

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YOU my friend are an AWESOME writer, you sure know how to get a readers attention.:twilightsmile:
NOW i can't wait for more and more to come:pinkiehappy:

Thanks! I'm not sure what exactly I do when I write that everyone likes, but I just make sure I don't change it. Maybe it's snarky personalities and caps-locks... Idk. Well, I currently have two stories going on plus any random one shots I feel like writing out.

Step one when accidentally impersonating/replacing someone: immediately attempt to avoid suspicion by trying to emulate whoever it is you're replacing.
I kinda wonder what all those foals would do after they realized she wasn't coming? Hmmmm
Keep going! ;)

6337580 Good luck your skills know no bounds :twilightsmile:

It has potential

i'll stick around for more

Which basically translates to: Do horse things.

"First, the flea market and now here. I really have to find out what's so funny about my clothing."

I have indeed seen what you've done there.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this chapter (for more than one reason, I can tell you). Have a fave and a like; I'm gonna see where this goes.

[Wishes there was a Pinkie Eating Popcorn Emoticon]

Thanks! I have a good portion of the next chapter written up. Twilight may at most have a few mentions but probably no actual conversations or important parts of the plot. I love your story btw.

6341380 Thanks, I look forward to what you have in store for us.

Clear Glass will obviously be the only pony who picks up on Cheerifake.

This, this is amazing.

Well at least Derpy isn't fazed by receiving notes from her past self. I don't think I could handle that myself! Oh wait....
Keep going! ;)

"PiƱa Colada."

NOT RUBY PINCH:twilightangry2:

in all seriousness, if it's not too much trouble could you maybe consider changing the name? Ruby Pinch, or "Pinchy" for short, is just so much better. and easier to type.

It has been done.
Well, duh! Derpy is only the most stable pony in all of Ponyville. Something goes wrong? Derpy isn't fazed. Although, 90% of the other ponies in town will probably freak out. "I just don't know what went wrong."

Now anywa- Oh, what's this? I found an exposition taped to my computer screen. "Make sure to kill Sara Conner... And also take out the trash. You from the past." That's all it says.

The orange filly is Noi. You see her jumping rope sometimes. Voiced in Pony Confidential by Nicole Oliver if I hear right. Background fillies have weird cutie marks sometimes. What you should find strange is that Scootaloo appears to have the Blue Flu, and Sweetie Belle appears to have whatever Discord caught after the Blue Flu.

If Cheerlee want's a way out ONLY way I could think of is " Well it seems that i have lost my memories (i cant spell that term for this scenario) Bye bye:pinkiehappy:"
But to my comment I LOVED IT as always it was very entertaining :twilightsmile:

The wizard smiled contently at the spot the human was a second before. "First, the flea market and now here. I really have to find out what's so funny about my clothing."

Sounds familiar.

*Reads Description*

Ah, ok.

Changing into Cheerilee. Interesting idea. :pinkiesmile:

Love the story can't wait for more

Sorry about this story being on hiatus for so long. I'm making a lot of changes around here to keep stories afloat, so check out this blog post for more details.

Coffee machine, why have you failed us! :raritydespair:

7511670 That Celestia-forsaken coffee machine!

May it brew nothing but decaf for a thousand years!

7511688 Mwahahaha! :pinkiecrazy:

Honestly, I just have no clue how to write the school scene. I also have two other incomplete stories and I want to at least finish one before I start this back up. :twilightblush:

Well, no pressure. I just thought it'd be absolutely hilarious to see not-Cheerilee completely BS the entire lesson and end up getting told by the foals, who are now concerned for her mental well-being.

what a shame i like all 2 chapters

In your jerk's character's defense though, if I saw a weirdo man dressed like Gandolph standing at the customer service desk of my local computer repair store, I'd probably have a similar response (either that, or back away slowly, and look for another computer repair shop in town.) :pinkiesmile:

Aw man this sounded like a great premise

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